Tuesday, February 9, 2010

more teen nick...

true jackson, v.p.--the totally realistic story (kidding) of a 15-year-old fashion designer. she is not only hired by the eccentric owner (and main designer) of "mad style", he makes her a vice president.

he also lets her hire her ditzy bff lulu are her personal assistant. then their other friend (goofy) ryan just hangs around true's spacious office all day.

supposedly, these kids still attend school while true copes with the other wacky people around the office. there's frosty fellow v.p. amanda and her parade of assistant. there's the receptionist (office manager?) oscar who takes care of everyone. then there's jimmy, the dreamy guy from the mailroom, true's crush object.

again, this show has enough adults on it to provide some variety. you'll recgonize some of them. also, lulu is a somewhat whimisical character making her a little different from the typical goofy bff.

big time rush--this is the most like a disney show. it's the story of four former "hockey players" from minnesota who form a boy band.
they're having their career/image molded by a famous producer. he's pretty funny.

otherwise, this show is sort of boring. and the mercenary little sister is tiresome.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

well, i have more recommendations too: syfy's eureka is awesome. on comedy central, important things with demetri martin is pretty good. daily show and colbert report are awesome. krod mandoon was awesome beyond human understanding, and the funniest show that has been on in years, but i don't theink they renewed it. we have sarah fucking silverman, but not krod mandoon. damn you comdey central!!!

well, not really. it's my favorite channel. but, gawd, sarah silverman S-U-C-K-S!!!

shampoo said...

yeah, she is not funny at all.