Saturday, April 10, 2010

maniac's son sends maps to california police

back in the 80s a certain man in california regularly kidnapped women, held them captive while he abused them, and (if they didn't escape) killed them. he forced his son to help him dispose of the remains...

the police received maps leading to the remains of ms. turpin (missing since 1988). they also found a large redwood stump that had been hollowed out. one woman had been kept prisoner in it. inside the stump, they found old evidence that suggested someone had been kept there. it is unknown what happened to this woman after her escape.

another woman escaped. she had been taken on a boat to be killed. the police actually found her and got the story from her. at the time (late 80s), she chose not to go to the police. perhaps she feared that would lead the man who'd almost killed her to her whereabouts. or maybe he'd made her believe he was "in" with the police.

the man who did these crimes died in 2006. I don't know if there were more than three victims, but given he was old enough to have a teenage son when the above crimes occurred... I can only hope those women managed to escape like the two women above.

I can see why the survivors didn't report it... who would believe them? especially the lady who was held in the stump. who'd even think that was possible? but, it obviously was.

I guess the lesson is there is no limit to evil. I didn't bother with the name of the killer because he's dead and I don't care about his worthless ass. he caused a lot of misery in his life. his son now lives in north carolina and is not facing charges.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

this is horrible, but it would make a great book.
it's a shame it isn't fiction.

shampoo said...

i guess.. would people even believe a stump prison? i didn't believe it until the thing said the police said the stump had carpet, old clothes, and a hypodermic needle in it. A CARPETED STUMP.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

There, in the stump, was a prison. Not a dirty, grimy stump, nor a wormy, crawly prison, but a hobbit prison, and that means WTF.

shampoo said...