Thursday, February 25, 2010

happy birthday, chelsea handler!

today is chelsea's bday, so dedicate your vodka drinking to her! if you're just not going to drink any vodka, play pretend with a glass of water.

or alternately, you could try calling a little person a "nugget." but, i'm not sure if they like that name from anyone but chelsea (she has special privileges).

better yet, read chelsea's book. it's pretty funny. :)

I have it and I couldn't help but notice someone had given steven adler a copy on vh1's sober house. that always cracks me up. what a batshit crazy present for a man going to rehab.

of course, chelsea's worst behavior is like a day in church for steven, so I guess it's all relative?

speaking of musicians whose work I don't particularly like, chelsea said she told john mayer (to his face) two years ago to stop with the jokes and just play music. listen to her, john. write it down so you don't forget!


Allen the Duck Guy said...

chelsea handler is the funniest woman on tv! she's hot too!

shampoo said...

i like her, obviously. :)

Allen the Duck Guy said...

you think she's hot too? whoah. do you like money?

shampoo said...

hehe, funny movie