Saturday, September 17, 2011

toddlers and tiaras, omg where is the fbi? (edited)

I just watched a little girl parade out on stage dressed like julia roberts in pretty woman. There is misinformation that she wore the dress at the end of the movie. But, she wore TWO outfits from that movie.

The streetwalker outfit she wore in the actual competition. There was even a building so she could walk a street! Omg, I can't believe some fking whore put her baby in that! Three years old! THREE! The polka dot dress the girl wore during the awards portion. It isn't from the "end of the movie". It is from the part where julia roberts is rented for a few days and is given instructions to shop.

That wasn't the only questionable outfit. Another girl was dressed as marilyn monroe. Again three. It was a variation of the famous white dress from "seven year itch." The subway grate scene except they'd added white gloves. I guess the only reason they didn't have her skirt blow up like marilyn's is they couldn't figure out how to do it.

Fun fact, joe dimaggio was there when that scene was filmed. Joe didn't appreciate people looking up his wife's dress. Movie or no movie. Seems like he socked a few guys in the jaw. So, if something is risque for adults maybe it is not a good idea for three years old.

Another fun fact, there are certain celebrity women you NEVER want to dress your daughter like and marilyn is number one. There are more reasons than I can go into. But, why should I? Why should you want to dress your baby like a sex symbol?

Other things to avoid:
Animal print especially big cat (leopard, tiger, etc.)
red and black (it's blood and darkness)
feather especially peacock
peace signs (both the one in the circle and holding up two fingers)
Dressing like an animal
Shaking/spanking the booty
high heels
butterflies especially monarch butterflies
licking lollipops

(Grr, this thing accidentally published before I meant for it to, someone has my cell # on their dish network account and they get a lot of late calls. Dish network cannot change it. I personally have direct tv)

Anyway, parents all of the things on that list have connections you may not know about. But, people looking at your kid do know.

Just let them play outside. Most of these kids don't seem to really want to do this.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

more sickness to go around always..

Sick again and sleeping lots. I have been meaning to post. I have seen a few notable movies lately. I have also seen a few things I need to complain about. As usual. Tee he'd

Are generics really as good as brand? I don’t think so based on some recent experiences.

A few of my old posts are still getting pageviews by innocent people who have googled on by.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

holly j pees herself on degrassi

Can you imagine being in the home stretch of your senior year and you literally leave a little puddle on the floor during a presentation? Me neither, but I see a G.E.D. (or whatever the canadian equivalent is) in your future.

Why did this happen? Well, holly j was so busy go getting she didn't go to the doctor even though she thought she had strep throat. Then she passes right the fuck out in a presentation before the peeing incident and flees the e.r. (or whatever that was she went to which involved a doctor) to keep on go getting. So, the strep settled in home girl's kidneys. Not kidding.

ted bundy still alive? (spoiler: no)

I was just poking around the interwebs and I found someone asked if t.b.'s mother was still alive. I decided to look at the answer and, if you want to believe that answer, she is. And so is her son... you know the same son originally named robert theodore cowell who was executed in 1989? Yeah. People on the interwebs... I tell you.

This is another site I found where you can answer questions and bored drunks answer it. Or whatever you have to be to think "crazy ted" and his mom live down the street from you. If you think they do, you might want to stock up on ... hell, I don't know what you'd need at that point.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

drinking and drowning? the concealed crime...

i know the title of this post sounds emo as the blackest of guyliner, but it has to do with some reading i have been doing lately.

apparently, there are a lot of young men who go missing. some have been drinking. some are later found drowned. while i admit drunks and water dont mix, it is baffling how some of these young men ever found themselves in the position to drown. even very, very drunk people arent going to want to swim in rivers in big cities. and it is not that simple to get into the water. if it was, every weekend would see several people bobbing gently in the dirty water. it would be necessary to station someone to stand alongside the river with a fishing people out pole.

so, what is the deal with these half assed explanations. especially since not just a few of these fellows took their entire automobile in with them. it just isnt supposed to be so common. i suppose the moral of this story is if you like to drink at a bar and several young men have somehow found themselves drowned on the way home, find another place to drink.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hi again...

what to blog about...

i have been thinking. i may be making things too difficult.

i am sick again and sleeping too much.

i have a headache.

but, there are more important things than me in the world.

thank you for hanging in there. i am trying to think of something good. i havent even plugged in my laptop. see u soon

Friday, February 11, 2011


i have lost my beautiful angel. but, i still have billy. he is my silly bunny. he is my good boy... well, he is my cute boy. i love billy. daddy used to call him billy jim idk why.

things are not all right

my brother and sister decided that an entire room was not enough to contain my portfolio materials. not that they bothered to consider what they were before they threw them all away. how i will make up for this, i dont know. so, that was the first thing that happened.

i was thinking of a blog idea then my precious angel bunny got sick. despite over fourteen hundred in vet bills... my baby died. my heart is broken. my precious, beautiful, sweet, browneyed spotted girl was gone.

there have been other things, but these two losses are so difficult for me. angel is fa
r more important than my portfolio, of course. but in both cases i wonder what will i do...

one day i will do the post i was working on... i have not stopped blogging permanently... i never meant to stop at all. thanks for reading

Monday, January 17, 2011

happy mlk day

so, today will officially celebrate the birthday of martin luther king, jr. or the day is named for him and google helpfully provides bios in case someone is extremely young or just arrived in the u.s. or are unfamiliar with the details for whatever reason.

but, this holiday is under utilized. we should do something. since mlk ws a reverand and most people already spent all their money in december, i have long been a proponent of potluck. everyone can get together with friends and neighbors to eat baked beans and casseroles. wait... do casseroles still exist