Friday, February 26, 2010

casey johnson was seen alive on january 2, 2010

previously, the last person to see casey was supposedly tila tequila who saw her december 29th. tila then left town.

casey had been staying in the guesthouse of a friend (often referred to as "the housekeeper" for some reason). this friend said she'd seen casey on the morning of the second.

casey might have been dead for two days when she found on the 4th. the coroner says her diabetes going untreated was what cost her life.

it's still kind of weird to me that communication with socialite and frequent user of twitter ended the same night tila last saw her.

what was casey doing? was she sick without a way to get help? it just seems weird she spent new year's eve without even her pet dogs for company.

it's been said casey didn't have a phone besides her cell phone and that her guesthouse lacked electricity. also diabetics can get to the state where they are unable or unwilling to seek help. casey's parents cut her off from the johnson & johnson fortune not long before she died.

taking vicodin with tussinex is a bad idea

I just read brittany murphy's toxicology report. she wasn't a drug addict. her weakened condition caused by pneumonia and severe anemia contributed to her death.

the drugs she had were consistent with someone trying to self-medicate a respiratory infection (they said, not me). so they've given her the ever popular "accidential overdose" designation.

IF you have vicodin, don't take tussinex. you already have hydrocodone in the vicodin. take tussinex's "little brother" (as my doctor calls it), delsim. it's otc. or, take tussinex since it's faster acting, and don't take vicodin. just take tylenol. too much hydrocodone doesn't make you cough less. it depresses your respiration. they don't say brittany od on these particular drugs, but this is common sense. i've never even taken vicodin, so I don't know so much about it. I do know what is in it, however.

mysteriously, she had three "benzos" (as dr. drew calls them) that didn't match any of the prescription bottles at her house. she'd been home sick for a few days, so how the fuck did these drugs get into brittany's system?

examination of her body proves she wasn't abusing drugs or alcohol chronically so, i'd have to think she was at least TRYING to be careful with her medicines. so why would she take three random pills?

stay away from the skank, john, she will kill you

I thought I was done with writing about john mayer...

needing new publicity for her new project, skank took to her twitter to bitch about john mayer. and tell us about her vagina exercises.

she wants to teach him his place via her usual (at first) methods... sex and beatings. ok, john... do not lose sight of the fact that she will eventually kill you and molest your dead body. she'll lay in your blood, wear your clothes, and endlessly bitch about what an asshole you were. she's charming like that.

if you want a beatdown, get kayne to do it (he'll stop hitting you way sooner). if you want sex, drunk dial jessica simpson (she'll take pity eventually). but, none of that with skank.

btw, I predicted (offline) that the skank would do something like this. she's so PREDICTABLE.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

another casuality of reality tv?

in september 2006, melinda duckett shot herself only hours before an interview with nancy grace was set to air. she left three suicide notes, one to her parents, one to her grandparents, and one to the general public.

melinda's little boy trenton had been missing for a week. she said someone cut the screen, came in his window, and took him. one witness places her and the baby at a restaurant around the same time. melinda's death effectively ended law enforcements investigation into some areas.

to this day, her son trenton has not been found. her notes seem to indicate the boy may be alive causing some to wonder if she sold/gave him to someone. but, of course, it could also mean she really didn't know what happened to him.

melinda had expected the interview to be sympathetic. I suppose she might never have seen nancy's show. whether the interview started politely, it ended with nancy relentlessly demanding answers while pounding her desk.

some people believe this was too much for melinda and caused her to kill herself. in fact, her family is suing. nancy says melinda's "guilty conscience" caused her to commit suicide. melinda has been described as "troubled" before any of this happened. nancy did run the segment despite melinda's death.

so, nancy didn't want to be deposed on camera. she was denied that request which seems fair. she played cindy anthony's deposition for the civil suit brought by zenaida fernandez-gonzalez (zfg is suing casey anthony).

many of the questions cindy was asked pertain to caylee marie anthony, her three-year-old murdered granddaughter. since casey is on trial for her life, cindy probably would rather her deposition not be shown on tv. nancy showed it, so her not wanting her own deposition filmed is interesting.

however, I found it interesting that cindy came to think of anyone who was watching caylee as "zanny". that seems very, very weird to me.

I didn't know this until I was reading websleuths yesterday, but "zany" means xanax. was caylee's "babysitter" actually being drugged by partying mom casey? did casey turn to chloroform after she couldn't get xanax or it stopped working? anyway, there's a big thread about this. some also think "zenaida" was casey's alter ego.

back on topic, I think people involved with serious crimes (accused, witness, victim, etc.) and interviews with the media gets into some very weird areas. I wonder how it affects investigations and trials, not to mention the mental health of some people.

happy birthday, chelsea handler!

today is chelsea's bday, so dedicate your vodka drinking to her! if you're just not going to drink any vodka, play pretend with a glass of water.

or alternately, you could try calling a little person a "nugget." but, i'm not sure if they like that name from anyone but chelsea (she has special privileges).

better yet, read chelsea's book. it's pretty funny. :)

I have it and I couldn't help but notice someone had given steven adler a copy on vh1's sober house. that always cracks me up. what a batshit crazy present for a man going to rehab.

of course, chelsea's worst behavior is like a day in church for steven, so I guess it's all relative?

speaking of musicians whose work I don't particularly like, chelsea said she told john mayer (to his face) two years ago to stop with the jokes and just play music. listen to her, john. write it down so you don't forget!

the brits didn't need us to tell them to fight the french

so, cracked had an article about how the founding fathers were pains in the king's ass. well, sure they were.

however, I must take exception for blaming us for dragging the british into the french and indian war. HELLO?! we WERE the british at the time. so needless to say, we started throwing down on the french out of pure instinct.

word got back across the atlantic and with a great tally ho! as many people who could rush over and join in (the british empire had a lot to do back then, so it wasn't everyone) we were quickly joined.

if people still fought with swords, the british and french would be fighting right now. it was, like, a hobby or whatever. but, after the invention of machine guns, they called a permanent truce.

so, the king was surely GRATEFUL we found another reason to fight with the french. hehe :)

really, the people who probably shouldn't have been dragged into it were the indians. if they'd known what a bunch of bullshit as usual it was, they surely would have opted out.

sam brown needs to look up the word "abstract"

so, sam brown has been explaining away jay-z's video "on to the next one" and in doing so he's dragged out the old "abstract imagery". next, we'll hear that they were just hanging out with jay-z's damien hirst collection and made a video by accident.

now, people are jumping to insane conclusions with this video. it's got something to do with the illumanti, etc. to hear some tell it.

it has to do with jay-z's current rap feuds, jay-z wanting to look like a rock star, etc. oh and swizz beatz, too. he's in it.

but human skulls, horned animal skulls mean something. you blindfold a woman and have something dark running out of her mouth, people are going to think it represents blood.

images DO have certain meanings. it's adding them up where people are getting confused. but, they're not pulling their conclusions from thin air. they're just not using everything in the video (a mistake).

the government keeps secrets

the history channel recently did a documentary exposing and debunking some 9/11 conspiracy theories. they did a pretty good job of this, but it might be because some 9/11 conspiracy theories are very weird.

here's one they didn't cover which is pretty wild: all the planes were holograms. yeah, I don't know how many people buy into that, but I can't imagine that debunking it would be too difficult. (the landing gear from one of the planes fell on a woman who was rescued and taken to the hospital.)

however, they gave it all away in the end by some very heavy handed tactics. now, I am not saying their debunkings were wrong. i'm saying they are not giving up their crown of the 24-hour vector channel (as they were known when I was on alt.folklore.urbanlegends) any time soon.

they brought out a "former cia agent" (sigh) to tell us "the government can't keep secrets" (he giggle snorts) "they're always running to the washington post". excuse me, I think the government CAN keep PLENTY of secrets when they want to. I have been to the cia's own website. maybe he should go there.
like any organization if many people know, then the secret is harder to keep. but, it's not impossible. if people believe it's national security. or believe they will be severely punished. or think they won't be believed anyway because they have no proof... secrets can be kept.

the government has kept so many secrets of various types that it's insulting for someone to seriously say that.

but, then they have skeptics (they labeled themselves thusly) condescendingly telling us people engage in conspiracy theories because it makes them feel important. people engage in EVERYTHING because it makes them feel important. so, that's not news.

then they had a lady whose brother was killed 9/11 saying she felt that people who engaged in conspiracy theories didn't care about her brother's life. that's not a logical conclusion, but she's grieving. why the history channel wants to guilt trip people, I have no idea.

I think a VERY FEW people in very key positions may have overlooked information the cia was dragging around washington BEGGING people to look at. and the cia would know from bin laden. this, in turn, allowed things to go to where they did. whether anyone did more than this, I don't know.

even the debunkers had some questions about dick cheney. yeah, well, they should. oh here's a secret the government kept pretty well: where the fuck WAS cheney half the time after 9/11.

also, donald rumsfeld. dick cheney and rummy go on back. they both are also hangout partners with george h.w. bush. whether these people actually DID anything wrong, I don't know. but, they were all sorts of ready to jump on that shit when it happened to soldify the gop power base and go hardcore on foxnews.

yeah, I know george h.w. was represented by george w. term limits are a bitch. I figure george w. played his usual role: to have his dad's back.

here's some conspiracy theory: cathy o'brien says george w. was always the bush (after his dad) who was going to run for president. it was him, not jeb, who would always be around when george h.w. wanted someone to guard his back. she says bush was in charge of reagan. AND clinton was his backup plan in case he didn't win term two. (this is in tranceformation of america, 1995)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

little wayne's EIGHT root canals

little wayne a.k.a. lil wayne recently held up a stint in jail because he had to go to the dentist. I don't know why I didn't really think anything of that because, duh, I know that's not how things work.

well, by now everyone knows every tooth he owns had to be completely revamped in ways I don't even want to know about. if there was such a thing as a dental hospital (maybe there is?) he'd be in it.

there is a video that has little wayne and about a dozen other guys, plus two girls, plus numerous friends, plus excessive numbers of video ladies. little wayne is first seen crawling out of a bed overladen with women. you know every time he opened his mouth those girls were giving each other the side eye because they thought someone farted.

he wears a sparkly grill most of the time. i've heard that those things rot your teeth and if this doesn't prove it... I mean, even if he hasn't been to the dentist in ten years what he had to get done was excessive.

then there's the fact little wayne must have the meanest party buddies. when he passed out, they bypassed the sharpies and went straight to tattoo needles. well, that's the best explanation I can think of for his heavily decorated self.

anyway, my teeth have been hurting on and off in sympathy. lol

i'm not sure how long he has to be in jail. maybe he'll take a page out of little kim's (lil kim) book and go on dancing with the stars when he gets free. that would be fun!

ah, little kim on dwts... she was one of my favorite competitors ever.

perfect catch starring carmen elecktra

omg! this show... I knew I had to watch it as soon as I saw them photographing carmen with the semi-setting sun behind her, thus making it impossible to tell her from any other long-haired young woman. (i mean cameraman, wtf? she's the star! she only shows up for the beginning and end of the show!)

basically, people go around the greek islands looking for good-looking people. the "catchers" are models, etc. so it's fairly easy for them to persuade people to go on a yacht with them.

this show is pretty fun except one girl cried when she got thrown back. awww, how sad. (i'm not being sarcastic, I felt bad she cried. she even kept crying despite everyone telling her how pretty she was.)

oh, this is on e! I hope they did background checks.

also, the scenery is sooo beautiful.

frenchie is in a commercial!

it's one of those phone lines. but still, it's frenchie. the other girls may be from vh1 shows, too.

grr... stupid vh1 not doing background checks. ruining everything... poor jasmine had a phone line ad as well...

stay away from canadians, frenchie!

guess who is in vogue...

so, emilie de ravin and rpattz are in vogue promoting their movie. but their interview is only half a page. so, tortured-by-fame rpattz only managed to mention show ponies, crawling under the table, and the fact twitter lets his fans track him like prey. bwahaha well, he may have a point by twitter.

I don't really understand the kind of fan that tries to chase down someone. i've seen famous people before, so it's not like I have no idea. you can restrain yourself, seriously.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

more nick... the troop

how did I forget about the troop? well, possibly because i've only seen it a few times.

the troop is a band of teens fighting monsters. after a certain age, one becomes too old for monster fighting (adults are easily frightened). but, they do have an adult advisor (he stays safely at hq).

in between monster-fighting duties, the member attend high school. well, they talk about attending school.

this show is meant to be funny, I think. it's corny, but sometimes fun to see their low budget scifi gear. if you're into that sort of thing.

i'm not watching these shows as much as I did before I upgraded my satellite package. apparently, they have a lot of online activities. tonight's monster was designed by viewers. it's a shapeshifter with default form baby.

Friday, February 19, 2010

did uber-douche mayer plan the playboy interview?

I have learned that john mayer has publically used racial slurs including THE WORD before. mostly during his so-called comedy routine.

he barges on stage at places like the slipper in nyc (i know nothing about this place) and inflicts it on the audience. his "jokes" are things that are unfunny and ... well, they've been discussed in the past online.

he's gotten a pass because he says so much stupid stuff and is such a freaking douchebag. but, it looks as though ajaye guessed right and mayer IS a total bastard.

perhaps his tears are partly because many black people on the internet are annoyed they have to briefly pay attention to him. at this point, he's going to be doing well to have a "pass" to his own neighborhood.

also, the gays say they are waiting for their apology.

with both offensive words, he upped the ante by adding another element. such as david duke + the word. and "as if I hate" with "f--".

looks like he wanted attention pretty badly. what a weirdo.

a lot of people also feel he should apologize to some of the women he mentioned, particularly jessica simpson.

john should take a page out of tiger woods' book and spend the next 80 days not bothering the general public.

disney forces the jonas brothers to toss around football

or they reneact a scene from "but i'm a cheerleader" (a movie about gays kids at hetro-camp). lol

omg. mr. mouse must be REALLY annoyed with them.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

hey, wait, i have a new complaint

grr... kurt cobain biopic (known around "town" as "all apologies") has a new director. it's gonna be "true to life" about how kurt killed himself, ya'll.

yeah, fucking explain to me how you can write a note, tidy up your shooting kit, and shoot yourself with a shotgun after you're dead. THEN you comb your hair except you're still holding the gun... oh hell.

maybe they'll get crissy crocker to play kurt and the snakemonster to play courtney. courtney would firebomb the set every other day.

crissy crocker is the "leave britney aloooooone" guy. i'm pretty sure he has no idea who kurt is and no desire to wear a wardrobe heavily made up of levis, converse, and thrift store flannel. oh snap, no this is just two days. so, ONE OUTFIT. hehe.

the snakemonster would just be disappointed in courtney didn't have a naked orgy scene at her "hotel detox".

yeah, that's really what that bitch was doing. detoxing at a hotel. turns out that's pretty common. but it sheds light on why kurt was all sorts of "why do I have to go to rehab?" cuz no one else had to go.

since kurt's whole public personna changed OVERNIGHT when he died and has only been further twisted by stupid people and attention whores (mostly the skank), maybe my casting choice will finally wake people up a little to the bullshit they've been fed.

the seattle police does not employ sherlock holmes. but, even if they did, he wouldn't have been sent on this case because it was never investigated. they went in wanting to see a suicide and they saw one.

they didn't even test a partly drunk can of root beer in the room with kurt. courtney's own father claims was drugged. he says kurt actually died in the living room and then he was taken to where he was found. this makes sense when you notice some things about how kurt was found.

I read some dumb bitch saying they refuse to believe they live in a country where courtney could get away with murder. geeze louise, they didn't call in the fbi. that's not how this shit works.

despite her strange behavior, the skank isn't a moron. and, as her first husband says, she had a lot of $$$$$. that goes a long, long way with a corrupt cop or two.

also, stuff happens whether you "believe" in it or not. read up on human experimentation. start with craft vs. vanderbilt. vanderbilt is a hospital. craft was a pregnant woman. and she wasn't the only one. granted, people way smarter and better connected than skank were involved, but it shows how much people will look the other way. and once they lie, they are motivated to keep on lying.

yeah... I know that's a weird place to wind up. I just really hate the "I refuse to believe" argument. too many people are trenched in at that point. they spend a lot of time watching fox news and yelling at the rest of us.

people disguise murders as suicides every single day. all across the u.s. and other places, too.

people lie. people we expect to protect us betray us. you have to look at what's actually happening and not what you wish happened. and realize all of these shows about forensic science... even the ones based on real cases... aren't always how things are done.

especially when you have a case from 1994 where most of the evidence was destroyed within days of the event. which is suspicious all by itself.

but, the movie will surely come up with some plausible lies to explain things like kurt's volvo having four flat tires. and two kinds of handwriting on the "suicide note". grr!

perpetuating the lie of what happened to kurt affects things other than how people view him. so, to me, that's another reason why solidifying that stupid story and making a movie about it is a bad idea.

angie jo's freaky neck

today, the internets are abuzz due to a couple of photos that show a broadly smiling angelina jolie has some odd muscles or something protruding from her jaw to her neck (where it meets, in front of the ear).

um, this has been noticed before? it's more noticeable in these recent pictures, but in one she was turning her head. so, duh, it's her muscles.

I can't be the only one who has noticed angelina sometimes tightens up some muscles in/around her jaw for some of her facial expressions (at least in movies, see tomb raider box art).

the skin is thinnish there anyway especially since angelina is super skinny. and someone said makeup artists put tape in that area sometimes for movies/photo sessions and that'd accentuate the area after the tape was removed.

it looks a little weird, but she has some other oddnesses (not that she's the only one, lol). whatever they are, half the world's constantly drooling over, they must be o.k.

then there's the fact that real life doesn't look like photographs! hello! probably if you were sitting by angelina irl, this would barely attract your attention. and it'd be obvious what it is.

if you use photoshop a lot, you know photographs are freaky things. you'll see a lot of things that look freaky weird... even in pictures that were just taken (and you saw them BEING taken).

that's part of what you can use photoshop for... to make the photo look more like what you just saw irl.

um, obviously, I didn't ever photoshop angelina. but, I have photoshopped people of all ages and good looking to not so good looking. everyone wants to look good in their pictures.

what is odd is to have to photoshop yourself. haha!

oh, and there are pictures of angelina's neck muscles from rival photo agencies and everyone says "they haven't been photoshopped!" REALLY?

bullshit. for print EVERY PHOTO GOES THROUGH PHOTOSHOP! you may not take out your toolbox and start with the alterations, but you do sizing and all of that (rgb to cmyk, etc.).

as you manipulate a photograph digitally (whether you purposely try to make it look different or not), things happen to it. in fact, that's something you specifically watch for to make sure the colors still look normal, etc.

the internet allows you to post pictures directly. but, jpgs are your next to shittest way to save a photograph. this means it throws some stuff out of the data.
so, if the lighting is exaggerating an area, this is goes to make it more extreme. there have been several people (michaelk, for example) noting there are fewer pixels in the odd-looking area. this is a symptom of that.

so, maybe angelina needs someone to find her missing pixels. hehe :)

I miss photoshop. sometimes it's fun.


seth aaron (of all people) just made the cutest jacket. back in the day, shampoo would've already figured out how to get one!

well, that does give me pause. would I wear it now? hmmm....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

tanisha's first "pop off"

the fit club celebrities (yeah... just go with it) all had to bring something to "leave behind." several people bring their fat clothes.

bobby brown bought some pants he got while high. boy, he's going to be kicking himself. pants like those bobby burned are very in this spring. who would've thought?

tanisha, from the bad girl's club, had a chain. a broken chain that she was wearing when she got arrested.

the REASON she got arrested is really sad... she let some friend stay with her. this friend took up with tanisha's fiance and got pregnant by him.

neither of them thought about telling tanisha... she caught them together. her reaction led to the the police being called.
later, when she realized she was wearing the chain, she tore it off her neck. this is what got her on tbgc! damn.
she told her story and ran off screaming "I didn't know!" it was so sad.

nicole, caycee, sebastian, and the therapist chased her down. sebastian says, "it's not your fault, dude, you didn't know!" well, it made her feel better.

kfed opined that you just never knew what kind of story people had... he wasn't just talking about tanisha. so, I guess that's something to learn.

everyone lost weight this week. bobby only lost one pound, but everyone else lost at least three.
bobby seems to be having trouble with the idea that drinkie-poos have calories (and he's not going to alone in that).

they also got to play with "swords" and pretend to be samurai. yay!

Monday, February 15, 2010

mr. whiney and old frying pan face

that would be john mayer and robert pattinson, respectively. they need to start dating each other immediately because I have read two douchey interviews this week.

I mentioned something about rpattz in my previous post. I had forgotten all about him saying elephants purr and it sounds like a velicoraptor.

yes, he knows what a fucking dinosaur sounds like. that's the kind of brains you can have when you stay away from ICKY GIRLS!

all I can say is the many "twihard" guys (this surely includes many, many gays) PLEASE HIT ON HIM so he will stop dropping these anvil-like hints. apparently the only "twihards" bold enough to hit on him are ICKY GIRLS (and their moms).

he cannot BE around those THINGS WE HAVE. (perish the thought!) so, put on your glitter and go for it twibois (or whatever gay male twilight fans of legal age call themselves)!

now, I don't blame him for maybe feeling uncomfortable at the photoshoot. but, the part of the interview my phone allowed me to read was clearly done at a different time. actually, there was more than one meeting for this tiresome thing.

meanwhile, john mayer decided to show us how racially aware he is by using THE WORD. he's been bawling and squalling ever since. he sowwy. he didn't mean it like that (uh, I read the whole interview... I don't know how else he meant it despite what he babbles).

he acts like he just got the memo that a lot of people don't like THE WORD and do not wish to read it, see it, hear it, or listen to you sniffling it. yeah, that's news.

john, you fucking moron, no one has EVER liked THE WORD. even back in slave days it was a bad word to say. so, you said a word some people who OWNED SLAVES wouldn't say... geez dude, pull your head out of your ass and look around once in a while.

he also invoked the name of david duke. now, I haven't heard about david duke is a good while. I really had forgotten all about him... apparently john mayer hasn't. and david duke is the reason black women are safe from john mayer's stds ... or something like that.

but, back to the word... that was tossed out when they asked him about his "hood pass" (formerly? known as a ghetto pass). o.k., a "hood" and a "ghetto" aren't the same, so??? and he says what people really mean is a "n--- pass". er, no they don't.

hood and ghetto are both PLACES. places and people aren't the same even if people do live in places and places often have people living in them.

but let's just overlook that for a second and wonder why playboy would ask john mayer about his "hood pass". before this interview, did a lot of black people like john mayer?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

oh snapple!

dr. dre is suing suge knight! omg! well, hopefully dr. dre is at an undisclosed location and letting his lawyers do the dirty work. I don't know or care why. rich people moving money around is all's I know.

but remember when vanilla ica shrilled that suge knight have dangled him off a balcony? later he retracted that. probably because dangling people off balconies was a direct violation of suge's probation. hehe, but still... funny story.

which brings me to my most favorite funny story ever which is tommy hilfigger beating down that bitch axl rose. in public, so there were no takebacksees. ah yes, fashion designers are FIERCE!

further proving this was jay mccarroll beating all the boys which includes sebastian bach, kfed, and bobby brown(*) at the tower on harvey's obstacle course. (*) bobby is afraid of heights. he tried, the other two didn't really. o.k. s.b. is the main one I don't like because hair metal sucks. always and forever, it must be beaten back. remember the darkness scare of a few years ago?

speaking of things that suck, rpattz has opined to details magazine. first, he has to pose with ICKY GIRLS (not really, just naked). he said he was "allergic to vagina" several times.
then he talked a lot about his (unnatural) love of animals. he told a very long story about a lovely elephant lady who loved him once. she was a single mother.

finally, by the writer's description, dude is on drugs. or he needs to see a doctor, stat.

on the brightside, i'm sure he had NO PROBLEM with the glittery scenes. haha (still haven't see either twilight movie).

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

jay mccarroll is on celebrity fit club!

yay! jay is back on tv! I love him. he is doing pretty good, too. so, that's great. he's (starting off) around the size he always was. he has the lowest initial body fat of any of the guys at 25 percent.

people who watched "project runway" s1 know jay's dad was in a whelchair due to having amputations related to his diabetes. jay's dad has passed away since that time. jay says he knows this runs in his family and he doesn't want to go through the same thing.

he did really well during fit camp (or so far), so harvey made him captain of the red team.

other red team members are shar jackson and nicole eggert. neither of these ladies are hugely fat, but they need to lose some. bobby brown is back on vh1 again and he's the red team's final member.

the blue team is the fatter team. it has kaycee from high school musical. she seems really sweet. tanisha, the "pop off" girl from bad girls club (she has the highest body starting fat there at 47 percent). the blue team also has sebastian bach as their skinniest member... not that he's skinny. finally, they have shar's ex. mr. britney spears, kevin federline.

kfed says he looks "like a pregnant man" and was named the "dead weight of the blue team by harvey.

the blue team (even tanisha) all voted for themselves on the obstacle course as the worst person. although, tanisha did try much harder than some others. especially since she was put opposite nicole who had the best time of anyone.

sweet little kaycee (kayshi?) was named captain of the blue team. she has her work cut out for her although, kfed showed up with a lot more commitment the next day.

so, it looks interesting. I hope this helps shar put the kfed-related drama behind her (to the public and for herself). she seems like a sweet person.

more teen nick...

true jackson, v.p.--the totally realistic story (kidding) of a 15-year-old fashion designer. she is not only hired by the eccentric owner (and main designer) of "mad style", he makes her a vice president.

he also lets her hire her ditzy bff lulu are her personal assistant. then their other friend (goofy) ryan just hangs around true's spacious office all day.

supposedly, these kids still attend school while true copes with the other wacky people around the office. there's frosty fellow v.p. amanda and her parade of assistant. there's the receptionist (office manager?) oscar who takes care of everyone. then there's jimmy, the dreamy guy from the mailroom, true's crush object.

again, this show has enough adults on it to provide some variety. you'll recgonize some of them. also, lulu is a somewhat whimisical character making her a little different from the typical goofy bff.

big time rush--this is the most like a disney show. it's the story of four former "hockey players" from minnesota who form a boy band.
they're having their career/image molded by a famous producer. he's pretty funny.

otherwise, this show is sort of boring. and the mercenary little sister is tiresome.

dr. drew, wth?

so, dr. drew decides to have a chat with heidi about how tom's derailing her recovery. oh, i'm sorry, IF tom's derailing her recovery (eyeroll).

so, heidi tries to say that seeing tom was... well, not so good... but, that's her past, he beat her up and she cannot go back to that. so, unaware that TOM SIZEMORE IS THE BIGGEST STAR EVAH, i'm figuring heidi's given the right answer.

even if to hadn't beaten heidi in the past, currently he is showing no real progress on beating this meth addiction. he is someone heidi has done drugs with in the past, so if they spent much time together, they'd probably fall into all of their old habits and then some.

the odd thing is, dr. drew seems to be encouraging heidi to be nostalgic for her relationship (i think he said love and friendship) with tom. he also seems to want to steer this conversation that's supposed to be about her into it being all about poor old (biggest star ever) tom. I don't get it...

sure, heidi needs to befriend someone other than her parrots. but, there are many people in the world other than tom sizemore. heck, there are better choices among the rehabbers... so, why tom?

meanwhile, tom works on more of jeff conaway's old (annoying) material. even to having his girlfriend arrive and tom suddenly declare they were leaving. since tom is a better actor than jeff, he caught dr. drew totally by surprise.

meanwhile, i'm wondering about tom and monroe. dr. drew talking about thwarting her "mission" when she came by at midnight to "visit" tom (they asked for a pee test, she refused). er... why would anyone be getting midnight visitors? aren't they supposed to be asleep then? posted visitor's hours?

I dunno... it was a weird episode.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

are you too old for teen nick?

over the past months, i've discovered teen nick has sitcoms and they are way better than disney's. but, some people may be concerned they are too old. shampoo will reveal her great knowledge.

icarley--named after an internet show carley does with her friends sam(antha) and freddy. typical sitcom stuff + typical internet comedy stuff (that's suitable for younger folks) = icarley. if you find any of that funny, you'll find icarley funny.

ned's declassified--named for a tip guide to surviving middle school being compiled by ned, cookie (boy), and mose (girl). they attend james k. polk middle school (in case some kid reads this: he was potus) which is staffed by refugees from 80s-90s sitcoms. it features 15-minute storylines which is a pretty good idea.

although this show is mostly silly, there are some things that accurately reflect middle school. one nerdy girl with chronic nasal congestion goes to an allergist and gets a makeover. so, cookie has the surprise of the girl who always liked him suddenly being sought after by plenty of other guys (who probably thinks she's new). she still likes him, she's just got a lot less time.

then, there's degrassi which is not a comedy. but, that doesn't mean you can't watch it like one. OH DA DRAMA!! it's from canada and I have one thing to say about that: these kids are fucking whiners who would've been beaten senseless by the fucking facility (let alone the students) of any u.s. school ever. if I hear one more whiner getting to make up YET ANOTHER grade I am going to blog some more about it, I swear. also, please degrassi actors all drunks try to act straight not drunker. duh. why not just go show the vodka to your teacher? geez. (i'm not going to front: shampoo never drank in school. shampoo was a good little girl... boring, but I didn't have to make up every fucking grade! not that anyone would've let me, duh.)

miley's auction for haiti

I give her a lot of grief, but this seems to be a good idea on the part of miley cyrus (or whoever, miley's the one promoting it). she and some other celebrities are going to auction some things off and give the proceeds to diaster relief in haiti.

i'm not sure exactly what they're auctioning, but surely some celebrity-owned items will be on the list for people who are into that.

who knows, maybe miley will auction off some of her clothes even... so next time you're at the mall, keep your eyes peeled for a girl shopping in one of miley's castoff dresses.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

kari anne, cigarette conneseuir

I didn't see much of celebrity rehab, but I did see the final act (i'm sure this was a whole episode "storyline") of the great cigarette tantrum of 2009/2010.

mackenzie took offense on behalf of the staff that kari anne called them "idiots" for not being able to get her favorite brand in the regular length, hard pack. which they did eventually do and she did refuse to believe it until forced to look at them. goofball.

having worked smoker's checkout, I can say all of us non-smokers are lacking some savvy when it comes to smokers' exacting standards. because we have the idea that one over-priced cancer stick is as good as another.

and then there's kari anne's personality... yep, she's a charmer. i'm surprised someone didn't drive a pack in from north carolina for that sweet girl. (I didn't see what brand she likes so i'm playing the odds.)

but, all this is a distraction to what i'm really wondering.. HOW THE FUCK did this dead average, prematurely dried up junior harpy become miss teen usa? come on, that's not even slightly believable.

hilariously, dennis rodman was indicating non-verbally (more of his hand motions) that he'd heard enough nonsense. if this is how kari anne is doing with zen dennis (haha), she's going to be annoying.

perhaps realizing kari's camerawhore ways were going to cut into his starring role, tom sizemore drama'd off. I bet anything, he found out his lady friend wasn't going to be sharing a room with him.

no tom, your roomie's name is on the plaque by the door. well, unless tom makes good on his threat to jeff conaway on out of there.

oh, biggie

fuse has decided to play a few videos (i know!) from the notorious B.I.G.
one video has smoothing through the club advice. approach the target, see if she's got a date already, engage in humorous banter, then ask her "what numbers to dial." it appeared to work really well because he brought home so many women he had to have diddy entertain the spare ladies in a hot tub.

in another video, biggie assures us that he's doing quite well financially. this is demonstrated by the large number of friends he has alternately lounging, dancing, or playing video games. and the maid serving champagne and the accountant making sure biggie wasn't too inconvenienced by, say, a bill from direct tv where he was over charged.

biggie mentions he has not forgotten his humble beginnings, as depicted as him approaching his mama's smallish refrigerator. my goodness, you know she was glad when he started paying the food bill.

finaly, biggie and diddy along with an assortment of ladies go off to search for mermaids. fortunately, they decide to use a speedboat because they do get chased by helicopters.
back on land, they're strolling toward diddy's convertible when they see the same killjoys are after them again. this time on motorcycles and in hummers (i guess the helicopters were getting refueled).

fortunately, diddy graduated from driving backwards school and they get away. I guess diddy had places to be because he leaves (the car, I know!). so, biggie proves his driving backward skill is legendary as he does so one handed. from the passenger seat.

fortunately, biggie arrives at his fabulous mermaid party. yes, having gone through the best of the land women, biggie has a luxury aquarium filled with beautiful mermaids. all of biggie's locations have a dance floor where he and diddy and the ladies (well, mostly the ladies) do some dancing in a big golden dome.

i'll keep an eye out for more educational videos!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

mackenzie takes back the word "consensual"

mackenzie phillips says other survivors of incest have explained to her that there's no way she should be saying "consenual." so, she admits she never really liked that word, but...

so, we'll see what she does next...

simon cowell is dead to me

oh, HELL NO! simon cowell got wind that quincy jones was going to do a 25th anniversary edition of "we are the world". o.k., whatever.

quincy jones and lionel richie (and michael jackson chimed in with "we are the children" and possibly a "shamoan" or two) wrote the thing, so again. whatever.

but simon has proven his evilness by using for "his" "charity" single a real song. a song that wasn't stupid... he's using "everybody hurts" by r.e.m.

only, he's lined up some singers... honestly, I stopped reading after the second name because that name is MILEY CYRUS. oh, hell no, she can't sing even a little at all. wtf? this is sick and wrong. the first name was susan boyle. hello, michael stipe sings perfectly well.

I assume this is for haiti which, if so, is kind of mean. "everybody hurts"? I didn't just have a building fall on me, so i'd say my pain level is something i don't want to complain to people in haiti about.

also... we don't really need "awareness" about haiti. they straight up need help. so, why not stop with all the nonsense and just send the fucking money straight to them NOW? yes, there's less showing off. but, if assholes could refrain from skimming money from charities more money could be sent faster.

and isn't helping people what charity is about?

however, simon cowell is still dead to me. there was no need to expose the public to miley cyrus trying to cover people who can actually sing.

heidi fleiss, quietly detoxing

I have to admit, heidi has become one of my favorite celebrity rehabbers. I don't know if she's got a chance of getting sober, but I hope so.

now, I think if you just have stupid emo drama going on... heidi's just going to laugh. but then again, she might make you laugh as well. but, if you have dire life or death stuff going on, she's not afraid to help you out.

when mindy had her seizure, heidi ran into the room when everyone else was running out. if will hadn't trotted in, I think she was prepared to try to help mindy.

then there are the parrots... now, unlike a lot of people at c.r., I think heidi is a parrot person. I don't know that anyone wants to suddenly get as many as she did, but the ideal situation wouldn't be to get rid of them (she likes them, i'm not a parrot person so I wouldn't... but she does). it would be for someone to help her with them. if she gets off drugs, maybe she will make a few friends that can help her out.

then, there was the sweet way she helped tom out... which he really appreciated. probably tom loves heidi, but tom has a long way to go before he could be serious with anyone. let alone heidi given their history.

so, I wonder... wtf happened to put heidi into the positions she's been in? I don't think we're ever going to hear her story except a sentence here or there. like when she was talking about the women who "trained" her.

unlike most everyone there, heidi doesn't have to have all the attention. when it's her turn, she's not shy. but, she doesn't have the need to be SEEN (always!) that some others do.

good luck, heidi. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what really happened to mackenzie?

I just watched the car smashing episode of "celebrity rehab". they've been mispromoting it as usual to make it look as if joey (from the real world, I haven't watched that it years so I don't really know him... but dennis rodman did) just started smashing up someone's car. it's at a junkyard.
they got their choice of smashing implements, then there were the best looking two cars at the junkyard (supposedly, these cars looked pretty good to me... is there such thing as a rich people's junkyard?), a couple of monitors, and a couple of tvs (these last items looked legitimately old, as 70-80s tvs). plus various smashing implements from sledge hammers to dishes.

so, some doctor outlines the exercise which is basically smash the hell out of stuff, yelling if possible about whatever you're mad about. mackenzie practically leapt out of her seat to go first.

at this point, mackenzie is bound by her publisher not to say anything about the revelations that are in her (then unreleased) book. so, pre-smashing she manages to politely say she's angry at "a family member who passed away" because she was "exposed to adult experiences" as a child.

then she gives the well-known example of being injected with cocaine as a teen by her dad. this caused cocaine addict joey to visibly flinch. so, I guess it's new info to some people or maybe it's just different sitting a few feet from her when she says it.

so, mackenzie starts off her smashing by yelling about "bastards who hurt children" then later smashes a tv. the doctor asks, "who is it?" mackenzie pauses to say, "my dad" before yelling at "why couldn't you say you were sorry?" oh, mackenzie.

in the course of all of this mackenzie says something that is almost word for word what cisco wheeler said in a (rare) interview with a radio station in canada. it gave me chills... because cisco wheeler is... wow, where to start?

cisco coauthored two books with fritz springmeier. he is a conspiracy writer (who does really excellent research and is a good writer) about her experiences with things most people don't know about. these books were self published and are now freely available online.

cisco was born in 1946. she is a descendent of ulysess s. grant and her grandfather was a general as well. her father was a pentcostal minister, but he did not believe anything he preached. this position he deliberately attained as part of a plan. his family had the wealth and connections to have made something else available to him had that been in their best interest. also, he did another job involving behavior modification. his life had been planned, so was cisco's.

from birth, she and her father lived in a room within their house. despite being born prematurely, she had little contact with her mother. her father cared for her and spent all of his time with her (remember, he did not really need money).

one of her first traumas was to be separated from her father, but that wasn't THE trauma. THE trauma was that he raped her. she was severely injured physically, but that isn't as bad as what happened to her mind. again, this was by design.

cisco lived the next 40 years in a mix of trauma, torture and odd gentleness. she had little contact with people outside her family and possibly no contact with people not approved by them. she did not even know how to go to the grocery store.

she woke up in the morning and was told what to do. when she was done, she went back to bed. she was past the age of 40 before she realized her true age. she believed she was 17. she believed this so strongly, she saw her 17 y.o. self in the mirror. some of this was probably due to the fact she was learning to do her father's job (not the pentcostal one).

then, her father died. this is when cisco realized something was very, very wrong. she wanted to die, too. not from normal grief, but because it had been heavily ingrained within her since he wasn't just her father. he was her master.

cisco's family practiced rituals and abuse was part of it. some of the abuse was to compel silence. even though cisco have written about what they did to HER, I don't know if she's really told all their secrets. she wrote because she wasn't the only victim and she wanted to help others.

the torture she endured is known as sra (satanic* ritual abuse). *it doesn't have to be satanic... most practitioners wouldn't use this term. it's specific and planned and fucks people up a lot. some of the abusers believe they are "helping" the people they abuse by "training" them. this predates mkultra by a lot.

but one person who was involved in both was dr. green. there are at least three doctor greens (that cisco knows of, her info only goes to about 1980). but she met THE dr. green and he played the daisy game with her.

so, I am really hoping it's just a coincidence what mackenzie said. if it's not, she needs to have someone look at cisco's books for her because they have advice for recovery (it's not something victims of this specific thing should read themselves) from SPECIFICALLY that sort of thing.

also, until she had done significant recovery cisco felt sorry for children who hadn't been raped by their fathers. she was convinced that he did it because he loved her. she even cried (something she rarely did) for the poor, unloved children. so, before this, she would have said her incestous relationship with her father was "consensual." fortunately, cisco is now able to see how wrong this is... it's really so sad. but, her father wouldn't have apologized either because he had the same fucked up thinking as she did.

another thing that worries me about mackenzie is she really broke down after her father died. I am not sure if it was as bad as what cisco went through... hopefully not.

now, I KNOW what it is to lose a parent, but it doesn't make you want to literally climb into the coffin with them. it really doesn't if you have a normal relationship. it's very sad, but it's not like that.