Sunday, February 14, 2010

oh snapple!

dr. dre is suing suge knight! omg! well, hopefully dr. dre is at an undisclosed location and letting his lawyers do the dirty work. I don't know or care why. rich people moving money around is all's I know.

but remember when vanilla ica shrilled that suge knight have dangled him off a balcony? later he retracted that. probably because dangling people off balconies was a direct violation of suge's probation. hehe, but still... funny story.

which brings me to my most favorite funny story ever which is tommy hilfigger beating down that bitch axl rose. in public, so there were no takebacksees. ah yes, fashion designers are FIERCE!

further proving this was jay mccarroll beating all the boys which includes sebastian bach, kfed, and bobby brown(*) at the tower on harvey's obstacle course. (*) bobby is afraid of heights. he tried, the other two didn't really. o.k. s.b. is the main one I don't like because hair metal sucks. always and forever, it must be beaten back. remember the darkness scare of a few years ago?

speaking of things that suck, rpattz has opined to details magazine. first, he has to pose with ICKY GIRLS (not really, just naked). he said he was "allergic to vagina" several times.
then he talked a lot about his (unnatural) love of animals. he told a very long story about a lovely elephant lady who loved him once. she was a single mother.

finally, by the writer's description, dude is on drugs. or he needs to see a doctor, stat.

on the brightside, i'm sure he had NO PROBLEM with the glittery scenes. haha (still haven't see either twilight movie).


Allen the Duck Guy said...

i hate hate hate celebrities who piss all over the fans that made them celebrity. a bunch of vaginas made you rich, you fucking douche sucking colostomy bag. young girls that love you and who now have to deal with your thoughtless bullshit comments.
i hope his career crashes and burns. fuck him.
girls- ignore rpatz. he is what, in the vernacular, is know as a cocksucking basterd. truth is, all straight guys freakin LOVE vaginas!! allergy? are you kidding me?? we're addicted!
long live the vagina!

shampoo said...

he says now he was joking and he'll stop trying to joke. maybe that's true. but the whole interview came off very douchy. especially since the writer/interviewer was fawning all over him.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

yeah. he and john mayer. they're just sooooo fucking sorry that we all got offended by what they said. i mean, cripes- what's wrong with us???


fuck 'em both.

shampoo said...

we are just weird. i guess.