Saturday, February 20, 2010

more nick... the troop

how did I forget about the troop? well, possibly because i've only seen it a few times.

the troop is a band of teens fighting monsters. after a certain age, one becomes too old for monster fighting (adults are easily frightened). but, they do have an adult advisor (he stays safely at hq).

in between monster-fighting duties, the member attend high school. well, they talk about attending school.

this show is meant to be funny, I think. it's corny, but sometimes fun to see their low budget scifi gear. if you're into that sort of thing.

i'm not watching these shows as much as I did before I upgraded my satellite package. apparently, they have a lot of online activities. tonight's monster was designed by viewers. it's a shapeshifter with default form baby.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

this actaully sounds like a show i'd like. lol. says something about me doesn't it?

shampoo said...

it has some good episodes. and the gadgetry is funny.