Tuesday, March 9, 2010

is shorty the new sweetheart?

i had fuse on today and they were playing the top hip-hop list. at number 9 was sean kingston and his ode to shorty (if you've never heard of this song, it's called "replay"). he confides that "shorty" (a pretty girl shows up later to represent this lady) is "like a melody" that he can't get out of his head. it's almost as if his ipod is stuck on replay (hm, that doesn't sound good at first, but i assume sean kingston only puts songs he thinks are super awesome on his ipod).

he likens shorty to a poster girl and says she's a "dime", etc. so, sean likes shorty a lot is what i'm saying. he's even going to cook her something nice. (awww..)

romantics of the world can only hope that sean is singing to a real girl (maybe even the girl in the video!) and that their love will always be the illest ipod playlist ever (i believe the young people use "ill" to describe things positively these days, i'm trying to be modern to suit the ipod).

but, "shorty" is a bit of a strange word to become an endearment. nothing's wrong with it and, as far as i know, it doesn't have any negative connotations. but, it must be the new sweetheart because this isn't the only song to "shorty" that is out right now.

here's what i'm wondering, what about tall girls? are they still shorties? does the guy have to be taller than they are? or could any girl potentially be called a "shorty"?

i know "shorty" has been around for a while, but busta rhymes once referred to himself (i mean himself as a child) as a "little shorty". so, this indicates it's not always been just for girlfriends. pf course, that may have been back in the late 90s when ipods were not yet dangling from ears around the world.

most commonly, i guess i have heard it applied to girls/women (depending on the ages of the people involved) whether referring to a group or an individual. it seems that it may have come to mean a guy's special girl more recently, but i'm not sure about this... i don't know... it does sound kind of cute.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

the ironic thing is, the first time i heard someone call a girl shorty it was flavor flave, who himself is not exactly a towering figure.
and shorty is certainly an improvement over ho and bitch! i guess when oprah comes down you, you change or die. lol.
ill is one word. i hear sick a lot as well. i guess the future will be terminal and malignant. "dude- that song is totally malignant!"

shampoo said...

there's a group called "forever the sickest kids", but they are white. i'm not sure if "ill" and "sick" is interchangeable. it seems like the would be, but slang it is strange.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

yeah, slang is weird. it's interesting, though. funny too. those darned kids and their weird words!