Saturday, March 27, 2010

brief personal update... i have a new television

well, i went yesterday and got myself one of the new-fangled flat screen televisions the kids today are talking about. i got it at a local place and it's a brand new 2010 model. yay! i was momentarily seduced by a 42 inch model, but i got a 32 inch one. it was expensive enough and i don't have a ton of money or a very big interview either.

also, my sister and i were able to bring it inside. my nephew came by and hooked it up. then my cotton picking direct tv thingie didn't work. but i called them and sorted that out and i am watching the tv as i type.

i guess this is not news to most people, but my tv has this "freeze" thing (i don't have dvr or tivo or anything) so i can freeze pictures and look at them. the audio continues on as the show continues on, but that's still pretty neat.

this is a widescreen, so it has these bars alongside everything that's not widescreen. that's a little different. but i like to watch movie in widescreen format, so if i were to hook a dvd player up to this, well, then i would be in business.

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Allen the Duck Guy said...

Congradulations on the TV. It sounds cool. I have the same plain TVs I've had for 15 years, but I do have a DVR which is the coolest TV gadget ever.