Monday, January 25, 2010

pastor joseph schimmel of the goodfight is ignorant

yes, I am thinking "ignorant" in a michael jackson voice. but, that doesn't detract from how massively misinformed this pastor is in his youtube expose of kurt cobain and nirvana as being satanists. see what I mean?

first, the pastor says kurt's name so many times i'm surprised he has time for any other words. second, he has looked into kurt's life at least 15 seconds and used a quote from skank (of all fucking people) to tell us not only is kurt cobain a satanist... he is SUCH a satanist.

he did use a quote from kurt... you know the episode of headbangers ball where kurt wore "a gown" (which hardly does that monstrosity justice). yeah... pastor slowmmel, it's call SARCASM. kurt was MAKING FUN OF headbangers' ball for putting him on in the first place. and "worshiping satan" (or saying he wanted to) was part of the joke.

nirvana was not a metal band. I noticed the pastor couldn't find a bunch of satanist imagery surrounding kurt, so he had to use concert footage where kurt wears a dress and a freaking tiara. (haha)

you know, pastor schmmel, two other guys were on stage with KURT COBAIN and they are still alive. maybe you should get them to clarify if you don't believe fans.

then he tells us kurt was a "sexual deviant" and according to courtney love (eyeroll) he'd "made out with half the guys in seattle." hello, courtney confused kurt with herself and "making out" with "fucking."

not that kurt's fans care about this stuff, but his best friend from high school (who is gay) says kurt was straight. however, kurt sometimes told people he was gay, too, to protect his friend. I believe this guy over courtney.

as far as "desecrating a church" by painting "god is gay" on a building OWNED BY the open bible church... he did that when he was a kid. I have never heard that he regularly did such things.

THERE ARE NO CUT UP BABIES on in utero or any other nirvana album. freaking use google images.

finally, who when looking for satanists overlooks skank and goes to kurt? pastor, you need to get your evil-dar tuned up stat.

and stop being so ignorant. or just stfu.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

The truth is Kurt was evasive about his faith in the public forum, never really answering what faith he was. Satanists would never do this. Most would fess up as being aethiests, agnostics, or members of some exotic cult. Also, while his faith is a big question mark, his belief in Jainism and Buddhism was not-- both philosophies based on pacifisism and compassion. Not really fodder for Satanists.

It is also significant that this accusation is laid upon Kurt originally by Coutney Love, who was not only raised in a cult, but has been involved in a number of them since reaching adulthood, including Scientology and Kabbala. Not to mention the persistant rumors that she may be a practicing witch. Even if you refuse to believe those things about her (along with the fact she murdered her husband and bandmate) you must acknowledge that she is most famous for being a drug addict with extremely irratic behavior. The fact that she is a liar should be obvious.

Also blurring the picture was an article in a British magazine that claimed that Cobain was obsessed with Anton LaVey. According to the original source interviewed for the article, the magazine significantly exaggerated what he said. Cobain was not obsessed, but interested (like many creative types, for some reason, he was drawn to darkness, but not drowning in it). The cello part in Something in the Way is not played by LaVey. It was added very last minute, and though Kurt did attempt to contact LaVey, the cultist never responded.

So why would Kurt want LaVey to play on his album? Well, despite how he has been remembered, I recall very well the days of Cobain being interviewed on TV. He had a very strange, very sarcstic sense of humor. I'd guess he thought it'd be funny long before I'd think he was a cultist.

Of course, all that is irrelevant, as fact usually is in these cases. The truth is that this preacher is yet another who does not deserve the job. Sewing fear, hatred, paranoia, and judgement is not the work of Christ. According to the Bible, no man of God should pass judgement on any man, sinner or saint. That is God's duty, not ours. Read the Book of Job if you doubt it-- the entire book deals with the issue.

I would believe that preacher to be a Satanist before Cobain because while Kurt avoided saying anything about his faith in public, this preacher's venemous attacks on him hurt Christianity by characterizing the faith as a judgemental, paranoid one.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

And as far as Kurt's sexuality, I submit- he married Courtney Love and she murdered him for it. I wish he had been gay, because I loved his music and he'd still be alive.

shampoo said...

allen tdg, as far as I know skank hasn't ever accused kurt of being a satanist. but, she's the source of the "sexual deviant" quote from the pastor.

as far as what he really was... her story on this varied, but sometimes she said he was asexual... she kind of stopped this after she saw it backfire. people decided he was gay and thus uninterested in her. needless to say, she quickly started amending that to say he was verrry interested in her.

sometimes, he did make out with guys. in a few performances (and probably other times). I think that was a statement against the womanizing bands who over-compensate because he didn't like the bands/their attitudes.

it's possible he did some sexual stuff with guys... (shrug) I just took exception to the "sexual deviant" remark.

however, I have seen courtney lie SO MUCH about this. I think it's due to the fact he was leaving her and she was mad/jealous.

this so-called pastor just read a couple of quotes somewhere. he had no concept of the context. not only was kurt very sarcastic... so was courtney (plus there's her lying). I have no idea when courtney supposedly said her quote.

it is possible courtney said kurt was a satanist, but the pastor (in the part I heard) attributed that solely to a quote from the "ballgown" episode of headbangers ball.

kurt's family says he was a christian fwiw. he had an interest in buddhism which courtney played up so she could have him quickly cremated. this was shocking to people who knew kurt (from what i've heard); apparently he'd never said he was buddhist (i know you didn't say he did) or that he'd want to observe their funeral rites.

of course, as you said, buddhism isn't like satanism.

shampoo said...

courtney said, "kurt made out with half the guys in seattle." the pastor translated this into kurt being a "sexual deviant." (just to clarify that skank didn't outright say "sexual deviant.") of course, even if one knew nothing about courtney that remark doesn't seem altogether serious anyway. that makes me wonder if she said this when kurt was still alive and she was joking around.

kurt isn't the only person pastor schimmel is going to/has expose(d). if every installment of the series is like this one... well, it doesn't seem like the best way to go about things.

I didn't know courtney was ever involved in scientology. (boggle) where'd you hear about that?

I do think she's a witch and she was the poster girl* for kabbalah for a while. (*I don't know what she can actually accomplish being a witch or what she'd do, but she has a lot of delusion, a huge ego, and few moral qualms.)

Allen the Duck Guy said...

She thanked one of the heavies in Scientology in the liner notes for one of her albums.

She is also the one that claimed he was aethiest, agnostic, Buddhist, etc. Her story changes frequently.

shampoo said...

grr... hate the skank; this is all her fault. why can't she stfu?

Allen the Duck Guy said...

Don't mince words, Shampoo, what do you really feel?

shampoo said...

well, I haven't really fallen all over myself to give her compliments and her tag is "skank", so...

Jitender said...
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Anonymous said...

That pastor will be so much happier if he would just come out of the closet and stop focusing on "sex deviants" and what they are doing with or about their souls...To Thyne Own Self Be True

Anonymous said...

Pastor Joe Schimmel is one of the best informed Christians I have ever seen publically. I can see his testimony hurts, because he is talking straight and his testimony is so clear. People that hate the Lord will most defintely react with derogatory comments. Joe Schimmel allows a lot of persecution of himself for standing up for rigtheousness. He is also not blinded by "cocktail religion" or the "cloaked rebellion" so many rock stars want to use in the name of "self-expression" and the "free-thinker - better informed than you" attitudes that are all fruits of darkness.