Sunday, February 21, 2010

little wayne's EIGHT root canals

little wayne a.k.a. lil wayne recently held up a stint in jail because he had to go to the dentist. I don't know why I didn't really think anything of that because, duh, I know that's not how things work.

well, by now everyone knows every tooth he owns had to be completely revamped in ways I don't even want to know about. if there was such a thing as a dental hospital (maybe there is?) he'd be in it.

there is a video that has little wayne and about a dozen other guys, plus two girls, plus numerous friends, plus excessive numbers of video ladies. little wayne is first seen crawling out of a bed overladen with women. you know every time he opened his mouth those girls were giving each other the side eye because they thought someone farted.

he wears a sparkly grill most of the time. i've heard that those things rot your teeth and if this doesn't prove it... I mean, even if he hasn't been to the dentist in ten years what he had to get done was excessive.

then there's the fact little wayne must have the meanest party buddies. when he passed out, they bypassed the sharpies and went straight to tattoo needles. well, that's the best explanation I can think of for his heavily decorated self.

anyway, my teeth have been hurting on and off in sympathy. lol

i'm not sure how long he has to be in jail. maybe he'll take a page out of little kim's (lil kim) book and go on dancing with the stars when he gets free. that would be fun!

ah, little kim on dwts... she was one of my favorite competitors ever.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

was that a video or real life or what?
little kim? what's she doing here?
i'm confused...

shampoo said...

it's all real life except the part about lil wayne on a bed with a bunch of women. that's from a video. but, he actually had to do that for them to film it. thus those women could smell his (surely) bad breath.

lil kim went to jail. then on dwts. lil wayne is going to jail. i'm saying when he gets out he could go on dwts.