Tuesday, March 9, 2010

some future posting ideas...

well, i have begun research on another round of posting...

it all started with the idea to do a post about buddy holly. i guess every time i see crazy ass gary busey i think of buddy holly because gary just loved him so much.

i saw the movie a long time ago. before, in fact, gary's motorcycle accident. i can't watch it now.. because it's losses on top of losses... gary couldn't do a performance like that ever again after his brain damage.

i can't imagine losing three major acts all at once like that... how kids must have felt with buddy holly, richie valens, and the big booper all dying in an iowa plane crash. buddy holly was 22 years old and i think richie valens was even younger (they're showing la bamba on one of the music channels, maybe i'll watch it). this happened in 1959.

in 1956, there had been a big tour of mostly r&b stars: the top stars of 56 tour was headlined by al hibbler, frankie lymon and the teenagers (they made a movie about him, too... he had a lot of ladies), carl perkins (his song "blue suede shoes" was on the r&b charts in 56). also performing (for at least part of the tour, maybe all of it) were chuck berry, cathy carr, shirley & lee, della reese, and the cleftones.

one of the shows had 8,000 seats/capacity. 50,000-70,000 kids tried to attend the concert. traffic was tied up for seven hours due to this... i guess i see why the adults got annoyed with the "darned kids and their loud music!" can you imagine trying to get home for work among a bunch of teenagers trying to get to a concert. and since it was the 50s... you know, they had hot rods back then... i'm just saying..

so, this has morphed into an idea to do some posts about various singers from back in the day... just whoever turns out to have an intriguing story.

i may also do a post on cab calloway since daddy once said about him, "he was really going big, but he just quit." the reason? the mafia wanted their cut (according to something my father heard cab saying), so cab calloway decided it might be safer to be obscure. fortunately, janet jackson had used cab in one of her videos or i might not have ever heard that interesting little story. "really going big" was my father's highest praise for an entertainer, btw.

researching it, i've already run across so many famous names that it's crazy. so this may turn out to be rather involved... but i'm going to try! :)


Allen the Duck Guy said...

i love the phrase "really going big." it cracks me up. your dad had a lot of great ones like that and "set up like concrete." he was a pretty cool guy (raised a helluva daughter, that's for sure).

yeah, i have heard and read a lot of interviews with a variety of artists in the 2nd and 3rd generation of rock who said 'the day the music died' was a tough day. i guess i unberstand. when i heard that kurt cobain was dead i was devastated, and he was just one guy.

buddy holly was crazy talented. gone way before his time. richie valens was the same. to lose them simultaneously... well, it's a testament to their influence as artists that rock n roll survived.

it seems a shame that those guys died and the laurel canyon crowd more or less replaced them. as much as i do like some of the laural canyon crowd, they really did not have the same energy or innovative balls as that first gen of rock n roll.

as much as you know about this stuff, you should definitely weigh in. it's really interesting stuff-- not that you don't blog interesting stuff as it is...:)

shampoo said...

yeah... i miss my daddy. he was a goody daddy.

shampoo said...

i meant good, not "goody".

i guess i have been reading too much.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

i miss mine too. :)

shampoo said...

yeah... i know...i'm sorry.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I didn't mean to make you feel bad, only to sympathize.