Tuesday, January 5, 2010

lilo and pootie

lindsay lohan says her former bff (and stylist) patrick (pootie) aufdenkamp stole her sketches for her 6126 line. she says he's gonna use them to release his own line... next week. uh... ??

meanwhile, mlo took to twitter to complain that pooty was "endangering" lindsay and ali.

as ali is only 15... well, there MIGHT be a way to get her away from him. just a hint.

a lot of people took his mention of "supplying" to mean that pooty was lilo's coke dealer. but mlo sees lindsay only rarely, so he may have just heard some of lindsay's pals had warned her against him and drawn his own conclusion.

I really have no idea. actually, coke dealer would explain a lot if he's also been styling her.

however! even if lindsay owed him, if patrick is cutting in on mlo's atm he better keep an eye out for shoe attacks.

meanwhile, lilo has "learned" from the experience. she seems to be holding up all right, actually, and having fun still on vacation with ali.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

I still hope Lindsey makes a come back. I also hope that if some asshole did steal her stuff she can sue his ass.

shampoo said...

me too. lindsay really does look happy on vacation, so maybe things are looking up for her.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I hope so.

shampoo said...

the real unasked question is how did this guy come to be named "pootie."