Monday, February 15, 2010

mr. whiney and old frying pan face

that would be john mayer and robert pattinson, respectively. they need to start dating each other immediately because I have read two douchey interviews this week.

I mentioned something about rpattz in my previous post. I had forgotten all about him saying elephants purr and it sounds like a velicoraptor.

yes, he knows what a fucking dinosaur sounds like. that's the kind of brains you can have when you stay away from ICKY GIRLS!

all I can say is the many "twihard" guys (this surely includes many, many gays) PLEASE HIT ON HIM so he will stop dropping these anvil-like hints. apparently the only "twihards" bold enough to hit on him are ICKY GIRLS (and their moms).

he cannot BE around those THINGS WE HAVE. (perish the thought!) so, put on your glitter and go for it twibois (or whatever gay male twilight fans of legal age call themselves)!

now, I don't blame him for maybe feeling uncomfortable at the photoshoot. but, the part of the interview my phone allowed me to read was clearly done at a different time. actually, there was more than one meeting for this tiresome thing.

meanwhile, john mayer decided to show us how racially aware he is by using THE WORD. he's been bawling and squalling ever since. he sowwy. he didn't mean it like that (uh, I read the whole interview... I don't know how else he meant it despite what he babbles).

he acts like he just got the memo that a lot of people don't like THE WORD and do not wish to read it, see it, hear it, or listen to you sniffling it. yeah, that's news.

john, you fucking moron, no one has EVER liked THE WORD. even back in slave days it was a bad word to say. so, you said a word some people who OWNED SLAVES wouldn't say... geez dude, pull your head out of your ass and look around once in a while.

he also invoked the name of david duke. now, I haven't heard about david duke is a good while. I really had forgotten all about him... apparently john mayer hasn't. and david duke is the reason black women are safe from john mayer's stds ... or something like that.

but, back to the word... that was tossed out when they asked him about his "hood pass" (formerly? known as a ghetto pass). o.k., a "hood" and a "ghetto" aren't the same, so??? and he says what people really mean is a "n--- pass". er, no they don't.

hood and ghetto are both PLACES. places and people aren't the same even if people do live in places and places often have people living in them.

but let's just overlook that for a second and wonder why playboy would ask john mayer about his "hood pass". before this interview, did a lot of black people like john mayer?


A.Jaye said...

Good post. I'm not aware of this John Mayer dude but I know his kind. Don Imus for example.

Wasn't Isiah Washington ruined for slurring gays? I guess all white people have to do is say 'sorry'.

There's a pass for you.

shampoo said...

ajaye, thanks. :)

john mayer isn't as bad as don imus. don imus = total bastard. john mayer = mouthy douchebag.

I have read the entire playboy article. they asked him about the "hood pass" because he was going on about being so well liked by black people.

he's worked with kanye west, jay-z, b.b. king, and buddy guy (according to the article). I think he was also talking about fans... I don't know how that's working out these days.

john mayer regularly says/does stupid things. he was whining in the article about being called a "douchebag" and a "manwhore" (by the internet/all of america). so, you'd think he'd know not to call other people names. (he also used "f**" which gays don't like and they're mad he's not in trouble for that).

I don't know if anyone's buying his apology... (i really have no idea). he has barely twittered, oprah won't speak to him (she's jennifer aniston's friend), and he started crying in nashville, so...

i'm not sure what he expected. but I don't think he expected the sound of a billion eyerolls. he's now saying he's done with the media game (one billion more eyerolls).

I never watched whatever show all that happened (behind the scenes of) with isiah washington. some of his former castmates are still complaining about it.
he's worked since then, but I don't really follow him (i don't follow network tv people in general, network tv is tiresome). I do recall the next show he did (right after that) they made a special point of saying he wasn't hard to work with... so..

that situation with don imus was a manufactured distraction. everyone (and I mean everyone) thought he'd have to go job hunting. then the next week, it's all over. it was very weird. things that are whipped up and suddenly go away are distractions only. don imus isn't well liked anyway, so ... it was just weird. he's gross.

robert pattinson actually came off much nastier in his interview than john mayer. if john had left out about two sentences worth of stuff, it'd just be his typical stupid interview (dochey).

meanwhile, if you took all the problem stuff out of fpf's... it'd be really short. especially since rpattz insulted his own fanbase. if he likes the money he has in his pockets, he needs to remember who keeps going to his movies.

shampoo said...

I have decided I don't know which of these interviews is worse. the details writer wasn't nearly as good as the playboy writer.

in details, we're told a lot of thing about rpattz's genius mind at work (no evidence shown).
in playboy, we're told what john mayer said and allowed to make up our own minds.

john mayer has a really skewed view of the world (head up ass view must be confusing). he's one of the most followed people on twitter. which is hard for me to imagine, but there you go.

basically, they both annoy me.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

No offense, but...

Isiah Washington was ruined not so much by his words, but by the combination of his words and his actions- specifically choking the dude. and then acting dismissively about the incident on the red carpet and lying about it. he ruined himself by being a douche.

john mayer douches it up every few weeks or so. i haven't a single vague clue as to why that asshole still has a public forum. and, by the way, his type is way more in line with glenn beck, ruch limbaugh, and sarah palin: they can say whatever they want and get in NO trouble at all. Don Imus at least got a slap on the wrist.

also, plenty of white people have been ruined for being racially-motivated jackasses, even if they apologized profusely. rightfully so.

what i don't understand is that in robert pattinson's article he was deeply, offensively misogynistic and not only did he not get in any trouble, no one seems to have noticed. of course, kanye west, snoop dogg, and a horde of other have said/done far more misogynistic things and not only did they not get in trouble, they are considered the height of cultural cool. how about THAT for a pass?

so the heiarchy of offensiveness goes:
race- offend at your own peril, unless you're on Fox 'News'...

sexual orientation- it's okay as long as you are in the 'correct' circumstances, like at church or protesting marriage (because they will be straight if you stop them from getting married)...

gender- free pass, have at it. as a matter of fact, if you refuse to call women anything other than whore you will likely be a celebrated icon..

religion- fuck jesus, but you had better respect everyone else's beliefs...

shampoo said...

i am not the best person to ask about john mayer or don imus. i don't see how either one of them have fans at this point.

john mayer used to be nicer though. but he just got too much attention and he freed the douche.

don imus had to go talk to al
sharpton more than once. rpattz is ... i don't know.. i guess he's a douche as well, but he has only been one a short time. so i guess he could reform.

isiah washington, barely know anything about him. i don't get the appeal of gray's anatomy. but i am sure he has worked since then. they probably realized they'd cast 255 actors and panicked.

fox new... i hate everything about it and never, ever watch it lest i go insane.

shampoo said...

i have checked isiah washington's imbd page. he's doing fine. he has two movies in post production right now.

losing a steady gig surely wasn't great for him, but he definitely still has a career.

A.Jaye said...

Years ago Isiah Washington gave a quote to premiere magazine. He was publicizing Spike Lee's Clockers.

'It's great to be black in Hollywood right now.'

I thought at the time - it's great for you maybe. When the hullabaloo occurred I thought - how great is it now? I'll apply that to Tiger Woods and especially OJ and anyone else who dances with the devil.

Denzel washington remains the standard for integrity. Remember how he refused the role in Love Field? A role Dennis Haybert accepted.