Tuesday, January 19, 2010

last tango in paris, proximity to truth (pt8)

as jeanne's bath continues (the bath scene... the part where jeanne's getting bathed... is actually a fairly sweet scene, but considering the apparent mental health of jeanne and paul it doesn't STAY that way) she just has to continue talking about tom. at first, paul humors her.

then he calls her a "jerk". he declares "the best fucking you're ever going to get is in this apartment."

paul asks jeanne if his rival makes her "feel safe". jeanne counters that he most certainly does. paul says "everyone wants that feeling." but, he doesn't believe tom (remember paul doesn't know any names; not jeanne's and not tom's... and jeanne doesn't know paul's name) is really capable of delivering that feeling over time.

he tells her that tom will expect her to make him feel safe, too. paul breaks this down to what their sex life will become... each seeking safety in each other's physiciality.

paul tells jeanne you don't really know safety (or love) until you get intimately acquainted with fear. he isn't saying that the couple has to experience the same fear together, btw, or suggesting a field trip. he's telling her something about himself... paul has experienced extreme fear (probably on several occasions spread out over time) and knows what it's like.

personally, I think this was the basis for his bond with rosa and partly why they were so honest with one another (even though she did keep some secrets).

jeanne partly gets what paul is talking about it and their argument is over... she wants to be with paul again... she tells him she loves him.

so, paul has her prove her love in an odd way... she follows all of his instructions... and I don't even know a quick way of describing what happens so i'll just repeat paul's instruction... he wants her to stink a couple of fingers up his "ass."

of course, weird things must be said during this and he asks her if she would do some things for love of him... like have sex with a pig, smell a dying pig's fart... jeanne keeps saying "yes." finally she says, "all that and more."

one very important thing to note here is how jeanne at first runs from EVERYTHING and even physically fight against it. she does this with both tom and paul. so, she TRAINS them to expect this and also to expect that it will take a while to get to her real feelings. i'm not saying she MEANS to do this, but they may not realize how much of this is unconscious on jeanne's part.

to be continued...

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