Sunday, February 7, 2010

are you too old for teen nick?

over the past months, i've discovered teen nick has sitcoms and they are way better than disney's. but, some people may be concerned they are too old. shampoo will reveal her great knowledge.

icarley--named after an internet show carley does with her friends sam(antha) and freddy. typical sitcom stuff + typical internet comedy stuff (that's suitable for younger folks) = icarley. if you find any of that funny, you'll find icarley funny.

ned's declassified--named for a tip guide to surviving middle school being compiled by ned, cookie (boy), and mose (girl). they attend james k. polk middle school (in case some kid reads this: he was potus) which is staffed by refugees from 80s-90s sitcoms. it features 15-minute storylines which is a pretty good idea.

although this show is mostly silly, there are some things that accurately reflect middle school. one nerdy girl with chronic nasal congestion goes to an allergist and gets a makeover. so, cookie has the surprise of the girl who always liked him suddenly being sought after by plenty of other guys (who probably thinks she's new). she still likes him, she's just got a lot less time.

then, there's degrassi which is not a comedy. but, that doesn't mean you can't watch it like one. OH DA DRAMA!! it's from canada and I have one thing to say about that: these kids are fucking whiners who would've been beaten senseless by the fucking facility (let alone the students) of any u.s. school ever. if I hear one more whiner getting to make up YET ANOTHER grade I am going to blog some more about it, I swear. also, please degrassi actors all drunks try to act straight not drunker. duh. why not just go show the vodka to your teacher? geez. (i'm not going to front: shampoo never drank in school. shampoo was a good little girl... boring, but I didn't have to make up every fucking grade! not that anyone would've let me, duh.)


Ricky Sprague said...

I am afraid to watch teen nick shows, because I am an adult, and I will feel skeevy if I watch them.

shampoo said...

ricky sprague, hmmm... I hadn't thought of that.

degrassi (older kids) is the only one that has "sexy" (someone's idea) storylines, but they're sooo stupid. some of the "teens" looks pretty old, but others seem truly young.

the other two are silly comedies made by nick. they don't include weird subtext like disney. ned's has a lot of "teachers"... and is probably the funniest show on nick.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

i never liked sitcoms myself. but syfy and chiller both have great dramas on at the moment: stargate universe and apparitions.

shampoo said...

i can't see thriller on my teevee.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

that's a shame. chiller is a very cool channel.
still, sy fy has a lot of cool shows- eureka, warehouse 13, sancuary, stargate universe, ghost hunters, destination truth, caprica- all are excellent. that channel just keeps getting better.