Thursday, March 18, 2010

forever the sickest shampoo

well, shampoo has bronchitis!

i've started a few longer posts, but hit abort on them because they were stupid.

now, my ever-present insomnia has kicked in so expect some weirdness like...

is it against the law these days to play rock videos or something? i mean, seriously. i have been flipping between the music channels and i am seeing the same few videos over and over. i will try my best to refrain from posting in detail about them, but i can't promise anything. haha

antibiotics should be otc for people like me, i swear. actually, my local pharmacy should just carry a "shampoo is sick again, same old same old" kit for me to pick up prn.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

get well soon shampoo.
i'm glad you are feeling well enough to at least return to your blog. i know it makes you happy.

shampoo said...

thank you. :)