Tuesday, March 2, 2010

omg! buzz aldrin, nicey nash (deputy raneesha williams), and pam anderson on dwts

is it weird that raneesha and buzz are already tied as my favorite competitors ever?

pam, I thought I was seeing the lovely wife of ice-t, coco. please let both ice-t and coco go on this show. or just coco.

pussycat doll nicole scherzsinger (or wtfever) is also going to be there. I know her dancing is mostly stripper moves, but still, doesn't that qualify her as dancer?


Allen the Duck Guy said...

nicey nash is awesome! i loved her on reno 911 and on clean house. i hope she wins.
on the other hand kate 'superbitch' gosselin is going to be on the show. doesn't that rancid bitch have eight kids to raise??? how does she find the damned time to be on a dancing show?

shampoo said...

surely no one would ever vote for kate. ugh.

gooooo nicey!!

Allen the Duck Guy said...

nicey is awesome. she's actually really pretty too, when she's not on reno 911.

what the hell is buzz aldrin doing on dwts?????????? isn't he, like, a hero of human history? doesn;t that make him better than that?

kate gosselin is such a bitch. i reconsidered my last post- it's probably best for the kids if she isn't around them.

Ricky Sprague said...

shampoo, you missed a real opportunity here -- one of the contestants is ERIN ANDREWS, and you didn't mention her at all. Whenever I mention her on my blog it's good for about 10,000 or so visitors. You should try it.

shampoo said...

ricky, lol... I forgot about her so excited was I about buzz and nicey. haha

maybe i'll research erin a bit and post about her. such as, does she have armed guards outside her hotel room?

allen tdg, all I can think is he really likes dancing? the show does look fun. most people who participate enjoy it.