Wednesday, June 2, 2010

gary coleman, troubling details

UPDATE: shannon price was legally authorized to make medical decisions on gary's behalf. she gave permission for the hospital to release the medical directive filed by gary. this makes sense as gary had a lot of health problems and didn't get along with his parents. I am not sure why gary's lawyer was unaware of this, but due to this document it didn't matter than gary and shannon were divorced.

original article follows...
when poor gary passed away I remember thinking he was DIVORCED. well, it turns out he WAS. I don't know exactly the nature of his relationship with the woman now being called shannon (prior reports had her as sharon), but she is who called 911. so, they were in the same house when gary fell.

tmz posted the call. I didn't listen to it, but she was "too sick" to go downstairs to check on gary. when she finally was convinced to do so by the 911 operator, she's too freaked out by blood to help him (i'm not sure what they'd asked her to do).

at the hospital, she presented herself as gary's wife. the hospital accepted this and asked her about turning off gary's life support. (by the way, I don't know if she literally said she was his wife or what.)

since the details have been made public, gary's lawyer has come forward to say gary divorced her in 2008 and she wasn't authorized to make this decision. this is about to get complicated...

I am still not sure how gary came to fall so badly. he was in the kitchen making something for his ex-wife to eat. he was particularly weak because he'd had dialysis that day.

gary, whose kidney problems stunted his growth, required dialysis three times per week. it's said this session had left him very drained. someone from that medical facility said, "he just wanted to go home."

so, gary's ex-wife is not looking that great right now. I will mention if she truly was as sick as she claimed, she may have been a little fuzzy in her thinking. that might explain a few things...

but, it seems a lot to authorize switching someone off of life support. I don't know what to think about that.

rest in peace, gary coleman.


Ricky Sprague said...

Hey shampoo, where did you get the information contained in your update? I can't find it online.

I am always surprised when I read that someone has died from a fall, but it does happen. The great SF writer Octavia Butler died that way. So did the actor Robert Culp. If you google it, you can find a lot of other examples. I guess if you fall and hit your head in just the wrong way, it can be the end.

Sad. Gary Coleman seemed like a decent guy.

shampoo said...

ricky sprague, it was on wesmirch, dlisted, and (i think) people. I went to a few places. the divorce thing was heavily reported yesterday, then last night on wesmirch I found an item with the info from the update.

the dialysis stuff is from a couple of days ago... also found on wesmirch. it's in an article about what was going on with gary that day.

I think it's possible he was standing on a stool, but it's also possible the kitchen has hard tile floors. the part about fixing food is in an article about the 911 call. that also mentions shannon having a fever (she said).

I didn't know all of those people had died in falls... I guess all sorts of odd things can happen...

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I dodn't realize Octavia Butler was dead. She was brilliant. What a loss.