Thursday, June 17, 2010

tila's house is haunted and she got possessed

for some reason i watched the tmz tv show last night. well, who should be trotting down the road, but a newly blonde tila tequila. she actually looked well put together making me think she had an appointment or something.

so, the tmz person asked tila if she was all right because they'd heard she'd tried to kill herself. tila says, no she didn't even as she shows them some "scars" on her arm (more like healed over scabs). she says she got possessed "like the exorcist" because her house is haunted. she was pretty cheerful about the whole thing.

tila then got into an elevator and went on her merry way smiling and waving.

hilariously, harvey said he wondered what britney spears thinks when she sees stuff like this because "of all of the crazy people in hollywood, she got stuck with a conservatorship." and there are, for sure, nuttier people than britney roaming the hollywood area.

i suppose it's both a blessing and a curse for britney that she got placed under conservatorship because her father wanted to help her (save her life and her $) and this was the route he took. now, i'm not sure if she STILL needs to be under the conservatorship and i have noticed it is costing her a lot of money... so i definitely sympathize with her desire to break free of it.

jamie spears has admitted that he did things wrong when britney was growing up and he regrets not helping her more when she was younger. whatever his faults (and i am sure he has plenty, many of which would be in the past when he was a raging alcoholic), i do believe he sincerely want britney to be ALIVE. i think her whole family wants that. and it's not like her father is just kicking back somewhere, he is living with britney and making sure she is all right. he makes sure she eats real food, not just doritos and dr. pepper. i don't know if he is the absolute BEST person for that job, but it looks like he was the only person who wanted to take it.

as far as tila and her exorcist house.. something strange is going on with her because sometimes she seems to actually believe these crazy stories she tells. i don't remember her being like that before casey died. she seemed more like the average hollywood person working the stroll, trying to get her face out there and makes some money. but since casey died, tila has been having these injuries coupled with very grandiose stories about what happened. hopefully, this is some strange online roleplaying thing she's doing...


Allen the Duck Guy said...

You know, for some odd reason, I still like crazy ass Tila Tequila. I guess she just seems harmlessly amusing to me. I bet she was BSing those guys because TMZ is kinda sleazy (in the way that nazis are, you know, kinda disliked) and everyone in Hollywood despises them.
Plus, except for Perez "the only pussy I like is underage" Hilton, TMZ is the only "news" outlet stupid enough even report that non-sense.

shampoo said...

true... idk. but that is possible.

she did have healed cuts on her arm and they weren't small.