Monday, April 12, 2010

lida machine sad drawback

apparently, my insomnia cure was used for brainwashing in korea. :(

the lida machine has been considered obsolete by (then it was the) soviet union (since before it stopped existing). it has a u.s. patent, but "has never been sold here."

some doctor managed to get one to test (after it was considered obsolete). he was making his cat take a nap when someone passing by recognized it from having been hooked to it in korea.

the doctor did make some people go to sleep as well believing it would be safer than drugs.



Allen the Duck Guy said...

i'm sure they have better things for brainwashing now. you shouldn't be so disappointed. :)

shampoo said...

allen tdg, oh you know they do.

from what the korean war veteran said, they actually had to hook you up to the lida machine. then you got sleepy and they would read off questions and the answers. so, when the red cross talked to him, he found himself giving those answers.