Sunday, June 13, 2010

sharon murphy and the missing laptop

recently, simon monjack's mother, brother and a therapist (i'm not sure whose therapist) visited sharon murphy in the house she inherited from her daughter brittany. when the group left, they took with them what's being called "simon's laptop."

while browsing around on the laptop, simon's relatives were surprised to learn he had two young children (a boy and a girl) by two different women. i am not sure of the age of the children or where the women live. however, he was paying a couple of different people. it wasn't explained whether these are the mothers or some other people (although it sounds like the latter). the information on the computer made the brother decide to turn the laptop over to the coroner.

meanwhile, sharon called the police and reported the laptop stolen. although people are insinuating she did this because simon's relatives reported the contents, it's possible she did this simply because they took it. maybe she didn't agree that it was "simon's laptop."


Allen the Duck Guy said...

They're dead, now. Let them rest. If he had a couple of kids he was paying for on the side and that was a dirty secret, well... he's dead now, so that should even his accounts, no?

shampoo said...

there is something on the computer that simon's brother thought the coroner should see. I don't think that part pertains to the children.