Tuesday, March 30, 2010

not pandora!!!

everyone who watches rupaul's drag race on logo probably knew this days ago. but, now i have seen yet another travesty! pandora box, my FAVORITE has been sent home! nooooo!!!

they had to transform an old geezer into their drag mothers. tatiana picked an old man who couldn't walk in high heels. haha he also lectured her about the gay pantheon when he found out tatiana (i know she's a guy, i can't remember her real name) didn't know who oscar wilde was!

yes, it used to be real work to be a homosexual, say the old queens (well, i don't know if they're always queens as one had heavy facial hair, but they were queens on this show). but, seriously, how can anyone not have at least heard of oscar wilde? don't we still have schools in this country?


Ricky Sprague said...

I thought it was especially unfair that the judges said that Pandora was "outshined" by her drag mother. Wasn't the point of the challenge to turn these men into drag mothers, and to therefore let them "shine"? It made no sense to me.

I didn't especially like what Tyra Sanchez did with her drag mother, either.

Jujubee should have gone home.

shampoo said...

ricky, i didn't know you watched this show! i agree, it seems pandora did a good job. i thought it was good she gave her "mother" the spotlight.

i don't know why tyra is still there or why she's even named tyra. she's just doing beyonce over and over.

i agree about jujubee. but, they just love her. i thought it was sweet that jujubee didn't like competing against pandora. hm, ditzy tatiana even likes jujubee. maybe she's just a really nice person.

raven carrying steve off made me really notice one thing: these older gays are really in bad shape. i've been around plenty of 80 year olds who were stronger, but they weren't gay... i wonder if that makes a difference? (no idea why it would, but the bad shape of these men was shocking to me.)