Wednesday, June 30, 2010

deadliest warrior: kgb vs. cia

i know dealiest warrior is a silly show, but i watch it. then again, i believe my taste in television shows has already been proven to be questionable, so moving along... oh and spoilers if anyone cares. haha
the kbg had a submachine gun, an exploding message tube (open correctly: message, open incorrectly: bomb), a shoe knife, and a working camera that had a very small one bullet gun inside it (which did prove effective at close range). the cia had a better submachine gun, an exploding cigar, a briefcase with a pistol strapped inside it, and a garrote. in matchups the cia won the submachine gun and concealed pistol tests while the kgb won the exploding item and non-gun tests. although the garrote tested was made of piano wire with wooden handles, the cia demonstrator referred to a "cloth garrote". he even showed us one. a lot of us would call that a "scarf".

i just read some guy's little write up of how he fantasized the battle portion of the show would go. at the end, he smugly offered to "take the writing job" of coming up with scenarios. all i could think is maybe he should learn the difference between the secret service and the cia before he patted himself on the back much more. also, he should watch the show. they never add in a bunch of extra people. modern warriors are always teams of five. so, it will be a ten person scenario, period. we can assume anyone else that may be around (in theory) heard the excessive gunfire and decided to hide.

granted, the scenario they came up with was illogical as the goal seemed to be a roll of film. if the cia was only wanting a roll of film they'd go about the whole thing in a different manner anyway. such as having the person drop off the film somewhere other than his own freaking kgb-protected office, but it's a television show about fighting. this was wildly creative for them because i really expected the cia and kgb and be randomly fighting in an open field for no particular reason at all even though IRL that makes no sense.
the people representing the kgb during the testing phase were eager to let everyone know they were unconcerned about "collateral damage" and that, unlike the cia, they didn't have to worry about oversight (called "running to daddy every five minutes"). which, damn... things get out of hand plenty enough as it is. also, due to the national security act of 1947, which formed the cia, the cia doesn't get that much oversight. but, these guys weren't real kgb. so, they were just taking a guess.

i did go so far as to look up "collateral damage" because i thought causing it did not really help you achieve whatever mission you were after. but, definitions differ. it can be considered damage related to your mission, but not essential to completing the mission. but, either way, i think i prefer if people sincerely try to avoid it if at all possible.
the show also wanted to talk about training. a little was said about kgb training which was mostly that the spetsnaz trained them in martial arts and pain resistance. the cia says they train on the farm with the u.s. military and everything else is classified. i sort of wonder about both of those. i wonder if everyone receives some overall training and then different people get more intensive training on whatever their exact job will be. i also wonder how long all of this takes. do they get trained for a while and then go out and do a few things and then get trained some more based on how they did with those things? i guess the world will never know because the kgb doesn't even exist any more and that cannot possibly be all of their training.

did i mention that the cia won? well, they did. they won 550 out of 1,000 simulated battles.

my favorite part of the whole show, i have to say, was the briefcase gun. especially in light of the fact that you apparently just make one for yourself whenever you believe you might need one. you would think, logically, this would be an item that couldn't be aimed effectively, but based on the demonstration, it can be aimed very precisely. practice makes perfect?

Monday, June 28, 2010

mel brooks has a birthday!

i know the day's almost over, but happy birthday to mel brooks. :)

the lapd, brian alexik, and the strange condo

some weeks ago, a gas leak was reported in a certain building. when the lapd tried to evacuate unit 701, the inhabitant refused to open the door which was a real problem as the gas seemed to be coming from it. when the police forced open the door, they were just in time to see its resident "scamper" down the fire escape carrying a couple of dufflebags. a pursuit failed, but in early june, the police did catch up with this man, named brian alexik (although known by a few other names) hiding out at his girlfriend's place. an arrest was made, but i'm getting ahead of myself... back to the condo.

there wasn't a gas leak. alexik was simply running a generator to supply his electrical needs as his power had been cut off. this is a bit amazing as this was a $3,400/month condo (some reports just round that up to $4,000) and he originally paid advance rent in cash. the days of plentiful cash were gone because he was on the verge of getting evicted. it's a bit mysterious as to WHY he got behind on his bills because he was engaged in a variety of criminal pursuits. for one thing, he was counterfeiting money.

so, we have the counterfeited money of which the police found about $15,000 worth. the way this guy was counterfeiting money was to bleach $1 bills and then reprint them as $50 or $100 bills. a lot of money orders were also found in his apartment.

ironically, this apartment was right next door to the u.s. federal reserve and the police found evidence that alexik had been watching it through binoculars. people have different theories as to why he was doing this... everything to plotting robbery to watching a particular person to general paranoia.

one bedroom had been converted to "a makeshift machine shop" that had "tools scattered around." in this, alexik had done some weapons modifications although the weapons reported left at the apartment were an AK-47, a sawed-off shotgun, and a pistol. i've read some descriptions of what sort of modifications he was doing it doesn't sound like any of these weapons would necessarily be what he was working on, but idk.

other interesting items were some things to make false passports, some things the lapd assumed were drug-related (not sure if they were, but alexik does have a new jersey drug conviction from 1996). apparently, he hadn't made himself a fake driver's license because, more recently, he'd been caught driving without a license.

alexik also had photos of him with several celebrities. the lapd says he had some connections in the world of fashion and cosmetics. they opined that he had a way about him that drew some people to him. because of this sort of thing, they assumed he'd fled the country when, in fact, he was about a mile up the road.

alexik also had a number of photos of himself with different hairstyles, etc. several people seemed to think his photos look very familiar. one person swore he'd seen alexik's photo advertising a porn site (this was not a pornographic photo, btw). i don't know about that, but a lot of people did feel like they'd seen him before although most assumed he just resembled someone who was famous.

back to the condo... in the attic, the lapd found some interesting tilework.. apparently, alexik had wiled away his spare hours not devoted to counterfeiting, weapons modification, and forging to make a lovely "replica" of the cia shield. i put the quoties because it's not exact or anything. according to some reports he did some lovely tilework in his previous apartment although he used something else for inspiration. hanging over the lovely shield (which was on the floor) was a portrait of hugo chavez. at first, the lapd thought alexik had an obsession with the cia, but they say they didn't find anything else of that nature in his condo. although, when you handmake a 5-feet wide tile tribute, why would you NEED anything else?

the secret service now has the four hard drives taken from alexik's computers and the lapd is hoping to learn wtf this dude was up to. even though they have him in custody under $1 million bail, he doesn't feel like enlightening them. the secret service deals with counterfeiting in case anyone was wondering why them.

so, various people have been guessing ... personally, his set-up sounds like something from a movie or comic book (because it was in an expensive condo, a place ill suited to, say, a machine shop), but i know little about these sorts of things. i do like the guess that he's part of organized crime with a really good b.s.  story (for people he'd like to impress) that he has um... government connections. but, of course, who knows...

the lapd may be withholding information due to their on-going investigation, so there may not be as much mystery as there seems. one reason i think this is they've already arrested someone else he knows on weapons charges. his girlfriend was also arrested for aiding him in his flight from police.

to me, there are two main mysteries.. first, with all these money making methods (one of which is literal) he had, why couldn't he pay his bills? second, WTF is up with his freaking art project? the first mystery could be answered, i suppose, if he had a roommate and that person is the one who did a lot of these things, but it doesn't sound as if such a person exists. still, if this was a comic book, they would.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

happy birthday cyndi lauper!

some people want to take a beautiful girl and hide her away from the rest of the world, but today cyndi is going to walk in the sun because girl, she just wants to have fun. haha yes, i know newsactors have been mangling that song every year since she put it out to announce all sorts of things. so, i could not resist. :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

let's drug test washington

orrin hatch, of utah, has decided the unemployed need to be drug tested. well, ORRIN, what is this going to really do?

drug testing will add an entire layer of expense and delay to unemployment compensation. either they will have to hire someone to conduct drug tests at the unemployment office or everyone will have to take their ass to a lab and get it done. THEN someone will have to be in charge of maintaining all of the drug testing records.

i have actually taken work drug tests... both ones given by an on-site nurse and ones that required going to a lab. these were pre-employment drug screens. in both cases, it took much more time than it seem like would take. when i went to the "lab" which was essentially a fairly busy doctors' office that squeezed in some pre-employment drug screens between doing everything else, they could only deal with one person at a time. there were perhaps five people that i saw who were getting drug tested. i was there about five hours.

people at the unemployment office are not lighting fast, for people who don't know this. today, the receptionist took about 10 minutes to tell me to go sit down and wait for a certain lady to be free to talk to me. now, i came and told her my name and that i was there for a specific interview. i also immediately filled out a slip of paper with my name, SSN, etc. like i said, they're not quick.

some lady was sitting in there waiting for someone and i had to wait another five minutes for her to FINALLY tell these people she didn't need to see anyone. she was just waiting on someone else. it was truly painful.

now, if there had been any cups to pee in i would still be there. we all would be.

i believe very little would be learned from the tests. first, not everyone in america is on drugs. so, a lot of us would pass the test. second, a lot of the people who ARE on drugs do not use them constantly, so they would pass the test just from having the sense to abstain in the days before the test. third, people who are heavier drugs users.. well, honestly, do these people generally work anywhere long enough to build up unemployment benefits? let's just say some do. from my experience living in the world, these people know how to get around pee tests. i don't know how well their methods work, but many of them aren't going to be caught. then there's the false positives who will have to be retested. i don't know that much about this, but it does happen and this will add expense and delay their benefits. which could possibly impact their lives very negatively given THEY HAVE NO MONEY. something i guess senators only know as an abstract concept.

so, given all of this the tests would accomplish little except costing money. there are people who will not do drugs, test or no test. then there are the people who know how to get aroung the test. testing them makes no difference because, generally they aren't going to change their behavior.

i suppose he's thinking some people may have been sober, upright citizens until they went on unemployent and then they became degenerate drug users. well, i suppose that can happen. just like senators can try to solicit blow jobs in bathrooms because they cannot figure out how to hook up with another guy without stumbling into a criminal investigation of some sort.

in theory, no one wants to give money to a bum. i get that. but, on the other hand, unemployment insurance does not last forever. unlike, say a senator's pension plan.

however, if we are concerned with drug addled people collecting unemployment should we not be concerned about our politicans? overall, they have shown themselves to be completely out of touch with reality, to have poor impulse control, and to have an exaggerated sense of self worth. additionally, their jobs affect millions of people, therefore it is reasonable for us to be concerned with their state of mind. so, we'll do the drug tests, then we will move on to the mental health profiles. then we'll just see.

people need to PAY ATTENTION to when their elected representative does something to say, screw up the economy. as much as some people scream and rant that the free market will fix everything... if no one has any money to buy then no profits will be made. it's just that simple. it's time to stop letting them get by with spewing out a bunch of words and throwing the attention onto some social issue like gay marriage.

yes, everyone wishes weddings were like some movie from 50 years ago. but, that is just a habit we have. how people who solicit sex in bathrooms can look down on people who actually seek to marry the person they love is beyond me. just like how someone who is paid a lot of money through tax dollars can begrudge people without an income of being able to take care of basic needs is beyond me.

orrin hatch is certainly not the only senator interested in drug testing. all of these bastards stink. if they are worried about money, how much do they think this testing will cost?

tila's house is haunted and she got possessed

for some reason i watched the tmz tv show last night. well, who should be trotting down the road, but a newly blonde tila tequila. she actually looked well put together making me think she had an appointment or something.

so, the tmz person asked tila if she was all right because they'd heard she'd tried to kill herself. tila says, no she didn't even as she shows them some "scars" on her arm (more like healed over scabs). she says she got possessed "like the exorcist" because her house is haunted. she was pretty cheerful about the whole thing.

tila then got into an elevator and went on her merry way smiling and waving.

hilariously, harvey said he wondered what britney spears thinks when she sees stuff like this because "of all of the crazy people in hollywood, she got stuck with a conservatorship." and there are, for sure, nuttier people than britney roaming the hollywood area.

i suppose it's both a blessing and a curse for britney that she got placed under conservatorship because her father wanted to help her (save her life and her $) and this was the route he took. now, i'm not sure if she STILL needs to be under the conservatorship and i have noticed it is costing her a lot of money... so i definitely sympathize with her desire to break free of it.

jamie spears has admitted that he did things wrong when britney was growing up and he regrets not helping her more when she was younger. whatever his faults (and i am sure he has plenty, many of which would be in the past when he was a raging alcoholic), i do believe he sincerely want britney to be ALIVE. i think her whole family wants that. and it's not like her father is just kicking back somewhere, he is living with britney and making sure she is all right. he makes sure she eats real food, not just doritos and dr. pepper. i don't know if he is the absolute BEST person for that job, but it looks like he was the only person who wanted to take it.

as far as tila and her exorcist house.. something strange is going on with her because sometimes she seems to actually believe these crazy stories she tells. i don't remember her being like that before casey died. she seemed more like the average hollywood person working the stroll, trying to get her face out there and makes some money. but since casey died, tila has been having these injuries coupled with very grandiose stories about what happened. hopefully, this is some strange online roleplaying thing she's doing...

cakes of wrath

dakota "cody" lohan, a.k.a. lindsay's youger brother, was born june 16, 1996. meaning that he just turned 14 and his mother, dina, was all set to celebrate  his birthday with his "favorite", an ice cream cake from carvel. i used quoties on favorite because dina was going to get this cake for free (or so she thought). of course, ice cream cakes are generally pretty tasty, so possibly it is his favorite.

dina pranced down to her local carvel's brandishing a special "black" card issued to ali lohan. i believe ali is in l.a. with lindsay and dina's antics were taking place in or near long island. in any case, ali was nowhere around when dina presented ali's card in lieu of money at the checkout. the store manager asked to see identification... and dina was insulted.

 the story varies between dina and carvel at this point.. dina claims the store manager seized her arm in one hand, her card in one hand, and called the police with yet another hand (or something like that). the police reponded, according to dina, with FOUR cop cars and a helicopter. commenters on different sites have said some of this had nothing to do with dina.. there was a (non-lohan) criminal on the loose in that area. some also say the helicopter was headed to a hospital, idk, but the commenters have more plausible stories.

dina claims the store manager refused to give her the card. finally, the police officer got him to hand back the card (this doesn't make the card magically useful if carvel doesn't want it to be). she says the manager told her, "you can have the card, but you can't have the cake." (i guess she didn't try offering $$ for the cake.)

dina lamented to radar, "you can see how we're treated worse than regular people." yes, i have to say, when i go once per day to carvel on my neighbor's card to buy ice cream cake for the entire local middle school, they give me that free ice cream and thank me for my business... oh wait, no that never happened. mostly because there's no carvel's around here, but also if i did such a thing i would have to put forward $$$$$. in fact, if i went only once and got the smallest item on the menu, i'd still have to put forth $. from what i've read that's how stores work.

dina said that when ali gets back in town she will take her to carvel every day for a month! i guess to punish carvel for only sometimes giving clan lohan free ice cream? who knows.

carvel's version is the store decided not to honor the card. in fact, they were going to confiscate it. this seems a bit harsh, but in a statement issued by a company spokesperson, carvel explains that the cards issued to ali and lindsay have been greatly abused... even though the cards for free ice cream are only supposed to be used by the person named on the card, they were often used by lohan family and friends. they were getting way more free ice cream than carvel wanted to give away. no word on how much this was, but i get the impression it was a lot.

only 75 carvel black cards were handed out for their 75th anniversary. the cards give the person named free ice cream for 75 years. i suppose they hoped to recoup their ice cream cost in publicity. but i can't think of any association between clan lohan and carvel until now. i've seen photos of them in millions of milkshakes, but not carvel.

according to carvel's spokesperson, dina made the 911 call. i'm not sure why, but i get the idea she wanted the police to insist carval give her a free cake. even though the police did get ali's card back, from what carvel said, it doesn't work any more. i wonder how many more times they'll have to explain that to dina?

after all, dina claims everyone in the family has a card and she didn't think it would be a "big deal" to use ali's card because instead of her own (non-existant) card. she says, "it's a family card."

carvel says that the lohans not named lindsay or ali, when using the cards, were told the rules. however, up to now, presumably, they have allowed the cards to be used. i really can't see dina listening to anything like that. of course, she's at a bit of a disadvantage. if mlo (aka, pa lohan) decides to try to use one all he has to do is bring one of his girlfriends who look like lindsay. not being a lesbian, dina can't possibly have a girlfriend who looks like lindsay.

i am not sure whether cody got that cake or not. i guess he probably got a cake of some sort, but who can say. dina is the one who expected lindsay to become the family breadwinner the first time mlo got sent to the pen. still, michael jr., nana, and the uncle who was hit with the shoe all should be lurking around somewhere... surely one of them can figure out how to get a birthday cake. or maybe dina just figured out someone else she could hit up for a free cake... or maybe she just pulled out one of the many carvel cakes she has stowed in her freezer.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

charlie sheen's flying car(s)

this is one of those wtf types of things... the police found charlie sheen's mercedes down a ditch/ravine (a small ravine or a deep ditch, but OFF the road). charlie wasn't in it... no one was in it. charlie says he "left his keys in the car." well, he lives in a gated community... so...

except this has happened before. about four months ago, his suv was found about a mile up the road from where the mercedes landed. same story. keys in the car. verdict in both cases (so far) "joyriding kids."

that might be plausible except, in the february incident, there is no video tape of the suv leaving the community.. which it would have needed to do in order to travel from charlie's driveway to the ditch/ravine. no word yet on the existence of the tape of the mercedes.

in the first case, charlie filed a stolen car report. but in the second case, he didn't realize his car was missing until the police told him they'd found it (this was 12 hours or so after the last time he saw which he says was at 4 p.m.).

i don't know what is going on in this case, but it seems strange to me. "joyriding kids"? wouldn't the kids who had access to this car be living in charlie's neighborhood so therefore rich themselves? i mean, i guess it's possible... especially since the keys were in the car, so it doesn't exactly take a seasoned car thief to get the car started.. but why would these kids crash the car? is that part of the fun?

now, i don't think this is some sort of "insurance fraud" as that would be stupid considering charlie's income. just to get that out of the way.

i wonder if someone charlie knew took the car and deliberately crashed it because they were pissed at him. or if he accidentally crashed it and walked home. or who knows what else. i guess it just depends if a video shows up this time of the "joyriding kids."

back to the missing tape...that's also curious. does the security company dump them after a certain amount of time (it sounds like a short time)? that seems ... odd... but who knows.

Monday, June 14, 2010

larry king may finally retire!!

even though he is only 312 years of age, larry king has decided that it's time to quit punching the old time clock and let someone else have a turn. apparently, that "someone else" is going to be piers morgan of all people on earth. wtf? i'm not even sure if this is an improvement and i didn't think it'd be that difficult to be an improvement over larry king.

i guess cnn is just doing this for the love to taping stuff and they don't really NEED viewers? because, to be honest, the promise of piers is just not making me want to tune in... not that i was watching larry either, but still.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

sharon murphy and the missing laptop

recently, simon monjack's mother, brother and a therapist (i'm not sure whose therapist) visited sharon murphy in the house she inherited from her daughter brittany. when the group left, they took with them what's being called "simon's laptop."

while browsing around on the laptop, simon's relatives were surprised to learn he had two young children (a boy and a girl) by two different women. i am not sure of the age of the children or where the women live. however, he was paying a couple of different people. it wasn't explained whether these are the mothers or some other people (although it sounds like the latter). the information on the computer made the brother decide to turn the laptop over to the coroner.

meanwhile, sharon called the police and reported the laptop stolen. although people are insinuating she did this because simon's relatives reported the contents, it's possible she did this simply because they took it. maybe she didn't agree that it was "simon's laptop."

1979 national enquirer article on nsa's website

like all government agencies, the national security agency and their bffs, the central security service, have a website. on said website, they have some declassified information including some "oral histories" by retiring members of the service (these have been typed up, but audio recordings may also have been made for all i know).

however, i decided to browse through their declassified stuff (for about two minutes). i found a section called "ufo", so i clicked it and there were a number entries. one of them was a copy of a national enquirer article that claimed "super secret agency warns of alien attack." this article had been simply clipped and identified. there wasn't even a "haha" out to the side.

so, you know what this could mean? it could mean that the nsa takes the national enquirer seriously. and if THEY take it seriously... does that mean it contains actual facts? or do they just clip its articles as a way to discern what sorts of things average people are reading in grocery store lines? it's a mystery. but, going to the nsa's site is a convoluted way to access a national enquirer article, that's for sure.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

human experimentation

over the past two months I have watched a lot of movies. surprisingly, secret experiments on humans has cropped up several times. mostly, mind control.

i'm going to do a post about each movie. a few outright say that is what they are about, some are a little sneakier.

I did not actually think that's what I would be seeing in some cases. I don't want to say which ones yet because I need to re-examine my first impression.

even though the mk ultra hearings were in 1977, it seems over the past few years there has been a lot of interest in the subject. i'm not sure why this should be.

there were some books on the mind control (mostly survivors' accounts) in the 90s although none of the movies are telling those exact stories. perhaps because survivors' stories are difficult to verify. no one is stepping up to take "credit", after all.

survivors of mind control programs say the best defense against it is information. even if some movies are treating it as just another topic to fictionalize... they do dramatize what was/is done and what it does to people.

Friday, June 11, 2010

is angelina jolie as beautiful as the legendary cleopatra?

i saw an article today that questioned whether cleopatra was actually even a great beauty. but, when i clicked on the link, it was mostly touting angelina jolie taking on the role in an upcoming movie. i don't know how angie jo will feel about that article since that can be interpreted as saying she's not pretty.

i think it's safe to say cleopatra looked pretty damned good since we are still hearing about her NOW. people have forgotten a lot of gorgeous women between then and now, so either she lived up to the hype or she had the best p.r. team the world has ever seen.

that considered, there may not be any actress in the world who can live up to such a high standard of beauty. i think there are prettier actresses than angelina, but i know many people would disagree with that and i don't know that those actress would suit the role. also, what do i know? haha

angelina, they're gushing, has the "perfect look". and, coincidentally, brad pitt has the "perfect look" to play mark anthony. hmmm... how convenient. so, where to find julius cesar? from angie's former loves or former costars (there's a fair number of names on both lists).

i have tried to watch the elizabeth taylor version. i just can't with it. i think it's got so much going on that it gets really cluttered on a television. so, if i had access to a really fine movie theater so i could see it in its intended glory, i might have a different opinion on that.

people of walgreens, gird your loins!

today is shia lebeof's 24th b-day and walgreens is his favorite drinkin' place! (not kidding)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

miley cyrus, worries out of left field

I just read miley confiding that she "hates" that "people think" she's "on drugs." er, I wasn't aware anyone thought that? wth?

now, obviously, miley is going to be much more up to date on whatall people think of her than I am. but still. is this actually a thing?

most everyone i've heard about are too busy noticing... the way miley is... kind of, let's just say... plain spoken?

then there's miley's tendency to be a little er... well, remember the bra-revealing photo? like that. only more.

at the milder end they're not too surprised about her latest skimpy outfit then there's the more extreme end. some guy on the internet actually called her "depraved." (that seems harsh). oops, my bad... he called her "degenerate." (still too harsh, imo)

miley assures us that she will never "be that person" who drinks to excess. she's just going to keep in mind that... oh, I don't know, she lapsed into miley-ese.

she gives a lot of credit for her future commendable behavior to bret michaels. I guess miley hasn't found time to watch rock of love, rock of love 2, or rock of love bus.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

gary coleman, troubling details

UPDATE: shannon price was legally authorized to make medical decisions on gary's behalf. she gave permission for the hospital to release the medical directive filed by gary. this makes sense as gary had a lot of health problems and didn't get along with his parents. I am not sure why gary's lawyer was unaware of this, but due to this document it didn't matter than gary and shannon were divorced.

original article follows...
when poor gary passed away I remember thinking he was DIVORCED. well, it turns out he WAS. I don't know exactly the nature of his relationship with the woman now being called shannon (prior reports had her as sharon), but she is who called 911. so, they were in the same house when gary fell.

tmz posted the call. I didn't listen to it, but she was "too sick" to go downstairs to check on gary. when she finally was convinced to do so by the 911 operator, she's too freaked out by blood to help him (i'm not sure what they'd asked her to do).

at the hospital, she presented herself as gary's wife. the hospital accepted this and asked her about turning off gary's life support. (by the way, I don't know if she literally said she was his wife or what.)

since the details have been made public, gary's lawyer has come forward to say gary divorced her in 2008 and she wasn't authorized to make this decision. this is about to get complicated...

I am still not sure how gary came to fall so badly. he was in the kitchen making something for his ex-wife to eat. he was particularly weak because he'd had dialysis that day.

gary, whose kidney problems stunted his growth, required dialysis three times per week. it's said this session had left him very drained. someone from that medical facility said, "he just wanted to go home."

so, gary's ex-wife is not looking that great right now. I will mention if she truly was as sick as she claimed, she may have been a little fuzzy in her thinking. that might explain a few things...

but, it seems a lot to authorize switching someone off of life support. I don't know what to think about that.

rest in peace, gary coleman.