Sunday, March 7, 2010

lady antebellum, how stupid are people really?

i just heard on vh1 that people do not know what this name means. AARGGGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!! there a thing i have heard of called a 'dictionary' look it the fuck up. i am not into this group. it sounds like country music to me. most country music (with only a few songs notable exception) sucks so bad i cannot even deal.

speaking of things i cannot deal with...

being raised with a bunch of baby boomers, i hate the beatles. i mean, i can't listen to them hardly at all. but i don't think they suck... it's just me. they are talented. i get why other people might like them. but, maybe in 30 more years, i can try them out.

so, that's what i meant by john lennon. i don't listen to his stuff really. but, he was really talented. he wasn't putting out crap by any means (i am counting yoko's contributions separately).

any time there is someone talented at the forefront of music, it does elevate everything. and i can appreciate that even if that person isn't someone i am personally into. that's why it really upsets me about john dying like he did. if he'd been around some of the crap we all lived through musically probably wouldn't have happened because they'd been too embarrassed to put crap like that out.

the record companies apparently want cookie cutter music. they want everyone to be expendable and replaceable. they do not want to be held hostage to some "artiste" who can't think of anything to put on his/her album right now when they would really like a bestseller. that's why sometimes people who could have long careers really do not (in fact this often seems to be due to some sort of tragic death, go figure).

and they wonder why we could give a shit that they are going out of business. in fact, we're a bit gleeful about it... we know good and well that the people who have talent will be able to get their music out. they always have and they always will. back in the day, people passed mix tapes around and then you'd go on the EPIC SEARCH to find someone who carried the real thing for your favorites. well, it's way easier now.

as for cookie cutter, a good example of what i mean is this rich chick from a rich suburb kesha (she spells it with a '$', but fuck that noise). she's working the dirty ho angle. wtfever. i know exactly where she is from and i have to LOL. but her song tik tok, dance hit, anyone with any ability could make that a hit. now, many people wouldn't lower themselves to that simplistic rhyme scheme and whatnot. but if they would... it'd be a hit. now, she's got TWO MORE SONGS. if anyone spends money on this .... gah, i have to wonder. they still have radio, right? listen 4 free, peeps.

so, jessica simpson is kind of a more simplistic pop star type, but she's not working the dirty ho angle (no offense to dirty hos, but if you work it you ought to be one). i think she's trying to be herself. and i do respect this. still not going to listen to her, but i do respect this. plus, being mean to her seems a lot like kicking a puppy. i think she realizes she's not the "be all and end all of music".

hmmm... i think anyone who ever actually WAS the "be all and end all of music" has too much respect for other composers to run off at the mouth like that. but, what do i know, i have never met these people as they have been dead for some centuries.

as for my musical taste... yeah, i am from that really fucking annoying gen x group to is picky as fuck about all music and super hyper critical. and i'm totes used to someone saying "i don't liiiiiike that! can't we listen to air supply???" (a direct quote from one of my h.s. hangout partners)

but i have studied music, so i respect if someone has skill on their instrument or can write good lyrics or is trying new things. anyone who is doing all of that and doing it well, is pretty impressive, no matter what genre they're working. and it's sad that the music industry doesn't seem to appreciate it.

not the whole industry, naturally, there are people who are into talent. but they are always outnumbered by people who are into money. apparently pairing the two together seems to be more trouble than it's worth.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

i wrote a big, long reply to this but because of the stupid fucking word verification, it was all deleted.

shampoo said...

i'm sorry... i thought i had lost a lot of stuff because my sister came by and my computer was unplugged for a long time...

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the person who wrote this article doesn't really know much about music...

But that's okay though 'cause most of society doesn't.