Thursday, March 18, 2010

when you find yourself adding bongos, stop and think wtf you are doing

i cannot even...

o.k., adam lambert has this song called "whattya want from me" (or some other grammatically tortured crap). because this has bugged me ever since i heard it, i must share: this is an unreleased pink song... it's pretty obvious once you know because he uses her phrasing exactly.

well, apparently everyone else in america appreciates the fuck out of the song because now we have the UNPLUGGED VERSION (you know for the people who can't handle the hard rock sound of adam fucking lambert) with BONGOS! oh, and it's slower. it may also be in b&w, but i don't think so. i think i am confusing him with pink herself now.

argh. also, this jason bieber kid needs to be concerned that he is 16 and his voice hasn't changed. seriously. he's got a song where ludacris raps a bit about a girl he loved when he was 13 (a girl ludacris loved). yeah, ludacris probably seriously believed this kid was about 12.

p.s., i know i resisted the urge to post about 30 seconds... but.. the bongos... it was the bongos!


Allen the Duck Guy said...

adam lambert is the worst pile of vomit to slime over music in many moons. he is a complete vacuum of talent- an example of the 'show over skill' that plagues modern music.
That aside, bongos only work if you're naked and are named matthem mcconaughey.
adding cowbell, however, is always good. more cowbell!

shampoo said...

matthew m. gets his babies to play the cowbell.