Wednesday, May 19, 2010

miley on dwts, surely a happy day for synch bloggers

there have been several things that have made me consider phone blogging... but miley's (apparently relunctant given her glum demeanor backstage) appearance on top-rated show dancing with the stars was just so... words fail.

well, obviously it was awful. I don't know how you can screech via lip synch, but miley did not disappoint. repeatedly, she informed us she caint be TAMed!

the best part was she arrived via bird cage and was wearing black feathers! there were numerous backup dancers to distract from miley (i suppose) and they, too, carried out the bird theme in even more ridiculous ways.

at one point, the bird dancers moved what appeared to be two large bales of straw onto the stage. as far as I could see, that's about all they did with them, but who knows... this is miley. she may be developing a variation on the lap dance that the censors at abc decided not to show us. or maybe she only did what was shown which was to stand in the middle of the stage cocking her head to one side (her bird imitation?) and continuing her lip synching.

well, it wasn't as bad as what I expected. but then, what I expected was a repetition of her live performance of party in the usa. someone has cut her off from live performances.

miley has sincerely promised us this will be her last musical effort. I have to say, FOR HER, it does show some musical progression as it did not tempt me to stab out my own eardrums.

also, it was interesting miley refrained from some of her usual moves (particularly the one borrowed from michael jackson and madonna). I am not sure if she actually left it out or if the merciful producers of the show ignored it.

I know miley has bosses that tell her what to do, so this last thing isn't necessarily her fault: the entire performance revealed that not only can miley be tamed, she has been and is currently someone's pet songbird. a tone deaf, pervy someone who collects pets?


Allen the Duck Guy said...

y'know, even lip synched, that performace was dreadful. Miley is so bad that one almost feels sorry for her.
Sadly, she is still better than her father...

shampoo said...

allen tdg, true... she is better than billy ray.