Saturday, June 12, 2010

human experimentation

over the past two months I have watched a lot of movies. surprisingly, secret experiments on humans has cropped up several times. mostly, mind control.

i'm going to do a post about each movie. a few outright say that is what they are about, some are a little sneakier.

I did not actually think that's what I would be seeing in some cases. I don't want to say which ones yet because I need to re-examine my first impression.

even though the mk ultra hearings were in 1977, it seems over the past few years there has been a lot of interest in the subject. i'm not sure why this should be.

there were some books on the mind control (mostly survivors' accounts) in the 90s although none of the movies are telling those exact stories. perhaps because survivors' stories are difficult to verify. no one is stepping up to take "credit", after all.

survivors of mind control programs say the best defense against it is information. even if some movies are treating it as just another topic to fictionalize... they do dramatize what was/is done and what it does to people.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

The focus on MK on the individual level is a bluff to avert attention from the society-wide MKing that has been going on for sometime now (escpeicially in the US, especially since 9/11).
The minds behind the conspiracies understand well the bait and switch trickery, as well as the familiarization breeding contempt.

shampoo said...

yes, I think that's true. that was part of the stated goal of mk ultra (to be able to apply mind control to groups).

it seems some of this was done via social conditioning. a big part of mind control is forgetting. a person will do (action) then completely forget. that would be someone under individualized mind control.