Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WHO is voting for kate?

tonight, when watching dwts, i was horrified to find that kate gosselin was not in the bottom two. meaning there was NO WAY they could send her home! what? she did AWFUL with her dancing. no surprise as she spent more time arguing than practicing.

the bottom two were shannon doherty and pamela anderson. pam actually got good scores from the judges and shannon was doing pretty well. i worried for shannon because i don't think she has many fans, but how can she have fewer than kate? plus, shannon's dance was so much better than kate's that it's difficult to find a comparison that doesn't sound like hyperbole.

WHY would anyone vote for kate? i thought people in mental institutions didn't have access to phones.

as far as the "mom" vote, how well, pam is a mom. just because she held it down to a reasonable number of children is no reason to be prejudiced against her. i'm not sure about shannon (and i'm not looking it up), but it's possible she's a mother as well. plus, her dad was there and that was sweet.

the only thing that makes it a little o.k. that shannon was unfairly sent home early is the fact that her dance partner wasn't going to be able to continue due to injury. so she would have needed to change partners. unlike kate, shannon was happy with her partner and was relunctant to continue without him (although, she probably would have).

kate tried to get her partner FIRED! like anyone else would have been able to magically instill within her the ability to dance. although, if she'd remove the stick, she might do better.


Ricky Sprague said...

A lot of people (I am related to some of them) like K. Gosselin. She will probably last into the second half of the season.

Pamela Anderson has hepatitis. She made a sex tape. She is going home next. It's surprising to me that Shannen Doherty went home first.

shampoo said...

ricky, maybe some of the men whose wives make them watch the show will sneak off and vote for pamela. haha

not voting for kate would be merciful if you were her fan. i feel sorry for her when she's trying to dance. but, you're probably right... we'll probably be stuck with her for a long time while people who are much better are voted off. :(

i feel bad for shannon. her partner should have helped her with presentation because she ought to have gotten better scores. she was right, she needed a routine she could do with confidence. but, she did pipe down and learn the dance mark choreographed as well as she was able.

on this show, people have to have a great fan base (that will actually vote.. i've never voted) OR you need to be able to "sell" the dance to the audience.

i guess kate won't be bumped off until her fan base has to choose between her and someone else they like just as much. or they can be overwhelmed by someone else's fan base (like maybe that ocho guy's fans).