Monday, July 19, 2010

jaimie and angie and degrassi's twins: "brothers are forever"

the originals, very nicely dressed

declan and fiona coyne, twins from degrassi (landon liboiron and annie clark)

not twins, with their father jon voight

they all get cowboy on us
angie and jaimie with mommy and daddy
flowers are delicious
let's be vampires!
matching outfits
holding hands with dad (i wish this was better quality)

most everyone knows that angie kissed her brother at the academy awards. if you look into this for about two minutes, you will find she kissed him at a lot of different events and photoshoots and just in general. of course, they have brushed off any suggestion that this is anything other than normal affection. everyone who has siblings said, "hmmm...". but, there's really no way to know anything about it besides what we saw and they said... and it's not like they were little kids. so, it kind of faded from memory. maybe younger people don't even know about it. or if they have heard about it, they probably think those of us who were around in the prudish 1990s were very confused and they probably just shook hands or something.

but, the writers of degrassi have not forgotten. in fact, i think they have every interview angie and jaimie have ever done on their pdas for easy access. because i swear... sometimes... but, let's just get into this particular dip into the pool of incestual implications.

so, declan and fiona are the rich kids of a diplomat and have thus moved around "only having each other." people who know them dryly observe that they're routinely mistaken for boyfriend and girlfriend because "they're very close."

fiona is very distant with the mere mortals that attend degrassi (or exist on earth, whatever), so she's let's say "mysterious." and she's just outright odd. then there's her endearing traits like calling things normal high school students eat "peasant food." in other words, she has no friends. except her brother, of course.

even though they both sniff their ponytails at the thought of public school, for some reason declan takes to the place. well, because it's degrassi and everyone who goes there (except fiona, of course) lurves it. maybe it's got something to do with the fact that every teacher gives you 1000 chances to get a good grade and there are millions of free extracurricular activities for "joiners" (this doesn't mean the same thing in canada, or at least i don't think they're talking about construction workers). it's just super terrific. in fact, declan wants to stay there and graduate while fifi wants to take herself back to manhattan. maybe this has something to do with the fact declan has a girlfriend.

unfortunately, for fiona this is a television show. so that means that moving to another country does not get rid of the girlfriend. she packs up and moves as well. hell, she even brings her good friend for the subplot's sake.

anyway, when fiona catches her brother and his girlfriend making out at a party, she decides to prove there's nothing girlfriends can do that she can't do better! happily, the paparazzi, showing resourcefulness beyond anything i ever imagined, get a photo for the newspaper. even the music television channel runs the "twincest" story.

then declan shows up and declares his love for his girlfriend while telling her his sister has been banished to the hamptons (i don't get that part, are they down with the crazy there or what?) since he now sees that she is just not o.k. but, trust, this will not be the end of that because fiona is going to get him back by finding the worst not-related-to-her boyfriend she can find. although, she sort of overdid it because she picked one of those guys that likes to smack his bitch up and, unfortunately, that would be her. so, i figure her brother's reaction to that will completely bizarre.

before this episode aired, i read people carrying on over on some degrassi message board about how "brave" the writers were to do this. the hell you say? what's "brave" about this? is this something a lot of high school kids deal with that we MUST cover? i'm just going to go out on a limb and say no, it's not.

being that i don't have a young and impressionable mind i thought it was pretty hilarious. also, i am enjoying trying to figure out where they got certain aspects of the stories.

i don't know where i got these photos... if you own one and want it removed, just let me know.

"please don't take a picture"
back in the day, note the big cat print

looking forlorn on ugly 70s furniture

Saturday, July 17, 2010

happy birthday "old spice"

it's phyllis diller's birthday, everyone! i saw a skit she did for "spice girl tryouts" (i don't remember which comedy sketch show) where she was "old spice." hilarious. love her.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ketchup powder? on popcorn? really?

so, teen nick (yes, i know) is playing "every degrassi ever". one episode introduced me to something i had (thankfully) never heard of.. and yes, i am sharing the horror.

manny sez to emma "popcorn with extra ketchup powder."

now, i knew they had ketchup-flavored potato chips, but... i can see how that MIGHT taste all right. they're fried potatoes and ketchup tastes good on french fries. i even read someone saying the powder on the chips mixes with "the salvia in your mouth" to taste like regular chips. er, that sounds SUPER APPETIZING, so i will take that back.

but, who the fuck ever thought, ketchup and corn... those two flavors need to come together? sick and wrong.

and why is canada's ketchup in powder form?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

deadliest warrior: vlad tepes vs. sun tzu

so, dracula has finally shown up on deadliest warrior. you know they've been waiting with baited breath to do this one. i'm a bit surprised as sun tzu has his match-up. maybe it would have been more interesting to put alexander the great vs. sun tzu. then maybe genghis khan vs. vlad tepes?

the most interesting thing about this episode was i learned something very, very important. there really IS something called a "hand cannon." i always just thought that was a slang term for a large caliber pistol. but, come to find out, there actually IS a hand-held cannon! and it even has a hook on it so you can use it to clobber enemies in melee combat. which you will be in if you fail to kill your foe with the hand cannon because it takes about a minute to reload.

i have really gotten sun tzu's weapons a bit confused with the ming warriors they had the next episode fighting the french musketeers. both of these episodes showed highly creative weapons which are quite destructive. however, when your enemy has iron armor as well as firearms, they have an incredible advantage. so, both sun tzu and the ming warriors lost. but, at least the musketeers did not use the same method of celebration of victory that dracula did in the sketch. (wince)