Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ketchup powder? on popcorn? really?

so, teen nick (yes, i know) is playing "every degrassi ever". one episode introduced me to something i had (thankfully) never heard of.. and yes, i am sharing the horror.

manny sez to emma "popcorn with extra ketchup powder."

now, i knew they had ketchup-flavored potato chips, but... i can see how that MIGHT taste all right. they're fried potatoes and ketchup tastes good on french fries. i even read someone saying the powder on the chips mixes with "the salvia in your mouth" to taste like regular chips. er, that sounds SUPER APPETIZING, so i will take that back.

but, who the fuck ever thought, ketchup and corn... those two flavors need to come together? sick and wrong.

and why is canada's ketchup in powder form?


Allen the Duck Guy said...

Canada is better than us (just ask them). They have powdered ketchup because only fat, stupid, arrogant Americans would bother with antiquated bottled ketchup.

shampoo said...

we love the delicious calories. also, our ketchup does count as a vegetable (just ask the ghost of ronald reagan).

Teddy the Boxer said...

I live in Canada and have never heard of powdered ketchup, though I wish I new where to get it LOL!