Thursday, March 18, 2010

sober house, it will be a damn miracle if anyone fails to relapse

so, I have watched nearly two episodes and so far it's, predictably, the kari ann show. and it's not even good for HER. she's on drugs and she is being kari ann.

jen, ever professional, is yelling and cursing at kari ann to leave. now jen is whipping up the drama with the other residents (like they need that).

however, kari ann is not able to completely take the show off the rails by herself because dr. drew is definitely bringing back shifty's worthless ass. I would rather they pick up a random person off the street than bring him back.

at this point, i'd rather see fucking conaway back (and I really don't want to see him again). because one thing he never did: smoke crack on the roof. although, that may only be because he can't figure out how to get up there.

I see shifty has gotten yet more disgusting since last time. if dr. drew wants to "help" him it shouldn't be on a tv show because it seems to me shifty only realizes he has a problem when it's on tv.

however, there was some discussion about shifty's deal with jen last season. but these poor people are so happy kari is gone. wait til they see what they have in store for them.

I tried to give shifty a chance. I even overlooked that awful "butterfly" song (momentarily, there is no forgiveness for that), but he just wants some attention. and he's getting it.

jen will be overjoyed. she's saying she must be "tough on him this time."


Allen the Duck Guy said...

i didn't even know that sober house was back on the air. i thought the first season was a trainwreck. i mean, from the manson family sober house they visited first to the obvious RAPE of amber smith (you know, the one where she went to some asshole hockey player's party, got really obviously fucked up, ushered off to some room after all the other girls had left- and THEN WAS FUCKING LEFT BY THE CAMERA CREW!!!!)to jen's bizarre obsession with andy dick to shifty playing the attention whore as usual because some guy didn't like his music (boy, that sounds familiar) to the edited and manipulated footage of mary carey that made her look deranged and as if she's dating a monster...
sigh. it will be a damn miracle if anyone even survives.
i refuse to watch though because that fucking camera crew left a human being to the un-tender mercies (that is, rapes) of god-knows-what.
dr. drew should have his license revoked and that camera crew should be locked up for accessory.
but then, this is VH1, who got a murderous psychopath to play significant roles in two of their shows. way to go, guys.

shampoo said...

i haven't kept up with either series as devotedly as i did when i was certain people were being helped.

jen's (and some of the other stuff at the prc) main problems is she is too inconsistent. they need someone who is fair... like on celebrity fit club, they treat people much more fairly there.

also, i have been thinking... these girls who are recovering from sex addiction probably shouldn't be there with heidi or (if it is true that's she's a madam now) kari ann. one girl brought up her prositution and heidi opined that was a great job.

but, then it seems like you wouldn't want to mix sex addicts and drug adddicts just because of the differences in what they are and are not allowed to do.

all of that aside, the way amber was treated was deplorable. that was the worst thing they've done surprassing even jeff kicking his girlfriend in the chest. also bad was shifty returning (with hamsters and dope)to cr2.