Sunday, April 4, 2010

jackson, oh so now it's SUICIDE

conrad murray, so-called doctor, has declared michael jackson injected himself with extra profonol (sp?) and therefore killed himself in the two minutes murray excused himself to the little boy's room. the word "suicide" was used in the article I read. justification: mj knew he couldn't do the upcoming shows (whoever says).

cm claims he was yapping on the phone in the room with michael (thus "watching" him in a half assed sort of way). he claims michael liked to sleep with the lights on and with cartoons playing on tv.

o.k., shampoo does that sometimes as well... wow, I have something in common with michael jackson... but a person yammering on the phone would be on my nerves. so, I wonder if michael was awake or asleep. (i guess he'd be alseep given the drugs? I don't know much about that sort of thing.)

I don't know what happened to michael, really. but, I don't trust conrad murray. he didn't take good care of michael. he was being paid an enormous sum of money to look after michael, so his job ought to have been his foremost concern especially considering mj's drug use and ill health (underweight, insomniac, etc.).

at this point, i'd have more respect for him if he just confessed to killing michael because that'd at least make him an honest murderer. I have a very low opinion of murderers, but nothing is more disgusting than when they blame the victim.

also, if this is what mj did why did it take so long to call 911? most people, when they realize someone has taken an overdose, call 911 asap. yet murray dropped his cell phone on the floor (with his girlfriend still on it) and started bouncing mj up and down on the mattress (murray's useless "cpr").

murray eventually left the room to get mj's security people and had THEM call 911. by the fact he didn't use the fucking phone in his damn hand he contributed to mj's death.

if he'd instantly called, it'd be different. but, he waited... btw, I strongly feel that he isn't going to get in that much trouble for this. michael's fans need to go ahead and brace themselves.

speaking of which... michael's fans believe mj faked his death. they think he is biding his time before he sends for the kids.

I don't know about that... I don't know if mj would take any chance that his kids could fall into joe's clutches. but, that's just my opinion.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

That doctor is full of crap, in my opinion. If screwing little boys for 20 years didn't make that bastard want to kill himself and releasing flops like HIStory didn't do it, then I really doubt his majesty King of Ego would kill himself because he's scared his performances weren't up to snuff. That doctor killed him, either deliberately or through negligence.
Still, one less child molestor in the world is not to be missed, in my opinion.

shampoo said...

i don't really miss michael. it's just this conrad murray guy is so.... grr! he killed michael. like you said, it could be negilence... but it's bad enough that if that's it, he should never be allowed to practice medicine again. or his practice should be restricted to child molesters since there is a 90% chance he will kill any patient.

and, the thing is, michael's rehearsals were pretty good. maybe michael didn't have the stamina to do the performances, but he had the ability. i have seen little bits and pieces of it, and michael wasn't doing badly. he also had a lot of ideas for the other people in the show. so, i think he felt good about the performance. (and, like you said, there's the ego thing... michael had no doubt in his ability to perform.)

plus, with all of the drugs in his system, i don't know if michael would have been able to do what conrad murray alleges. certainly not in "two minutes."

another thing... michael had LOTS of pills. if he'd wanted to kill himself, he didn't have to wait for conrad murray. he waited for conrad murray because he wanted to SLEEP, not die.

plus, i think conrad murray giving michael a couple of other drugs (twice) was worse than just giving michael the profinol in the first place. as you know, each one does something else to depress the system (respiratory, brain, circulatory) and when i heard THAT, well, that doesn't seem like a mistake a doctor would make if he was competent and trying to keep his patient alive. of course, murray seems to be wildly incompetent...

i also don't believe he was "concerned" michael was "getting addicted." he KNEW michael was fucking addicted and, even if he wasn't, enough profinol was obtained that would surely addict michael. i think that was a cover story to make up for the fact that maybe murray had given michael those other drugs and then the profinol and, when michael died, realized that was a stupid fucking thing to do. there's no telling how close mj came to dying under murray's care before he finally did. (unless usually murray was competent and this was a deliberate murder)

Allen the Duck Guy said...

Yeah that Murray guy is a sleeze at best. He's just bullshitting. I don't think it will help him. I bet he's toast- and deservedly so.
Still, having him operate on an all child molestor clientele would be awesome.

shampoo said...

hehe, i thought that was a good one. the charges against murray aren't as serious as they should be... 2nd degree murder maybe? or 2nd degree something.... but, some are saying that was chosen because that's the most likely conviction they can get on him. idk..