Thursday, February 18, 2010

hey, wait, i have a new complaint

grr... kurt cobain biopic (known around "town" as "all apologies") has a new director. it's gonna be "true to life" about how kurt killed himself, ya'll.

yeah, fucking explain to me how you can write a note, tidy up your shooting kit, and shoot yourself with a shotgun after you're dead. THEN you comb your hair except you're still holding the gun... oh hell.

maybe they'll get crissy crocker to play kurt and the snakemonster to play courtney. courtney would firebomb the set every other day.

crissy crocker is the "leave britney aloooooone" guy. i'm pretty sure he has no idea who kurt is and no desire to wear a wardrobe heavily made up of levis, converse, and thrift store flannel. oh snap, no this is just two days. so, ONE OUTFIT. hehe.

the snakemonster would just be disappointed in courtney didn't have a naked orgy scene at her "hotel detox".

yeah, that's really what that bitch was doing. detoxing at a hotel. turns out that's pretty common. but it sheds light on why kurt was all sorts of "why do I have to go to rehab?" cuz no one else had to go.

since kurt's whole public personna changed OVERNIGHT when he died and has only been further twisted by stupid people and attention whores (mostly the skank), maybe my casting choice will finally wake people up a little to the bullshit they've been fed.

the seattle police does not employ sherlock holmes. but, even if they did, he wouldn't have been sent on this case because it was never investigated. they went in wanting to see a suicide and they saw one.

they didn't even test a partly drunk can of root beer in the room with kurt. courtney's own father claims was drugged. he says kurt actually died in the living room and then he was taken to where he was found. this makes sense when you notice some things about how kurt was found.

I read some dumb bitch saying they refuse to believe they live in a country where courtney could get away with murder. geeze louise, they didn't call in the fbi. that's not how this shit works.

despite her strange behavior, the skank isn't a moron. and, as her first husband says, she had a lot of $$$$$. that goes a long, long way with a corrupt cop or two.

also, stuff happens whether you "believe" in it or not. read up on human experimentation. start with craft vs. vanderbilt. vanderbilt is a hospital. craft was a pregnant woman. and she wasn't the only one. granted, people way smarter and better connected than skank were involved, but it shows how much people will look the other way. and once they lie, they are motivated to keep on lying.

yeah... I know that's a weird place to wind up. I just really hate the "I refuse to believe" argument. too many people are trenched in at that point. they spend a lot of time watching fox news and yelling at the rest of us.

people disguise murders as suicides every single day. all across the u.s. and other places, too.

people lie. people we expect to protect us betray us. you have to look at what's actually happening and not what you wish happened. and realize all of these shows about forensic science... even the ones based on real cases... aren't always how things are done.

especially when you have a case from 1994 where most of the evidence was destroyed within days of the event. which is suspicious all by itself.

but, the movie will surely come up with some plausible lies to explain things like kurt's volvo having four flat tires. and two kinds of handwriting on the "suicide note". grr!

perpetuating the lie of what happened to kurt affects things other than how people view him. so, to me, that's another reason why solidifying that stupid story and making a movie about it is a bad idea.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

kurt cobain was murdered.

shampoo said...

it's so sad.

if anyone thinks shampoo is just randomly spouting stuff...

Allen the Duck Guy said...

any one who thinks he commited suicide needs to investigate the case with an open mind. kurt cobain was murdered.

i used to believe that he commited suicide too. i believed it for about 6 years. i was mad too that he had. i felt betrayed that such a talented guy killed himself because he was 'tortured by fame.'

then i started to read. turns out, only courtney love says he was tortured by fame (dave and krist say otherwise), she tried to hire someone to murder him, he was obviously cleaned up after he 'shot' himself, he had enough heroin in him to kill an elephant (not an exaggeration), etc...

sure, the evidence is all circumstancial, but that is all we have left-- most of the factual evidence (including his body before a thorough autopsy) was lost or mishandled (no lie).

at the very very very very least, the case needs to be reopened.

shampoo said...

yeah... unless someone confesses (and they will not). i don't think it's ever going to be looked at. the police are too motivated to prove they were right in the first place.