Saturday, February 6, 2010

kari anne, cigarette conneseuir

I didn't see much of celebrity rehab, but I did see the final act (i'm sure this was a whole episode "storyline") of the great cigarette tantrum of 2009/2010.

mackenzie took offense on behalf of the staff that kari anne called them "idiots" for not being able to get her favorite brand in the regular length, hard pack. which they did eventually do and she did refuse to believe it until forced to look at them. goofball.

having worked smoker's checkout, I can say all of us non-smokers are lacking some savvy when it comes to smokers' exacting standards. because we have the idea that one over-priced cancer stick is as good as another.

and then there's kari anne's personality... yep, she's a charmer. i'm surprised someone didn't drive a pack in from north carolina for that sweet girl. (I didn't see what brand she likes so i'm playing the odds.)

but, all this is a distraction to what i'm really wondering.. HOW THE FUCK did this dead average, prematurely dried up junior harpy become miss teen usa? come on, that's not even slightly believable.

hilariously, dennis rodman was indicating non-verbally (more of his hand motions) that he'd heard enough nonsense. if this is how kari anne is doing with zen dennis (haha), she's going to be annoying.

perhaps realizing kari's camerawhore ways were going to cut into his starring role, tom sizemore drama'd off. I bet anything, he found out his lady friend wasn't going to be sharing a room with him.

no tom, your roomie's name is on the plaque by the door. well, unless tom makes good on his threat to jeff conaway on out of there.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

kari anne, like so many beauty queens, is a stupid, narcissistic whore. maybe she should run for presdent.

shampoo said...

she probably will. she needs help of some sort, but not in this situation.