Friday, February 11, 2011


i have lost my beautiful angel. but, i still have billy. he is my silly bunny. he is my good boy... well, he is my cute boy. i love billy. daddy used to call him billy jim idk why.

things are not all right

my brother and sister decided that an entire room was not enough to contain my portfolio materials. not that they bothered to consider what they were before they threw them all away. how i will make up for this, i dont know. so, that was the first thing that happened.

i was thinking of a blog idea then my precious angel bunny got sick. despite over fourteen hundred in vet bills... my baby died. my heart is broken. my precious, beautiful, sweet, browneyed spotted girl was gone.

there have been other things, but these two losses are so difficult for me. angel is fa
r more important than my portfolio, of course. but in both cases i wonder what will i do...

one day i will do the post i was working on... i have not stopped blogging permanently... i never meant to stop at all. thanks for reading