Thursday, February 18, 2010

angie jo's freaky neck

today, the internets are abuzz due to a couple of photos that show a broadly smiling angelina jolie has some odd muscles or something protruding from her jaw to her neck (where it meets, in front of the ear).

um, this has been noticed before? it's more noticeable in these recent pictures, but in one she was turning her head. so, duh, it's her muscles.

I can't be the only one who has noticed angelina sometimes tightens up some muscles in/around her jaw for some of her facial expressions (at least in movies, see tomb raider box art).

the skin is thinnish there anyway especially since angelina is super skinny. and someone said makeup artists put tape in that area sometimes for movies/photo sessions and that'd accentuate the area after the tape was removed.

it looks a little weird, but she has some other oddnesses (not that she's the only one, lol). whatever they are, half the world's constantly drooling over, they must be o.k.

then there's the fact that real life doesn't look like photographs! hello! probably if you were sitting by angelina irl, this would barely attract your attention. and it'd be obvious what it is.

if you use photoshop a lot, you know photographs are freaky things. you'll see a lot of things that look freaky weird... even in pictures that were just taken (and you saw them BEING taken).

that's part of what you can use photoshop for... to make the photo look more like what you just saw irl.

um, obviously, I didn't ever photoshop angelina. but, I have photoshopped people of all ages and good looking to not so good looking. everyone wants to look good in their pictures.

what is odd is to have to photoshop yourself. haha!

oh, and there are pictures of angelina's neck muscles from rival photo agencies and everyone says "they haven't been photoshopped!" REALLY?

bullshit. for print EVERY PHOTO GOES THROUGH PHOTOSHOP! you may not take out your toolbox and start with the alterations, but you do sizing and all of that (rgb to cmyk, etc.).

as you manipulate a photograph digitally (whether you purposely try to make it look different or not), things happen to it. in fact, that's something you specifically watch for to make sure the colors still look normal, etc.

the internet allows you to post pictures directly. but, jpgs are your next to shittest way to save a photograph. this means it throws some stuff out of the data.
so, if the lighting is exaggerating an area, this is goes to make it more extreme. there have been several people (michaelk, for example) noting there are fewer pixels in the odd-looking area. this is a symptom of that.

so, maybe angelina needs someone to find her missing pixels. hehe :)

I miss photoshop. sometimes it's fun.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

i know, i know-- i'm strange. angelina jolie just isn't that good looking to me. waaay too masculine.

shampoo said...

i don't know... she looks different ways sometimes...

i just read she calls shiloh "john" i hope that is not true.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

it's still better than 'blanket.'

shampoo said...

haha... good point...

also it's possible shiloh is playing pretend and angelina is playing along (if this is really happening).