Friday, February 19, 2010

did uber-douche mayer plan the playboy interview?

I have learned that john mayer has publically used racial slurs including THE WORD before. mostly during his so-called comedy routine.

he barges on stage at places like the slipper in nyc (i know nothing about this place) and inflicts it on the audience. his "jokes" are things that are unfunny and ... well, they've been discussed in the past online.

he's gotten a pass because he says so much stupid stuff and is such a freaking douchebag. but, it looks as though ajaye guessed right and mayer IS a total bastard.

perhaps his tears are partly because many black people on the internet are annoyed they have to briefly pay attention to him. at this point, he's going to be doing well to have a "pass" to his own neighborhood.

also, the gays say they are waiting for their apology.

with both offensive words, he upped the ante by adding another element. such as david duke + the word. and "as if I hate" with "f--".

looks like he wanted attention pretty badly. what a weirdo.

a lot of people also feel he should apologize to some of the women he mentioned, particularly jessica simpson.

john should take a page out of tiger woods' book and spend the next 80 days not bothering the general public.


Ricky Sprague said...

shampoo, a person is in a bad place when you're advising him to "take a page out of tiger woods' book". And, yes, Mayer is in a bad place.

shampoo said...

ricky sprague, I just meant staying away from public comments for the tiger woods thing. I really know little about woods except that he mercifully went away for a long time. but, that would help a lot, if john mayer would just withdraw for a while.

pretty soon, people will forget about this. IF he doesn't feel compelled to add to it. and I think he will if he sticks around making comments.

I don't get the idea that john mayer is as bad as he's coming off. I wonder if this is self-sabotage? it's very weird.

i've heard he uses a lot of coke, but I don't know. maybe he needs to stop using it if that's true?

Allen the Duck Guy said...

john mayer is a world class asshole. his main problem is that he is an egomaniacal media whore. he obviously did the interview and has done all this stuff afterwards to simply get attention.

shampoo said...

i wouldn't be surprised... i think he loses track of stuff he says sometimes. but, he is tiresome.