Sunday, May 30, 2010

gaga worried about bad spirits?

it's being reported that lady gaga has ordered "ghost busting equipment" to take onto the road with her. i'm not sure exactly what they're looking for (or how they're doing it), but some say gaga is being "haunted" by a ghost or some sort of bad spirits.. anyway, it's following her around. (i'm using quoties because i doubt anything in this story is even true anyway.)

hm.. well, my advice, if lady gaga were to ask me and i am pretty sure she will, is to learn to sleep with the lights on.. seriously. it helps me not have bad dreams. i have absolutely no scientific explanation as to why that should work, but it does. :)

10-28-09, brittany murphy reports gunfire outside house

the lapd were called to brittany murphy's home in the hollywood hills less than two months before the actress died. it was 2:30 a.m. and the neighbors kept hearing the actress's "incessant screaming."

when the police arrived, brittany was on her balcony screaming she'd heard gunfire and that someone was trying to shoot her. an investigation failed to turn up a gun, bullets, or dead bodies. a malfunctioning generator was blamed for the sounds brittany had heard.

this event was reported in gossip columns at the time as a "haha, she is so crazy" sort of thing. but, i wonder what really happened. the police were somewhat predisposed to believe the "crazy" theory as when they arrived the neighbors were helpfully twirling their fingers in front of their ears and pointing to brittany.

i don't know if brittany murphy had previously done things to tax the neighbors nerves or if, after living near britney spears when she had her well-publicized difficulties, the neighbors were short of patience with celebs of a certain name.

maybe it was just the generator.. i have no idea having never heard one "malfunction." i also don't know who else was in brittany's house (i assume her mother was there at least). i just thought this was a weird little story.

Friday, May 28, 2010

gary coleman, 2-8-1968 to 5-28-2010

gary coleman died today. he had been placed on life support yesterday following a fall. today his wife sharon price had him taken off of life support. he passed away at 12:05 p.m. local time in Provo, Utah.

gary and sharon married in 2007 after meeting on the show "church bells." although most famous for his long-running role on different strokes, gary had acted in a variety of different movies and television shows throughout his life.

may is a difficult month for the child stars of different strokes. gary's co-star dana plato died may 8, 1999. her son committed suicide on may 8, 2010. (i don't know if gary actually knew dana's son).

rest in peace, gary coleman.

simon monjack, history of heart problems

i recently read that simon monjack had been scheduled for bypass surgery. he'd been putting it off (against doctor's advice, most likely) because he was in the middle of planning some sort of event related to the brittany murphy charity he'd wanted to start. so, by itself, perhaps simon's death is not that suspicious.

however, the fact remains the same house has seen: a woman in her mid-twenties have what appeared to be a mental breakdown, a middle-aged woman diagnosed with cancer, a woman in her early thirties die of pneumonia, and a man in his late thirties die of a possible heart attack. of course, there is evidence of at least some drug use among these people, still.. it seems a little odd considering how quickly it all happened. especially since both deaths occurred at the house despite the fact 911 was called for them.

some people have mentioned that this kind of thing is much more common among drug addicts than regular people. i have to say that i don't know that much about that... but, i don't know that i've heard about this much happening in the same location before. however, i also don't know of any particular chemical the house could be leaking that would cause this variety of symtoms. whatever the case, maybe sharon murphy should consider a vacation away from that place just to see if her condition so happens to improve.

Monday, May 24, 2010

simon monjack dies at age 39

around 9:30 p.m. on may 23, 2010, simon monjack is found unconscious by sharon murphy (the same woman who found his wife brittany murphy unconscious only five months ago). sharon murphy called 911, but simon monjack could not be revived.

monjack's death is under investigation. it's being said online that he may have suffered a heart attack. monjack, a screenwriter, had attempted to start a charity using brittany's name.

this is a very strange case. many things have been said about simon monjack and his relationship with his late wife brittany murphy. however, he did seem to really miss brittany very much. he still lived in the same house where he'd lived with brittany and had not yet been able to part with her things. perhaps they are together again.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

miley on dwts, surely a happy day for synch bloggers

there have been several things that have made me consider phone blogging... but miley's (apparently relunctant given her glum demeanor backstage) appearance on top-rated show dancing with the stars was just so... words fail.

well, obviously it was awful. I don't know how you can screech via lip synch, but miley did not disappoint. repeatedly, she informed us she caint be TAMed!

the best part was she arrived via bird cage and was wearing black feathers! there were numerous backup dancers to distract from miley (i suppose) and they, too, carried out the bird theme in even more ridiculous ways.

at one point, the bird dancers moved what appeared to be two large bales of straw onto the stage. as far as I could see, that's about all they did with them, but who knows... this is miley. she may be developing a variation on the lap dance that the censors at abc decided not to show us. or maybe she only did what was shown which was to stand in the middle of the stage cocking her head to one side (her bird imitation?) and continuing her lip synching.

well, it wasn't as bad as what I expected. but then, what I expected was a repetition of her live performance of party in the usa. someone has cut her off from live performances.

miley has sincerely promised us this will be her last musical effort. I have to say, FOR HER, it does show some musical progression as it did not tempt me to stab out my own eardrums.

also, it was interesting miley refrained from some of her usual moves (particularly the one borrowed from michael jackson and madonna). I am not sure if she actually left it out or if the merciful producers of the show ignored it.

I know miley has bosses that tell her what to do, so this last thing isn't necessarily her fault: the entire performance revealed that not only can miley be tamed, she has been and is currently someone's pet songbird. a tone deaf, pervy someone who collects pets?