Monday, March 8, 2010

best makeup or the only 2010 oscar winner i actually saw

once upon the time, when shampoo was tangentially in the biz (haha) shampoo saw the movies and watched the academy awards and had opinions about them. i just read the list and... well... i suppose it's fine. the list i read didn't have EVERY award, but it had most of the ones that people care about. and i've seen one: Star Trek. it won best makeup. i suppose it deserved that, but i really could not say as i didn't watch the broadcast and i don't know what else was nominated.

some of the other movies sound really sad. :( shampoo can't handle too many sad things just now.

i noticed that sandra bullock won, so that means she won the razzie and the oscar just like a million blogs have speculated about for months now. so, i suppose that's nice for her. congrats, sandra. i'm sure you're reading this. (waves) j/k

my sister saw the blind side, and she liked it. so, take that for what it's worth.


Ricky Sprague said...

I didn't even see the new Star Trek movie, so you're one up on me. I used to go to the movies at least 50 times a year (or I'd see at least 50 movies a year, but sometimes I'd see two or three in the same day). Now, not so much. I went to the movies TWICE last year.

RE: Sandra Bullock winning a Razzie: I really think the Razzies stink. They don't actually go after the "worst" movies, they go after "notorious" movies. Movies that critics panned and that, generally, didn't do very well. I think that Ms. Bullock was right to call them out about it when she went to accept the award, and right to point out that the voters probably didn't even watch the films. Her film, anyway.

I didn't see "All About Steve," so I can't say for sure, and I also didn't see EVERY OTHER FILM made last year, so I REALLY can't say for sure, but I seriously doubt that Sandra Bullock, the star of "Speed," gave the worst female performance last year.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

That's the best description of the Razzies I've ever read!
I saw a few of the Oscar nominees this year, but I wasn't really impressed. District 9 was ok, but predictable. Star Trek, which being a Trekkie I should have loved, was only okay. The Hangover was actually dull. I'd like to see Up and the Hurt Locker. Maybe the Blindside, since Sandra Bullock is usually pretty good.
But I have to say, All About Steve would have to be a barely intelligible trainwreck filmed by high school students to match the terribleness of Dragon Ball.
The best movie I saw all of last year, and it receive not even 1 nomination that I know of, was Paranormal Activity.

shampoo said...

ricky sprague, i know what you mean. haha

you're right about the razzies. sometimes it seems they go after movies that had bad marketing which i think was a lot of the problem with "all about steve."

they had sandra being annoying in some of it... since it was too out of context, it wasn't particularly funny. but if i saw the whole movie, those scenes might be funny.

then there's land of the lost. some critic came out and said, "it's a typical will ferrell movie." that isn't entirely true because there are a lot of humorous references to the original show. such as when the scientist lady announces she's naming the t-rex that keeps trying to eat them "grumpy." however, it's a comedy starring will ferrell, so what's wrong with it being a "typical" movie for him?

after seeing how this critic thing works, i'm surprised anyone listens to them. i've seen waaaay too many one sheets with positive quotes for movies that were so bad that it's hard to see anything positive in them.

allen tdg, is paranormal activity the one where people set up a camera in their house?

Allen the Duck Guy said...

Yeah. The girl is being haunted and the guy sets up a camera to document it. It's a terrific film. Atmospheric, well acted, and directed with classic horror flair. It harkens back to the days when Hollywood still knew that horror was 90% atmosphere and not gore/torture porn. Great movie.
Oh, and I loved Land of the Lost. Yeah, it was typical Will Ferrell movie, but so? Al Pacino and Robert DiNiro have been playing the same two characters in movie after movie for 30 years. They are very good at it, but still- they are typical Pacino/DiNiro films.

shampoo said...

it's also got a ouja board... BEWARE THE OUJA BOARD. has tawney not told us?

Allen the Duck Guy said...

And don't forget the Exorcist. Ouja had a lot to do with everyone's favorite cross humping. pea-soup vomiting little girl's possession.