Friday, April 30, 2010

life with shampoo

shampoo has been out of town and taking an unintentional break from technology. as some of you may know, i've been under a lot of stress lately. i went to see my specialist out of town and i've been just sort of hanging out... but, very soon i will be back complaining as usual!

the interesting thing about stress is it makes you very jumpy and irritable! so, i guess i figured without my usual level of screaming in terror any time anything even slightly unexpected happened that my blog posts wouldn't be up to my usual level of excitment. hahaha

see you very soon, love shampoo :)


Ricky Sprague said...

Yes, we're looking forward to you getting back to it!

shampoo said...

thank you! :)

I almost posted about dr. drew, but you awesomely posted about it and covered it pretty thoroughly. :)