Friday, March 5, 2010

john lennon, i cant bring myself to watch...

vh1 (or maybe it's mtv... viacom anyway) has a show called "celebrity crime scene." this week: john lennon. even the commercials (when it's mostly a renactment) are creeping me out.

I saw the anna nicole one. btw, howard K. stern and two doctors are on trials nowish due to the fact that had she not been taking chloral hydrate as a sleep aid, she'd still be alive. toxicology showed that it was what made the low doses of other drugs fatal. (hmmm... I wonder if daniel smith so happened to have been "using" it as well?)

they called this an "antiquated sleep aid". they aren't kidding. people have been using it since the 18th century. it's possibly fine if you're not taking valium or something (low doses of 8 other drugs including an antibiotic were in anna's system).

I saw the michael jackson one. his doctor is either the worst doctor ever or he killed michael on purpose. he's on trial so maybe we'll find out.

he did such things like trying to break michael's "addiction to profinol" by loading him down with psychohypnotics (valium, etc.) then giving him the profinol anyway.

then he went and yammered on the phone for an hour. when he strolled back in, he glanced over and noticed michael. so he bounced him around on the mattress doing fake cpr for 20-25 minutes before running to tell security to call 911. (wasnt there a cell phone in this?)

so, and trust me I am NOT a fan of mj, this sounds like straight up murder. michael was not in good health, so this was overkill.

everyone says when they give you this in the hospital, a nurse is assigned to watch your breathing and heart rate the entire time. I have seen this being done. since you're knocked out, the nurse doesn't have to be quiet (although they probably will be) or sitting in the dark. this is the original story dr. murray told the lapd. he's changed it since then.

so, I guess the difference is we all know exactly WHAT killed john lennon. being shot is frequently fatal as is losing a lot of blood. both things happened to john. and we know who was actually holding the gun. what we don't know... they're not going to get into based on what they've said. so, I guess there's no point in watching.

speaking of john lennon ... there's a lot of bringing up how he was killed lately.

conspiracy "theories" are (and have been for years) that this is manchurian candidate murder. I really don't know the conspiracy details on this one, but it stinks pretty badly.

I just hate to see that kind of thing. it's sad and it's so wasteful. I seriously doubt this one is still being truly investigated, so it's just a death renactment. and it's been renacted too much already.

let's try to remember john's life rather than his death (since we can't bring him back) unless there is a good chance to get justice for him.

honestly, I am kind of neutral on john lennon from a fan standpoint ... he seemed nice and he was talented. he's a little like jessica simpson to me (only a much, much better musician, singer, and songwriter), I have no reason to speak ill of him. but, what happened to him was really unfair. if the promos for the show bother me so much, I wonder how his fans feel about it...

of course, not all celebrity crimes are fatal (thankfully). I wonder if they're going to do any of those? that would be interesting because they could get the victim's viewpoint.

an example of what I mean would be what happened to erin andrews with that weirdo peeping tom putting naked pictures of her on the internet. granted, we know she didn't like it one bit. but, what precautions have been taken protect her and other people from this sort of thing? does she have any advice for other victims?


Allen the Duck Guy said...

i wonder if they'll do crimes that celebrities commited?
y'know, like saint godling demigod michael jackson who liked to fuck little boys.

shampoo said...

i don't know... that seems like a good idea. although, LAWYERS. so maybe not...