Sunday, January 31, 2010

happy birthday, johnny rotten

to make up for posting about the evil dick yesterday, today I bring glad tidings. it's johnny rotten's bday!

happy birthday! we mean it, man.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

please tell me this is wrong...

I just read on dlisted that today is the day hell spit dick cheney onto earth. shockingly, this purportedly happened only 69 years ago!

how can that be possible? he's been lurking around in high ranking (unelected) positions in republican administrations since the presidency of RICHARD NIXON!

I mean wtf?

if this is true, we could have 20 more years of... what he does. (hides)

zenon: z3, the moon wants us off her!

o.k., so I have been watching the disney channel again. and I saw most of some movie about a teenage girl named zenon who was famous for being an activist.

anyway, her aunt and uncle have adopted a girl named dasha who looks up to zenon and follows her around. even stowing away in her shuttlepod.

but, the part of the movie I am concerned with is about an entertainment complex on the moon that's just opening. several teens, including zenon, are involved in a competition that's intended to promote the place.

unbeknownst to them, the owner of "moonstock" is planning on building an entire settlement. he thinks this will allow him to claim the moon as his own since he's the first man on the moon that actually built himself a house and stayed.

zenon and the other competitors have all been having the same dream. this leads her to put on a spacesuit and travel to the site of neil armstrong's landing.

there she encounters the moon goddess selena. (there's also a popular singer named selena in the movie who's kind of being billed as the moon goddess.) I don't know what the goddess thinks about all of that.

selena tells zenon to take everyone and all their trash and go! selena doesn't want people living on her and is prepared to cause havoc to get rid of them. to prove her point, she's already been causing extreme weather and floating cows on earth.

of course, zenon manages to get everyone off the moon. plus, enough of their trash to satisfy selena who waves goodbye after she destroys the left-behind buildings.

so everyone returns to earth for a concert by the singer selena. and they seem pretty happy. I guess someone must have made it a rule to stay off the moon and dasha is given a puppy by her parents.

if I was one of the many "synch bloggers" on the internets I would be losing my mind right now because JUST TODAY I was reading claims that both neil armstrong and buzz aldrin have said we shouldn't go back to the moon; we should focus on mars. in fact, aldrin said the moon was "hostile to all life."

there is, among the many various conspiracy theories, one that we were told to STAY OFF the moon by someone not of this earth. I don't know too much about the details, but I so hope neil and buzz got to meet selena. she can be a little strict, but she's much better than those grays.

and of course, this makes me think of sailor moon and the ruined moon kingdom which was run by queen serenity. I know technically that would seem to be a "queendom", but there you go.

also, I have a bunny and there IS a bunny on the moon! hehe that was for the synch blogger. lol

adding this: the costumes used in the low budget movie are just precious. especially the ones on the many extras milling about in the background. in the future people will wear a lot of cheap clear plastic raincoats. stock up now!

Friday, January 29, 2010

the fabulous ruins of detroit

mostly, I try to mind my business at least a little. but, detroit is planning to get rid of some of its opulent ruins (as well as some places that AREN'T RUINS... they're actual normal residences) to build farms.

wait just one second... this city that has let go to ruin more than most cities ever dream of having, has redefined the concept of urban sprawl, and has suffered boom and bust has decided to go into FARMING?

why? have they not noticed there are plenty of other places to farm? as in BETTER places to farm yet those farms still fail?

it can't be for jobs because ever since whitney invented the cotton gin farming jobs have been on the decline. also, probably during the greatest period of "farm employment" most of the "employees" were less than happy about their position... because they were either slaves or "indentured servants" (also slaves).

they say some of the houses they want to tear down will cause a lot of "unhappiness" because the families have owned them "two or three generations." now, I don't know if these houses are nice or not, but isn't there a better way to "help" these people?

(sigh) and seriously. does ANYONE want food grown in detroit? sorry, but yuck. their greatest boom period was during the "just pour it out" phase of industrial waste disposal. i'm just saying...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

simon monjack sues warner for (indirectly) killing brittany

brittany murphy's grieving husband has come to the conclusion that warner firing brittany from happy feet 2 killed her.

he says they based their decisions on rumors and this really hurt brittany which stressed her out which caused her heart condition to kill her.

the official report on what killed brittany has not been released. so, the timing seems a bit strange. surely, he's not going to take this all the way to court? (this could have contributed to her death, but can it be proven?)

simon also says the prescription medication (that was in the house, not in brittany) all belonged to him. a lot of people speculate she o.d.'d, but people always think that.

we'll know soon enough whether brittany had any drugs in her bloodstream. since she wasn't able to digest the food she ate the night before, I am not sure if she would've been able to digest pills either. so, it kind of looks like she didn't overdose.

although, she ought to have taken some medicine for her medical conditions including an infection that had given her laringitis.

this is sad... I think he's just really upset. a lot of weird things have been said and that must be so hard on her family.

kissing runaways

kristen stewart and dakota fanning are in the upcoming movie about joan jett and the runaways (rather than the comic book which is what I thought it'd be, haha). well, movie scmovie... the interviewers are more interested in the k-i-s-s-i-n-g scene.

i'm surprised dakota is even old enough for such goings on (in a movie), but apparently she is... not that kristen is exactly a mature woman.
supposedly, there's a whole movie besides the kissing (kristen mentioned a "script"), so check that out.

both girls have said the kiss wasn't romantic. i'm thinking it'll be hilarious if it turns out to be a little demure kiss. hehe

btw, kristen's flight to sundance meant she missed the haiti telethon (i have no idea where she was flying FROM). so, she sold the chance to hang out with her on the plane.

four women (who are probably "twihards") paid $1000 apiece. she may have given more $$ than just that, but that's one thing she did.

meanwhile, jessica simpson (who really has nothing to do with the events listed above) has decided she wants to send 50,000 pairs of shoes to people in haiti. she's working with a company in nashville to get the shoes to people.

at first glance, this seems a bit odd until you think that with all the rubble and so on people's shoes will wear out quickly.

Monday, January 25, 2010

pastor joseph schimmel of the goodfight is ignorant

yes, I am thinking "ignorant" in a michael jackson voice. but, that doesn't detract from how massively misinformed this pastor is in his youtube expose of kurt cobain and nirvana as being satanists. see what I mean?

first, the pastor says kurt's name so many times i'm surprised he has time for any other words. second, he has looked into kurt's life at least 15 seconds and used a quote from skank (of all fucking people) to tell us not only is kurt cobain a satanist... he is SUCH a satanist.

he did use a quote from kurt... you know the episode of headbangers ball where kurt wore "a gown" (which hardly does that monstrosity justice). yeah... pastor slowmmel, it's call SARCASM. kurt was MAKING FUN OF headbangers' ball for putting him on in the first place. and "worshiping satan" (or saying he wanted to) was part of the joke.

nirvana was not a metal band. I noticed the pastor couldn't find a bunch of satanist imagery surrounding kurt, so he had to use concert footage where kurt wears a dress and a freaking tiara. (haha)

you know, pastor schmmel, two other guys were on stage with KURT COBAIN and they are still alive. maybe you should get them to clarify if you don't believe fans.

then he tells us kurt was a "sexual deviant" and according to courtney love (eyeroll) he'd "made out with half the guys in seattle." hello, courtney confused kurt with herself and "making out" with "fucking."

not that kurt's fans care about this stuff, but his best friend from high school (who is gay) says kurt was straight. however, kurt sometimes told people he was gay, too, to protect his friend. I believe this guy over courtney.

as far as "desecrating a church" by painting "god is gay" on a building OWNED BY the open bible church... he did that when he was a kid. I have never heard that he regularly did such things.

THERE ARE NO CUT UP BABIES on in utero or any other nirvana album. freaking use google images.

finally, who when looking for satanists overlooks skank and goes to kurt? pastor, you need to get your evil-dar tuned up stat.

and stop being so ignorant. or just stfu.

lady gaga prances in and takes over fuse

I know the loons over at that so-called church are avidly watching fuse today because it's lady gaga day.

as for me, I have watched on and off... I thought they'd let her play videos or something... maybe later?

so far, she's revealed that she shares her wig hair with her "little monsters." that's her pet name for her fans. haha the wig hair comes with a cd set, but it may be available other ways. she says she has a lot of wigs.

Friday, January 22, 2010

the adventures of g.h.w. bush and the houston heckler

former president bush (the first) and the houston heckler have one thing in common: the love of pizza. and it has led them to the exact same pizzeria in houston (i'm sure ghwb has more than one fav pizza place, but he so happened to be near this one). this happened around jan. 14....

the houston heckler is enjoying a slice admidst the photo shrine to ghwb when a member of the secret service enters the restaurant and scopes out the place. knowing this could mean only ONE THING the houston heckler ducks outside to get his video camera.

thus, he's waiting when ghwb and his secret service posse stroll into the shop (i wonder how this works... do they stand around and watch him eat, I guess they'd have to, but can they a least buy a pizza for later?).

well, the houston heckler immediately starts yelling at ghwb about the many, many people he's killed (not all in person, obviously) and other things to that effect... well, maybe not... all I can recall is "you're a murderer! you've killed millions of people!"

part of the secret service posse goes and stands between the hh and ghwb. the hh keeps yelling, so the secret service decides maybe he should move along. the pizza place agrees.

the hh pointlessly complains to the pizza employee about their clientele. er... the 75 photographs surely tipped the hh off? (and like the pizza guy is going to argue with the secret service to keep a guy around who's disrupting the lunches of many pizza lovers).

later on that same day, the hh is chilling at home and posting to youtube when the secret service drops by. somehow he's able to arrange talking to them through the window (there are only two agents, I think).

they tell him they can't discuss matters while videotaping, so he should call the office to arrange to meet them elsewhere. by this time, it's pretty clear he's not in too much trouble as they didn't unceremoniously barge in and arrest him.... which tells me he has no criminal record, isn't a member of (a lot of things), and is not a registered gun owner. so, they figure a little yelling is all he's got in them.

he posted some of his calls where he was given the option of getting a lawyer and coming on down to the office. everyone had watched the youtube clip, sounds like.

some of the commenters were mystified how they found him. lol. they followed him. duh. then they ran all his info and went inside for a face-to-face. the secret service has computers, too.

as for ghwb, he seemed a bit puzzled as to why some fool was trying to keep him from pizza. and annoyed. I am going to take from the fact the hh was on some podcast (that I didn't watch) a few days later that ghwb is going to let this one go on by.

the hh made sure and tell the secret service he was "all about peace." hehe

btw, I really don't have a problem with what the hh did. he harmed no one and didn't even yell all that long. he also didn't damage property. so, that's free speech. of course, some of the things he said were things that the secret service has to look into. they appeared to be very patient with him and he might have even got to stay if he'd piped down the first time they asked him.

ghwb didn't really say anything back... but he was listening.

last tango in paris, (pt12)

I believe one thing going on in this movie is paul is a spy of some sort. probably originally from military intelligence.

he is extremely athletic (especially for a middle-aged hotel manager, I know whereof I speak lol), easily moved to violence, very good at eliciting information without giving information. this is probably why it affected him so deeply that rosa kept secrets... he didn't think he would miss something right under his nose.

of course, I think rosa had (past tense) a similar line of work and this is why she was kind of... not o.k. she perhaps needed to retire... maybe even paul did, but I think it's more likely he's just the type who only comes in so often.

marcel has some sort of sketchy background as well because he, too, is very athletic. both marcel and paul tend to dress and act in a way that seems more suitable for their age (when they're in public... tango competition and ass-beatings excepted).

this makes me think rosa WAS murdered even if paul doesn't realize it (and he doesn't, but then he was the prime suspect). perhaps the police were told to declare it a suicide and move along.

so... perhaps jeanne didn't cross his path by accident? he doesn't try to check up on her. she's too immature to be up to something on her own, but there's the weird counting, etc.

however, even if that angle is discounted on jeanne why does she shoot paul? to get rid of him?

allen tdg (who just watched this) forwarded the theory that she didn't (mean to) shoot paul; she meant to shoot her father/the colonel. so, she was in shock a bit that she did it... although she didn't much want the reality of being WITH paul.

there's a totally for crap analysis of this movie from 1974 that just proves me theory that people in the 70s were stupid. and that e.ann kaplan didn't have much use for marlon brando. basically, she's p.o.ed that he didn't explain the movie to her. um... he acted it out, wtf else to you want? plus, he's not in every scene anyway. there's a whole different storyline...

and she misses the fact that ROSA is a huge influence on a lot of what happens even though she only appears in one scene as a dead body. so there you go.

check it out and see if you agree with me or the evil ann. hehe

Thursday, January 21, 2010

ed-nos, eating disorder not otherwise specified

ever seen a skinny person who DOESN'T THINK THEY ARE FAT, eats every day, but just seems a little too thin? well, they'll tell you they have a high metabolism (probably true in many case), eat food right in front of you (and not leave your presence afterward), and even be an acceptable weight (sometimes). so, how's this an eating disorder?

if they lean toward anorexia, they will consistently not eat quite enough calories per day. some days they'll eat plenty, some days they won't, some days they'll fast.

the people around them aren't lying when they say "but they eat all the time." this form of ed has less of a compulsion behind it. so, the person can eat if they're hungry or if they "have" to.

the person also have a fairly accurate idea of how they look although they may get a little obsessed about certain details (they want to weight less than a particular number, they want to weigh themselves frequently, they count something... calories, fat grams, portions, whatever).

the person with this is motivated differently than a classic anorexic or bulemic (etc). they have some symptoms in common and others they really don't have.

it almost seems like this shouldn't be a problem because you aren't behaving in an extreme way. but, unfortunately, it does cause problems because your body doesn't have enough calories to function....

i'm talking about the anorexia version because that's what I have... but, I don't have body dysmorphia, and I never have weighed less than 93 pounds (i weigh more than that now). I never really did anything like bulemia, so I don't understand it as well...
I can understand anorexia only to a certain extent. such as I do get why they're afraid to eat, but why they can't when even they want to is hard for me.

a lot of the official line on anorexia is wrong and is certainly is wrong when it comes to the form I have. so, no one should put too much credence in that.

a lot of ed-nos people want to "fade from view" (if i'm small, they will leave me alone). there can be different reasons for this.

in my case, I was raised with extremely critical people. if it'd only been my parents, maybe it wouldn't have mattered (and my mother wasn't that critical, but she died).

but, I had other family. their attention is never good, so I didn't want it. I wanted them to like me, but I knew NO MATTER WHAT i'd never be good enough... no matter how many high grades I got (you think you're so smart/you're still not good at ---), no matter how many friends I had (they're not your friends/where are they now?), no matter how seriously I took things (yeah, but you still should/you have to why should anyone else care?), no matter how cute I was (infinite criticism here... no outfit is good enough, all aspects could be done better), no matter how many jokes I told (infinite criticism again), no matter how many promotions I got (if people choose not to notice or remember, still infinite criticism)... there was ALWAYS ROOM TO CRITICIZE or make me feel guilty that I had something slightly better than they did (no matter what the circumstances or if i'd even get to keep it).

the reason I mention this is a lot of celebrities probably have something more like this than regular anorexia. but then again, their obsession is going to be fueled by the scrunity on their appearance.

the condition is hard to diagnose, particularly years ago. I went to the doctor with a whole list of symptoms caused by anorexia but I wasn't too skinny. and I had enough energy to show I hadn't skipped a bunch of meals. my teeth were in good shape (which is more bulemia, but still)...

so, we look at someone who's too thin like brittany murphy. yet people around her will say she did eat "all the time."

I don't know what problems she had or didn't have, but she WAS underweight. still, that doesn't mean she was starving herself right in front of everyone. in fact, it's more likely she wasn't.

still being so underweight wasn't good for her... yet, in her profession, she may have been frightened to gain weight, so... if people want to understand what happened to her, they need to check what she actually did not what they think people with eating disorders do.
personally, I don't know all about her case. but someone does.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

last tango in paris, (pt11)

so... finally! i've gotten through the movie... there may be a short analysis post on things I haven't covered (depends). thank you if you made it all the way through. i'm sorry I had to split it up so much! I didn't mean to go on so much, but the movie is really interesting! :)

last tango in paris, proximity to truth (pt10)

paul takes jeanne to a club that, like a lot of things, has seen better days. of course, maybe it's an off night. there is a tango competition in progress.

jeanne and paul sit at a table drinking and talking. paul is a champion drinker. he buys jeanne a scotch, but she doesn't drink it until he mentions it. she says, "I love you, so i'll drink it."

the tango competition continues. this is a very stylized ballroom dancing type of tango where the passion of the original dance has been replaced with precise steps. paul barely seems to notice the dancers while jeanne watches them sadly.

jeanne asks to go somewhere else because this place "is pitiful." paul poo-poohs this and decides jeanne just needs to dance (never mind there's a competition going on) and leads her to the dance floor.

paul and jeanne "dancing" is truly hilarious. they're both pretty drunk and they are laughing, falling down, and doing everything but the tango. the judge comes over and scolds them (that goes over well). they stagger away...

then the judge calls out the numbers of the finalists counting upward until she reaches 19. jeanne collapses at an outside table and says (out of nowhere), "it's over?"

paul is mystified and sits down and immediately receives a big mixed single ... jeanne's hand in his lap.

as dawn approaches, jeanne once again declares it's over and runs away. paul chases her and chases her and chases her. the further along they go, the more jeanne rejects him even starting to act as though she doesn't know him.

when they get to jeanne's place she takes the elevator up while paul run across the checkerboard floor and up the spiral staircase. jeanne knocks on the neighbor's door asking for help... there's no answer. paul briefly catches her and says "don't be silly."

jeanne goes into the house. paul gives her a minute and follows.

he sees jeanne's father's hat and puts it on and asks, "how do you like your hero? sunnyside up or over easy?" jeanne doesn't reply.

he's talking to her calmly, telling her that he loves her and he wants them to be together. he says he wants to know her name and reaches out to gently turn her toward him.

jeanne shoots paul with her father's pistol. by the way she was standing, it couldn't even be seen. you don't see where she shoots him, but possibly the groin.

paul walks past her out onto the balcony. he takes out his gum and places it under the railing. when next we see him, he's curled up on the balcony ... dead.

jeanne stands where he left her whispering (to no one) "he followed me in the street. he was crazy. he was going to rape me." it has the quality of a rehearsal.

last tango in paris, proximity to truth (pt9)

the next time jeanne comes to the apartment, paul is not there. she begs the landlady for information, but the landlady says she doesn't know "the man on the fourth floor." of course, she does and she calls jeanne back to say so, but jeanne has dramatically run off again.

after heartbrokenly sobbing on the apartment floor, jeanne calls tom. she tells him she's found an apartment for them and begs him to come right away. the address she gives is 1 rue jules verne (irl this is 1 rue de l'alboni).

when tom arrives, he's impressed at how big the apartment is and he immediately begins directing jeanne (for his own amusement, the crew isn't with him). he has her pretend to be an airplane, etc.

suddenly, tom declares they cannot play like children any more. they have to be adults. since neither of them knows what this means, tom says they'll "have to invent the words and the gestures."

just as suddenly, tom decides he cannot possibly live in this apartment. it stinks (literally). jeanne protests, but tom is adamant. they will find someplace else.

they wind up leaving on good terms, but separately. jeane is walking exactly where she was at the beginning of the movie when paul runs up to her.

paul cheerfully introduces himself. he says he's 45 and a "widower" (he doesn't mention the details on that). he says he owns a hotel that's "not a flop house."

bewildered, jeanne asks about the flop house. paul starts to answer, then he says, "what do you care if it's a flop house? do you love me or not?"

paul tells her that their days in the apartment are over (as far as them only meeting there), so they can have names and histories now. he's very interested in getting to know all about her.

last tango in paris, proximity to truth (pt8)

as jeanne's bath continues (the bath scene... the part where jeanne's getting bathed... is actually a fairly sweet scene, but considering the apparent mental health of jeanne and paul it doesn't STAY that way) she just has to continue talking about tom. at first, paul humors her.

then he calls her a "jerk". he declares "the best fucking you're ever going to get is in this apartment."

paul asks jeanne if his rival makes her "feel safe". jeanne counters that he most certainly does. paul says "everyone wants that feeling." but, he doesn't believe tom (remember paul doesn't know any names; not jeanne's and not tom's... and jeanne doesn't know paul's name) is really capable of delivering that feeling over time.

he tells her that tom will expect her to make him feel safe, too. paul breaks this down to what their sex life will become... each seeking safety in each other's physiciality.

paul tells jeanne you don't really know safety (or love) until you get intimately acquainted with fear. he isn't saying that the couple has to experience the same fear together, btw, or suggesting a field trip. he's telling her something about himself... paul has experienced extreme fear (probably on several occasions spread out over time) and knows what it's like.

personally, I think this was the basis for his bond with rosa and partly why they were so honest with one another (even though she did keep some secrets).

jeanne partly gets what paul is talking about it and their argument is over... she wants to be with paul again... she tells him she loves him.

so, paul has her prove her love in an odd way... she follows all of his instructions... and I don't even know a quick way of describing what happens so i'll just repeat paul's instruction... he wants her to stink a couple of fingers up his "ass."

of course, weird things must be said during this and he asks her if she would do some things for love of him... like have sex with a pig, smell a dying pig's fart... jeanne keeps saying "yes." finally she says, "all that and more."

one very important thing to note here is how jeanne at first runs from EVERYTHING and even physically fight against it. she does this with both tom and paul. so, she TRAINS them to expect this and also to expect that it will take a while to get to her real feelings. i'm not saying she MEANS to do this, but they may not realize how much of this is unconscious on jeanne's part.

to be continued...

last tango in paris, proximity to truth (pt.7)

jeanne, after yet another argument with her mother, announces she's getting married. her mother asks, to whom and jeanne replies "tom."

needless to say, tom wants to film jeanne picking out her wedding gown. whether it's supposed to be the one she would really marry in or just another scene for the movie, i'm not sure.

two very heavily made-up women with very fake red hair dress jeanne up as a bride. they tell her, "the dress makes the bride."

back out on the sidewalk, now in a wedding dress, tom crowds in with the crew. but suddenly, it starts to rain and the crew calls it a day. tom follows them saying he wants to film in the rain.

jeanne decides to run off in the dress. she runs, of course, to paul. he's outside the apartment and they ride up in the elevator together. jeanne asks paul if he still wants her and revealingly pulls up her dress.

when they reach the apartment, paul carries jeanne to bed. but an instant later, he realizes she's soaking wih rain (paul is wearing a coat, so the rain is cold). he announces that she must take a hot bath immediately and goes off to run it.

for a while now, jeanne has been seeing a cat hanging around the apartment (there's no indication that it belongs to paul). she now seeks why! A RAT!

jeanne loses it and paul comes running. he's very amused that it's only a rat and teases jeanne by pretending he wants to eat the rat. he promises to let her have some rat as well.

jeanne is now set on leaving for fear of more rats! or even just the fact there was one rat. paul tells her she absolutely cannot leave until she has a bath. after she's warm and dry, she can go. but he won't have her catching pneumonia.

of course, jeanne dramatically runs to the door and declares she's getting married, etc. but she's trained everyone just to accept this overly dramatic behavior (she runs away a lot from paul, from tom, from her mother). so, paul persists until she agrees she ought to have a bath.

as paul washes jeanne, they chitchat about what she's revealed: she's getting married. at first, paul takes this in stride and asks her a few questions about her fiance. she claims tom is "magnificent" and that they "make love." (not believing that, i've "met" tom. haha)


Saturday, January 16, 2010

last tango in paris, proximity to truth (pt6)

jeanne is conflicted. she runs from tom. he catches her in the subway (so, more train). one passes by as they smack at each other. tom manages to restrain jeanne and he says he loves her. he wants to marry her.

meanwhile, paul is taken to the room rosa's mother has fixed up for rosa to lay in state. rosa, dressed in white, lays on a lavish bed of purple flowers (the same kind jeanne wore on her hat at the beginning of the movie). the flowers are very fragrant, paul says he can barely breathe.

paul looks at rosa and says she's her mother's creation. she is wearing heavy makeup and false eyelashes (the room is dimly lit, btw). this was not how rosa normally presented herself and paul hates it.

he tells rosa she lied and she knew it. this makes her such a low person, he calls her a "pig fucker." he rails against rosa for a while and catches himself...

he apologizes to her. he uses a flower petal to wipe away her garish lipstick and takes off her false eyelashes.

he tells rosa he loves her. crying he begs her forgiveness....

then there's knock at the door... paul is needed for a guest at the hotel. he meekly goes to see what's the matter.

it's a prostitute who gets rather pissy. she wants to see paul's boss. somewhere along the line, her john gets cold feet and takes off. she insists paul go after him. she says she is rosa's friend.

paul chases the man through the steet. when he catches him, he roughes him up. the man calls paul "insane."

he tells paul his wife has a gross skin condition and he doesn't find her attractive. paul calls him a "faggot."

(btw, the monlogue by rosa's bedside is considered the best ever filmed, it's on youtube)

to be continued...

last tango in paris, proximity to truth (pt 5)

(one thing I forgot to say about paul's childhood. he tells jeanne that his mother's alcoholism got her arrested a lot and, because it was a small, farming community, EVERYONE KNEW.)

jeanne and tom's movie continues....

tom doesn't like jeanne's new look which is much more casual than before.
if you google for images of maria schneider, it's probably going to be the first images to come up... her with curly hair and light (or no) makeup.

"it's my hair!" jeanne tells him, which sounds as if her hair is naturally very curly and she'd been straightening it before.

also, the color is dark brown which appears to be maria schneider's natural color, at least.

so, tom's taste is the more made-up, groomed jeanne. this seems to hold for her appearance in the movie and his personal preference.

he does drop it when she starts to get upset. and, it's important to note, he gives no indication that he wishes to end their relationship based on something so superficial.

for his part, paul says nothing about the change although he mostly sees jeanne wearing little to no clothing because, unlike tom, he doesn't spend time with her as she goes about her life.

tom has some cloyingly romantic scenes for jeanne... it's possible he simply thought her former look would match these scenes better than her current look. these scenes also feature tom, of course.

jeanne goes to visit paul in the apartment. WE know paul has been dealing with his mother-in-law, maurice, etc. jeanne, for her part, is miffed at tom and her mom. so, despite paul's plans... the real world is seeping into their arrangement.

paul is sitting on the floor eating bread and cheese and drinking bottled water. when jeanne arrives, he asks her to get the butter from the refrigerator.

this annoys jeanne because first, he didn't answer when she called him (it's a big apartment) and second, she had a surprise and he's barely paying attention to her. she gets the butter and throws it at him.

she tells him an american eating cheese and drinking water in an apartment isn't interesting. (the french have a more interesting way of doing it? lol)
she's hidden her surprise so, even though she has paul's attention, he doesn't know about it yet.

bored, jeanne starts goofing around with the apartment by knocking on the floor. she finds a hollow place. the carpet above it clearly has been cut out and replaced.
this gets paul's attention. it's a bit hard to describe... he'd been sort of lounging and he looked at her upside down... when he decides to go over to where she is, he does a sort of backflip to a standing position, then joins her on the floor... this is a suggestion that paul is much more athletic than your average middle-aged hotel owner.

he suggests they open the hiding place. jeanne becomes nervous and says they should leave it alone. she doesn't know why... but she knows she doesn't want to open it.

paul indicates her jeans and asks if he can open that? maybe there's gold and jewels inside? it's important to note that both paul and jeanne are fully dressed at this point... this is one of the few times we see them hanging around the apartment wearing clothes...

so, as paul and jeanne continue what seems to be something much like what they usually do... we notice paul is bring the butter closer...

suddenly, paul flips jeanne over on her stomach. "you want to know about family secrets?" he asks.

jeanne, surprised at this strange turn, is struggling. paul holds her down and pulls her pants down. he applies the butter and while he sodomizes her, he has her repeat some very odd things.

jeanne, crying, does her best to comply. unfortunately, I don't know everything he says and jeanne never manages to repeat every word, but it starts with "the church of the good citizen league" and contains lines like "there is nothing but oppression and freedom."

one thing that's widely known now that perhaps wasn't in the 1970s is that sodomy is a big part of initiations into secret societies. so, paul is most likely re-enacting something that happened to him.

maria schneider says this scene wasn't in the original script. she says this scene was a last minute improvisation by marlon brando. he told her not to worry, "it's only a movie." but she says she wishes she'd known to call her agent and protest because she felt "raped."

now, this is very interesting since they both are fully clothed (except her pants get pulled down), and the scene probably has a lot less physical contact than many other scenes. but there is something strange about this scene that has caused it to be probably the most famous sex scene in the movie.

a lot of write-ups about this scene show pictures of jeanne in the bathtub. that is a completely different scene that takes place on a later day (in movie time).

later, after paul wakes up, jeanne is messing about with a record player. this is her surprise: music. she tells him she can't get it to work. he comes over and immediately is shocked by the plug. he knows jeanne did this on purpose and there's some indication that he takes this as her revenge for the butter scene.

the music is something jeanne likes. she immediately disassociates while listening to it (which is a bit weird).

so, the butter scene is now behind them and their relationship seems to enter another phase...

to be continued...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

last tango in paris, proximity to truth (pt 4)

so, now we have seen both paul and jeanne's homelife and heard a bit about their past. we've also seen them interact with other people.

jeanne lives in a large house with a large garden. it may have been nicer once (or perhaps its location may have been nicer once... the house is still quite nice), but it is still very nice. it's a place you wouldn't mind being filmed for a documentary.

jeanne has lots of memories of her childhood that she can share with tom for the movie. perhaps those memories are darker than what she told him, but they don't seem to upset her.

the only thing that's a bit odd is the colonel. is he the same person as her father? if so, why doesn't she just say so? if not, how did she get to know him?

we also see a bit of a conflict between jeanne and her mother over her father's things. so, there is something hidden there.

paul meanwhile, can't even bring himself to go back to the u.s. he has nothing but bad memories of his parents. it's likely what he didn't say is much worse than what he said.

it's clear paul isn't close to rosa's family. he notified them, but seems indifferent to whether or not they show up to rosa's funeral. his mother-in-law's attempt to comfort him only angers him.

he also doesn't seem that crazy about running the hotel although he seems willing to do it. and he's clearly been helping rosa with it.

it's interesting to see the change in paul when he goes into "hotel owner" mode. he becomes oddly meek. this is the way he first greets his mother-in-law, in fact

so, what draws jeanne and paul together? there is a strong indication even early on that this is more than a sexual liaison for both of them.

paul, although he doesn't want names, doesn't seem to mind jeanne's stories even though he can easily see through them.

when she tells him she drew castles with many towers as a child, he asks if she loved her teacher.

when she says her teacher was a woman, paul asks if she was a lesbian. "how did you know?" asks jeanne. "it's classic," says paul.

besides jeanne, the only person we see paul seem at ease with is marcel. they get along rather well for several minutes.
in fact, the scene with paul and marcel in their matching robes is the reason why I wonder why ANY lesser actor (and it can be argued every actor is a lesser actor than marlon brando) would want to attempt it... especially if that actor has persistent gay rumors around him. although to be fair, jeanne is the only (living) woman paul interacts with for more than a few minutes.

there is a scene where paul and jeanne are in the bathroom getting ready for whatever they're going to do in their separate lives.
paul is shaving with the straight razor from his pocket (the one rosa used) while jeanne puts on her make up.

at one point, jeanne even found the razor and related shaving materials in paul's pocket when she was searching for his identity. he returns before her search goes any further although you get the feeling he wouldn't mistakenly leave anything to be found.

jeanne asks if paul thinks she's a "whore." (she rather charmingly mispronounces the word) he tells her he thinks she's "an old-fashioned girl" trying to make her way in the world. jeanne tartly replies that she'd rather be a whore.

then jeanne deduces that paul hates women. she asks him sincerely, "what have they done to you?" paul never confirms her suspicion, but you do wonder... are rosa and then jeanne the only people who have ever really known paul?

to be continued...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

last tango in paris, proximity to truth (pt3)

spoiler warning, plus... some scenes may be discussed out of sequence. i'll try to get as close as possible to the way the movie progresses.

back at paul's hotel (the one he owns), rosa's mother has arrived. rosa's parents used to run the hotel. in fact, rosa's mother is quite disappointed in the way the hotel looks these days although it is definitely nicer than the building across the street where paul has the apartment.

rosa's mother is portrayed by maria michi. she bustles in with her suitcase, and her plans for rosa's funeral.

she has planned funerals before. although she certainly is very sad to lose her daughter, she's determined rosa's funeral will be more respectable than her death.

as for rosa's father, he is very sick with asthma. his doctor refused to allow him to travel. this is what rosa's mother tells paul when she arrives. paul accepts this without much comment.

rosa's mother spends some time looking through rosa's purses. finally, paul asks her what she's looking for... she replies that her rosa would have let her know, somehow, why she wanted to take her own life. paul tells her she won't find anything like that. rosa's things are neatly arranged on shelves that go all the way up to the ceiling.

as rosa's mother unpacks, she shows paul the things she brought with her. he comments she has everything they need (for the funeral) in that suitcase. this emboldens her to bring up her desire to bring in a priest.

paul absolute refuses because he says rosa didn't believe in it, so it shouldn't be at her funeral. her mother continues to insist that it is important. this causes paul to pick up her suitcase and throw it. he was just humoring her before...

later, paul is on the couch downstairs. rosa's mother comes and sits in a chair beside him. she tries to reach out to him and places her hand on his arm. he orders her to move her hand away.

she then begins to complain about a guest who's practicing his saxophone, hinting broadly that paul should run a tighter ship. paul decides on a unique strategy, he turns off all the lights.

paul laughs how the guests are afraid of the dark, just like children. rosa's mother nervously asks him to turn the lights back on as the guests creep out of their rooms.

paul decides he should introduce rosa's mother around (in the dark). one guest he calls "miss blowjob of 1939". he says that still makes her popular with some people. everyone is given names and many of those names relate to people's drug habits. one person he says was his and rosa's dealer. after a certain amount of mother-in-law freaking out, paul turns the lights back on and she decides to just leave him alone.

the next day, rosa's mother meets a guest she likes: marcel (massimo girotti). marcel was one of rosa's lover.

when paul goes to visit marcel in his rooms, they discuss how much rosa tried to make them alike. she got them the same robes, she made sure they both had jack daniels on hand for her (marcel admits he doesn't even like bourbon).

paul learns that marcel has a job clipping certain things from magazines and sending them in... (paul comments that it's an educational job).

marcel tells paul that one night rosa begin clawing at the wall. he only stopped her because she was breaking off her fingernails.

marcel tells paul his with rosa affair was finished before she died. paul says he knows all about it because rosa told him everything.

in fact, paul and marcel seem to be getting along pretty well. then, marcel demonstrates how he stays fit... he has a portable chin-up bar. this causes paul to doubt whether marcel was worthy of rosa and leave.

along this time, paul finds rosa's cigar box of trinkets ... all things that belonged to men. he thinks they are probably souvenirs from her encounters, but thinking he knew everything... paul realizes rosa not only kept this secret; she hid the evidence.

doctor's office....

I took my sister to the doctor. she has to have tests. i'm back down on the first floor which is an enormous open floor plan type place. there's a small random area with chairs (as opposed to the occasional bench) which is where I am.

every small sound echos and assaults your ears. wtf? why would you make a medical place like that?

the lady down from me ate breakfast. crinkle crinkle crinkle crunch crinkle crunch crunch. if 90 percent of our surroundings weren't stone I probably couldn't even hear her... oh, she's moved along... yay.

well, the racket from every tiny thing everyone in this huge ill-planned expensive building is distracting me from worrying. being irritated at nonsense does make time go on by.

but seriously, doctor's offices/hospitals are kind of in need of some sound absorbance. someone 50 yards away will make a slight noise and i'll think they're right at the edge of the tiny rug i've found.

damn... I could not even afford to see a doctor here. if I have to come back i'm bringing ear plugs.

well... here's some more folks... no wonder my sister's blood pressure was so high yesterday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

last tango in paris, proximity to truth (pt 2)

from now on, spoiler warning... i'm just going to outright say what happens and what I think it means. personally, I think you could still enjoy the movie, but just in case SPOILERS (somewhere) AHEAD.

when paul suggested meeting again to jeanne, he told her "no names." later, we find he means no names AT ALL. not only does he not wish to know her name, he doesn't want her to use names when she talks about people. of course, one of the first names she uses is "paul". she's talking about her cousin...

bernardo bertolucci wrote the screenplay, but marlon brando ad libbed A LOT. so, I suspect much of what unfolds in any scene with paul (i.e., most of the movie) come from a really different place than what's going on otherwise.

there is some suggestion that marlon brando and maria schneider didn't expect the movie to be the way it wound up being because they both complained about their treatment by bertolucci.

however, marlon brando and bernardo bertolucci did have a friendship by the end of brando's life. bertolucci tells brando he was "in love with him." so, perhaps he tried to maintain control of the movie a bit more harshly than necessary.

also, FIVE actors have every one of their scenes deleted. maybe the movie we see isn't the movie the actors thought they were making?

maria schneider also said she felt "raped" by marlon brando (the butter scene) although she also remained friends with him, she did say there was a time they couldn't discuss the movie. sadly, this movie ruined all associations with butter for poor maria. she cooks with olive oil.

this movie perhaps was a mistake for maria schneider to make. she says she was nothing like jeanne. she does a great job in this movie, but it's not too hard to imagine that everyone just assumed she was a wild slut afterwards.

for his part, marlon brando doesn't stomp all over her lines which... if he wanted to he could have done. but, he plays his part and lets her play hers.

the movie spends some time right about now letting us know about jeanne and her fiance tom. tom is played by french new wave star jean-pierre leaud.

he is finished with his education and is directing the movie he proposed with jeanne. because it's her real life he's also a star. like any reality show, there's all sorts of set up situations.

so when jeanne goes home, tom (and crew) follows her around as he asks her questions about her childhood. she shows him photos, reads an essay, some definitions she copied down (including one for the word "penis"), and takes him outside to see her "jungle." she tells tom how she and her cousin each had their own tree they liked to sit under (we hear more on this later).

tom dramatically sets up shots and directs jeanne with words and gestures. he "regresses" her in age by counting back year by year until he reaches age nine. at first, this seems like another bit of direction by tom, but toward the end of the movie there is another counting scene... counting up to 19.

we meet maria's mother. she's played by gitt magrini and their servant olympia (luce marquand). maria's mother is talking about things she wants to take with her to the country. these include some "military things" (uniform, boots) that belonged to jeanne's father. she says "these military things never age".

jeanne talks about the colonel with his "tall boots and bright blue eyes." she says he died in 58.

there is some feelings around the house that jeanne has been overindulged... by her teacher, by this film project.

nothing about what we see happen between jeanne and tom seems completely real. and nothing makes her seem like she'd go back to the apartment, but she does go back and she goes back not long after the first time.

she arrives to see paul's had some furniture delivered. he gets her to help him move a few things. then she decides to tell him some of the same stories she told tom. only paul questions her until she tells him the truth.

paul learns the teacher who indulged jeanne so much was a lesbian. he learns she and the cousin she liked so much used to play a masturbation game... they'd sit under their trees and see who could reach orgasm first.

when she talks about the colonel, paul says "all military uniforms are a lie." when she says he died in 58, pauls says, "or 68", "or 98." jeanne becomes petulant and insists "58!"

paul talks about his childhood... his parents were alcoholics. his father was "super masculine, bar fighting, whore fucking." paul's chore was to milk a cow. he remembers having to milk it before going to a basketball game and how his shoes stank up the car.

he says they had a black dog named dutchie who ran through a mustard field. he says that was beautiful to see.

then he talks about working for an old farmer who was always sucking on a clay pipe. it was "back breaking work" and he'd make bets with himself how long it'd take the drool to fall off the pipe.

after this paul leaves the room. jeanne is annoyed at the lack of attention from him. she doesn't realize, paul has made himself very sad. while he cries, she masturbates (she doesn't know what he's doing).

it's hard to say if jeanne thinks paul is purposely being annoying. but of course, she doesn't know about rosa.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

last tango in paris, proximity to truth (pt1)

the first scene of the movie establishes there is something wrong with marlon brando's character (paul). he's standing under an elevated train, screaming. but, as no one can do that forever, he trudges on his way and soon finds himself behind a young woman.

maria schneider (we eventually learn her name is jeanne) is dressed fashionably when we first see her. she's anticipating something good... as evidenced by her hurried, but light steps.

(m.b. age of character = 45. m.s. acs = 20. ages of actors similar to acs. released 72/73.)

everyone in the universe over age 18 knows what happens next AND next, next, next; but what most people don't get is that's just another piece to the puzzle of wtf is going on in this movie? no, they did not make a feature film starring hollywood's top man to introduce us to alternate uses for butter (the klum masters probably count that as a bonus, however)

THE APARTMENT, a lot of people i've read on the internets miss the fact that this thing is across the street from the residential hotel where paul lives (and he owns it; therefore no matter what he says, paul does not need the apartment as a residence).

so, the landlady of the apartment knows paul. she's LYING to jeanne every time she claims she has no idea who he is (she probably thinks he'd want her to lie). this is never explicitly stated, but common sense? that's happening.

so, knowing none of this, jeanne enters the apartment and looks directly at a broken mirror with a piece missing from the center. (hehe, clue.) we see her reflected in this mirror.

then, she finds out this apartment has a man in it. he's just been kind of... there (following her) and he might rent the place... who knows...

interestingly, paul gets a freaking phone call right then (hmm...) which jeanne listens in on... and he catches her. he puts down his receiver and very quietly sneaks over to where she is...

somewhere around this time, they decide to hook up. well, they don't so much "decide" that's just what they do. then, quickie accomplished, they get themselves in order and go on their way. but not before paul makes a suggestion "let's do this again" (secretly). and without further ado, they go their separate ways. THIS shocked the crap out of audiences at the time for some reason...

jeanne, now sans pantyhose, goes to meet HER FIANCE at the train station. her hair's still styled, her makeup still looks good... she's almost as put together as she was which is good luck as her fiance is going to do a sort of reality movie with her called "the life of a girl." filming begins right this second, in fact, she has to ask him about the cameras.

at some point around this time jeanne makes her first trip to the bar around the corner. irl this is the john f. kennedy, jr. bar (seriously).

paul goes on across the street to talk to the maid who's cleaning up the bathroom where his wife rosa just died of a violent case of cutwrists. the maid tells him how the police wondered if it was murder and had her act out rosa's moments to account for how blood got some places it got.

she chattily tells paul (who you know is ready for her to stfu) the cops asked many questions about him! why didn't he work? why didn't paul and rosa have children (she's fishing, we find out why no kids much later)? she says she told the police that paul has ben a boxer, an actor, a journalist in JAPAN, a south american revoluntionary, he learned french and married rosa (the maid calls her "a woman worth money"). basically, even though we're constantly reminded paul IS AN AMERICAN, he hasn't been in the u.s. for 20 years... he's been going "from country to country."

rosa suicide(?) was in room 12. she used a straight razor. the maid gives paul the razor. he puts it in his pocket.

now, for some reason, a lot of people think paul and rosa weren't together. they WERE. he found her. she had affairs (though ended the last one long before her death) and they talked about these, but they lived together as a couple. this is made obvious so many ways (things characters say, etc) I really don't know how people miss it.

so, who are paul and rosa? well... probably not what they seem(ed). was the hotel (which was a much nicer place when he parents ran it) a cover? a retirement plan? but, i'm getting ahead of myself, we haven't even met maurice yet.

(apologies if some scenes are a little out of order, it's been a while since i've seen it... it's a great movie. but not that pleasant to watch once you look past the sexy time... which I did on the first viewing, so... haha)

to be continued...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

craxton's legacy

once upon a time, on the sailor moon newsgroup there lived a craxton. he had unique sexual habits and he shared his discoveries... including the reaction of his taste buds to his... well, will ferrell did a yoga skit about this on snl...

anyway, there's a blind item on cdan about a major league baseball player who replaced a certain golfer on a gq shoot.

he decided to tell the model about, oh something he liked to drink. that was the verb "drink." I don't know what the model said, but the makeup lady dropped a few things...

this guy still plays though he used to be better than he is now.. and he's dated a couple of starlets... I don't know if he used the same pick up line with them.

ent promises to reveal this one in july. but I want to know... ARE there any baseball players named craxton?

Friday, January 8, 2010

countdown on the snakemonster

disney has announced that, more than likely, the 4th season of hanna montana will be the last (they gave themselves an out... just in case...)

miley, meanwhile, has made noises that's she's ready to move on... to the fabtabulous career she thinks she has waiting for her...

of course, this is s.o.p. for the mouse and they already have younger starlets waiting in the wings... of course, miley may be too young to have noticed.

miley has already said she's not that crazy about singing... so I wonder what she's thinking she's going to do...

not a few people think she's going to do playboy as an 18th bday present to herself.

I guess when she does we'll see her "just breathe" tattoo emblazoned on her chest. she says it's about cystic fibrosis, but rumor has it that the tattoo originally said "justin." this is from ent, so... well, crazydaysandnights is usually pretty reliable.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

hell has frozen over, i have agreed with jane

jane velez-mitchell just screamed, "why do people have an image? why can't they just be who they are?" and, seriously, it's way easier on all concerned.

she was talking about man ho tiger woods who's currently missing from the public eye. I for one don't care what tiger is doing. I figure he's begging his wife and sponsors to stay with him, but whatever.

still, judging by tiger's 14 mistresses, elin isn't tiger's type physically. maybe she is in every other way, but let's supposed (based on his actions), she's not. why did he marry her?

did he think elin was the type of person someone of his status (in this fucked up world) should marry? or did he love her (i hope he did/does)?

elin has handled herself pretty well through all of this... well, unless she beat him down with a golf club... which some speculate.

still, has tiger been a victim of his own image? or does he have enough sense to be happy with what he has.

miss new york, still only 28

today is tiffany pollard's bday. she's only 28? in honor of this special day use "ploy" in a sentence.

the klum masters are giggling...

jane velez-mitchell is taking issue with all the prescription drugs everyone supposedly has a shit ton of... WHAT?
since when did drugs become easy to get for AVERAGE PEOPLE? some stupid bitch from alabama called in and agreed, but she threw in the fact she had cancer. so maybe she, like, needed the drugs.

I've suffered from severe insomnia most of my life and you know how many doctors responded to my complaints with a prescription? Zero.
that's right, I got nothing even though sometimes i'd go literally days without sleeping (and I was on a schedule, going to work, etc.)

they told me to get more exercise, drink warm milk, meditate... not that I necessarily want sleeping pills, but i'm just saying... you'd think if we had such an over-prescribing crisis at least ONE doctor i've complained to since I was 15 would've considered it. especially since the inability to sleep was adversely affecting my life. so, fuck you, jane.

but, jane's used to be an alcoholic so she's all an expert. she's also dragged poor casey into this, so if you tuned in mid-rant, you'd think it was proven casey died of drugs. at the end, jane quickly mentioned we really don't know yet...

perez hilton is all mystified about the marilyn monroe thing... casey idolized marilyn as did anna nicole smith. then he adds so does lindsay lohan who twittered condolences for casey.

twittering condolences just seems wrong. my father just died and I cannot even imagine such a thing... I couldn't even say he'd passed away for a few days....

oh, why are the klum masters giggling... jane's screaming is doing so much of their dirty work. she's so gross.

jane the war on drugs is a bullshit smokescreen. also, everyone is not a fucking addict just because you are, but way to distract from the issue.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

gabriel johnson, missing baby (not related to THE johnsons)

nancy grace is freaking the heck out (rightfully) over some chick who took off with her eight month old baby before christmas. she was recently found in florida WITHOUT the baby.

the mom is from tempe, arizona and she took a 1000 mile roadtrip in her grandfather's white 95 olds delta 88. the car is missing, too.

most disturbing, she texted the baby's father claiming she had KILLED their baby boy. later, she told someone else that she gave the baby to some folks she met who "seemed nice."

she's in jail in florida and she won't give any information about the location of the baby OR the car. I know a car is no big deal compared to a baby... but, does it contain evidence? do the people who have the baby have it? (but... it winds up getting found)

the baby is white with blue eyes and blond hair. he's a super cute little boy. this is really sad.

before mom disappeared... she tried to get the dad to sign adoption papers. he refused.

the car has been found by the fbi in san antonio, texas! how she got to florida is a mystery at this point.

she lawyered up as soon as she got arrested. here's what I wonder... who commits a major crime and then purposely visits TEXAS AND FLORIDA?! wth? why not go to say, washington (state) or, better yet, canada. or procede from texas to mexico?

preliminary findings, casey johnson

first, casey's apartment only contained "an insignificant amount" of prescription drugs. I don't know what drugs, but as she was diabetic, she would've definitely had insulin. they did say they found "insulin syringes" in her house, but I don't know if they mean ones she'd used or ones she'd made up or just the syringes themselves.

everyone has been saying casey was on all kinds of drugs. but, she must be the first addict ever not to have any around. and they couldn't all have been in her because the coroner would've seen some sign of it.

the coroner doesn't think she's a suicide and there are no obvious signs of homicide. her body and organs were in good condition (meaning no sign of a disease or trauma that could've killed her).

casey's last hours interacting with the world were before 1:30 a.m. on 12-29-09. she told her facebook friends to have sweet dreams. from all reports, she seemed positive over the days and hours before she stopped posting.

as far as the state of things according to some articles (no electricity, etc.) even if casey had no idea how to transfer good into cash (and she maybe didn't, she'd always been so rich) tila would've been able to instruct her (which, tila's not poor... compared to the johnsons, yes, but otherwise...). so, did she? was casey's situation in late december as bad as it supposedly was in early december? or had she come up with some sort of plan?

earlier in 2009, casey had been in cedars-sinai hospital due to her diabetes. I believe she had to go twice, the most recent time in the summer. was this why things became so difficult for her? when diabetes goes out of whack it causes it to be difficult to think, and a person could become irritable or unreasonable. sometimes it takes a little while to even back out.

it will take some weeks before the coroner has toxicology results, etc. so, like with brittany murphy, we will have to just wait. unlike brittany, there were no reports of casey being sick. not even from tila who saw her late on 12-28-09.

hours later, casey signed off the internet and... then days later she's found dead. what happened to her?

sale johnson, casey's mother

back in early december, there were several articles about casey johnson. casey had, apparently, fired her nanny (why?) which led to her getting friends to babysit. she didn't always pick ava up when needed (it's said) which led to casey's mother intervening.

sale says casey is "too crazy" to take care of ava. she also says casey "got tired of buying purses and shoes" and got ava. I feel bad for ava reading this a few years from now.... I hope someone in the johnson family to take good care of her... and not just financially.

around this time casey's situation is supposedly desperate. her car is about to be repoed (she FINANCED?), she's about to be evicted, the mansion is "crumbling" (what do they build mansions out of in l.a.?). her electricity is turned off, she has rats, her pool is green. inside it's "in shambles" (isnt there a maid in this story?). if all this is true... her family couldn't think of SOME WAY to make sure she had a place to live and electricity? what about paying her rent and utilties directly if they don't want to give $$ to casey?

of course, casey greatly admired marilyn monroe. well... if that doesn't get the conspiracy sites on this story I don't know what will.

woody johnson, casey's father

robert wood johnson iv, age 62, owns the new york jets. on the heels of a team victory, he learns about casey's death.

apparently, the johnson clan had hoped keeping their distance a bit might help casey ... a little "tough love." I don't know the truth of this apart from the fact casey was cut off from the trust fund.

I was wondering how the lapd magically knew how to go by casey's house and I just read her maid found her. I am not sure if she (or whoever) just called the police or if she called an ambulance.

someone called tila and told her casey wasn't dead, but she was in a coma. I don't know any other details about this. but, the lapd says casey had been dead for "several days".

casey's wealthy friends have expressed sympathy and some have promised to "watch over" ava. casey, as recently as 2006, was part of an elite social set.

her social status gradually fell after she accused her aunt of stealing a boyfriend (her aunt is twice her age, and even rich folks don't gossip about her). the aunt and the man involved denied casey's allegations.

then casey began to party more... then she started dating women, then she broke into her ex-girlfriend's place... and finally she began showing up on the red carpet with new fiancee tila.

I am having a problem with one key fact. casey was a SOCIALITE. since when do socialites skip new year's eve? and new year's day? what? if she'd been sick she'd have twittered incessently IF SHE COULD.

I know rich people go places for holidays. even cut off, casey should have been able to raise a goodly amount from her jewelry box alone. so, i'm a little confused by "pennilessness" i've read... even the most naive rich girls know diamonds translate into cash... not to mention whatever expensive knick knacks she may've owned.

something is really, really wrong here... it's like there were two casey johnsons because she was also well-known for her charity work with the juvenile diabetes association.

she was diagnosed with diabetes at age 8 and co-authored a book on managing the disease age age 14.

casey was a direct descendant of robert wood johnson, a co-founder of johnson & johnson whose stuff you probably buy on a regular basis. she was once known as "the band aid princess."

I still remember casey pointing out some of the brands j&j had just bought (things like aveeno maybe) displayed on her vanity along with some of their older brands and saying, "see? I represent!"

lilo and pootie

lindsay lohan says her former bff (and stylist) patrick (pootie) aufdenkamp stole her sketches for her 6126 line. she says he's gonna use them to release his own line... next week. uh... ??

meanwhile, mlo took to twitter to complain that pooty was "endangering" lindsay and ali.

as ali is only 15... well, there MIGHT be a way to get her away from him. just a hint.

a lot of people took his mention of "supplying" to mean that pooty was lilo's coke dealer. but mlo sees lindsay only rarely, so he may have just heard some of lindsay's pals had warned her against him and drawn his own conclusion.

I really have no idea. actually, coke dealer would explain a lot if he's also been styling her.

however! even if lindsay owed him, if patrick is cutting in on mlo's atm he better keep an eye out for shoe attacks.

meanwhile, lilo has "learned" from the experience. she seems to be holding up all right, actually, and having fun still on vacation with ali.

another victim of 2009?

casey johnson (b. 9-24-1979) was found dead at home on 1-4-2010. she was last seen alive on 12-28-09 and last posted to twitter very early on 12-29-09.

casey had been featured on "the fabulous life of..." because she, at that time, was heiress to the johnson & johnson fortune. in early december, her family cut her off due to some things like well... them having to take custody of her adopted daughter ava (now age 3), her drug problems, her november arrest for burgulary, and her drug problems.

recently, casey had become engaged to tila tequila. er... yes, that may have turned a few hairs of the johnson clan as well.

the l.a.p.d. says "there are no signs of foul play" ... what that actually means (as we have all recently learned) is casey didn't have a knife sticking out of her chest when they found her (or some other extremely obvious sign of a crime). casey does have a history of diabetic coma as well as drug use.

tila, who is not the greatest source, claims she and casey had argued 12-28. tila tried to call her 12-29, but casey's phone was "shut off."

it seems a little odd no one checked up on casey for such a large period of time... 12-29 to 1-4... so I really wonder about this one... her family was easily rich enough to hire someone to check on her. especially as they knew her medical history and current problems.

not to mention tila could have checked up on her "wifey". although, there's some speculation that there may have been a good reason she stayed away...

so, there's at least going to be toxicology test... casey was only 30 (which is a significant age, actually).

R.I.P., casey.

Monday, January 4, 2010

happy birthday, michael stipe!

yay!! it's michael stipe's birthday! listen to all of your r.e.m. songs today.

someone else who needs to be in jail

move over in the jail cell joe jackson (not ricky sprague' favorite singer, mj's dad) and make room for michael lohan.

mlo's gf has a whole list of times he kicked her around. and generally treated her the way he treats people.

I don't think stupidity is any reason to hit someone. but, why would anyone think mlo was a viable person to date?

he once slammed on the brakes, jerked lindsay out of the car and threw her against the hood while yelling she was a whore she because she wanted to go to a party thrown by diddy or someone.

o.k., maybe she shouldn't have gone as she was way underage, but surely there was a less violent way to tell her little girls can't go to parties with grown people? i'm pretty sure it was diddy's party and his parties are famous, so anyone would want to go. due to her age, she was probably only invited as a courtesy (this was connected to some awards show) anyway.

when asked about this incident, mlo felt it was totally reasonable. after all, lindsay's just a human being.

then there's his criminal record including getting arrested for hitting a relative with a shoe. and lindsay's pitiful "daughter to father" song... good grief...

ladies, unless you can beat him down when he starts up with you... and you don't mind the fact he's ... awful... let this fabulous catch go on by.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

speaking of geniuses...

ok, so I wasn't speaking of geniuses, but... kanye west has taken to his blinding blog (caps lock light blue on black) to tell us he will rap with the dedication of kobe and maya angelou combined.

then he complained the media sucks for all the lying and whatnot. he didn't say it quite like that, but I agree with him there.

most precious of all, he ended with "lol". I don't know if I have ever seen kanye "lol" in caps lock before.

good grief...

I called my sister and patched things up. I feel like I have been put through the wringer.

she is still p.o.ed I got this phone. TWO YEARS ago. it was kind of expensive, but it is the only thing I got in a three year period that was expensive. soo... and I have paid everything regarding it... no one else has ever paid anything to do with it.

i hate the telephone

for two nights in a row, my sister has called and upset me a lot. WHY IS SHE DOING THIS?

we cannot have a normal conversation. or it starts off normal and then she starts bitching me out.

NONE of my siblings give a shit about the fact i'm living in daddy's house ALONE and they're with their families. at least LEAVE ME ALONE.

"positive lohan mayhem"

this is what lindsay is promising us in 2010. I have no idea what she means, but she seems pretty enthusiastic about it. good luck, lindsay. :)

as for the infamous michael and dina... grow up already. lindsay gets more than enough press on her own, your antics really aren't needed.

btw, I once dreamed I had gotten lindsay's cell phone. I called her and she dropped by to pick it up. haha... here's the weirdest part, I found it in a grocery store. does she even go into such places?

btw, this was around the time I got my phone which had JUST come out... maybe I just got her mixed up with fergie, the actual phone spokesperson. it came with a fergie ringtone. lol

the elton john rehab ward

I just read that elton john has been helping eminem with his drug problem... for the past 18 months. eminem went to rehab in 05, but relapsed. elton reports eminem is "doing brillantly."

what was eminem taking? vicodin, valium and ambien. lots of each. DAMN! as high strung as he was and he was on all of that? wow.

elton john also wants to help george michael, but george is having none of it! he says he likes drugs and having sex with random men in parks and will continue doing so. his steady man is o.k. with this, says george.

I don't know that elton has anything to do with it, but singer nikki mckibbon did get rehabbed. in fact, a lot of us watched her do it.
according to ent over at crazydaysandnights, she's doing really well. ent just did his blind item reveal and that was one of the items. yay, nikki!

Friday, January 1, 2010

westboro baptist church cannot get over lady gaga

they're back! the famewhore phelps clan is not happy with issuing anti-gaga press releases. they now have rewritten "poker face" to be "god hates lady gaga."

if they keep this up, 99.7 percent of the world will become card-carrying members of the lady gaga fanclub just to avoid any association with this nonsense. I just hope the dues are cheap.

as for their "song" ... I haven't heard "poker face" enough times to even sing it, much less rewrite it. so, they must really like listening to it....

also, is lady gaga REALLY the biggest ho in pop music? she hasn't even been a pop star that long... how can she possibly compare with madonna who has been plying her slut game for decades?

also, as allen tdg pointed out, making judgments in the lord's name is wrong... if we're going to get picky up in here...

happy 2010!

early today I heard the newsactors debating whether on calling this year "two thousand and ten" or "twenty ten". they couldn't agree. lol

I don't know if the way we call it matters, but I truly hope it's better than 2009. in fact, after the year we've all been through, it'd be great if this year was just super nice. :)

so... goals and resolutions...

I am going to resolve not to put things off like I always do! that will be quite an accomplishment if I can turn that around.

I also resolve to find cooler things to write about! haha

thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful 2010! :)