Wednesday, March 24, 2010

conspiracy, lady gaga, mind control and the occult

i have things going on in my personal life, but i have been thinking about these subjects for a while now. so, to distract from my real life.. i'm going to take a stab at an article. i've been reading a lot of things about lady gaga that are a bit... well, they seem rather heavy handed.

to quickly go over why i think i am even vaguely qualified to write about any of this.... i studied behavior modification in college (along with other types of psychology). mind control techniques derive from behavior modification and classical conditioning. in fact, we learned the principles behind what was referred to as "brainwashing." since that time, i have learned of various documents that have been declassified. in reading, i'm coming across things i learned about as well as experiments i knew about (these were not mind control experiments, but they were psychology experiments) that linked into this information.

i also found out about the mkultra congressional hearings as well as some sort of apology that bill clinton issued to some victims of mind control. then there's the canadians who successfully sued dr. ewen cameron and the cia for his "psychic driving" experiments (where he proved he could wipe out people's memories and replace them with something else, such as he convinced one poor man he'd killed his mother... this man had killed no one and his mother was alive and well). dr. ewen cameron is also known as dr. white. he was VERY respected in his field in his day. (the doctors involved in mkultra tended to go by colors there... drs. white, black, green, and blue. i am not sure who dr. blue is, and there is more than one dr. green.)

of course, there are people who will tell me to tighten my tin foil hat. wtfever. they can go to the cia's fucking website and do some reading. they should find some surprises there. well, unless the whole thing has been changed since the last time i checked it... in which case, this stuff IS online and not just at wacky "conspiracy theory" (i guess even when it's proven it's a theory to some people) website. it's highly unpleasant reading and there's not proof for every little thing being alleged. there is, however, proof that some of these things really did happen to both children and adults. mind control, unfortunately, is real.

fortunately, mind control of this type is not easy to accomplish and it's even harder to keep in place. full-on mind control requires quite a time commitment because the person under control has to have a handler to keep them under control. if they are left to their own devices, their programming could break down, their original personality could reassert, their mental problems could overwhelm them, or they may find themselves literally unable to cope. it's possible those problems have been corrected and they have an easier and better way, i suppose. the information we have access to is at least twenty years out of date. i'm just hoping i'm right about this and it IS still hard to do.

certain people like cathy o'brien and cisco wheeler DID have full-time handlers. so, for some people, it has (and probably is) happening. if you don't google these women, their names won't be familiar to you. whether they could have functioned as entertainers under public scruntity is difficult to say... from cisco's writings there were people who were programmed for more public lives than she had, but even these people are not exactly household names.

there's one particularly awful scene where cathy o'brien (when writing the book) realizes she was just sitting in a very dangerous situation waiting for someone to come see her after being told some troubling things, but because of the mind control, nothing was going on in her mind at all as she waited. she was regularly drugged, overworked, and underfed to keep her in a more suggestible state. she very rarely ventured out on her own and when she did, she had been very specific directions on what to do.

however, even with all of that in place, cathy's programming broke because she already had DID. when exposed to an extreme trauma, she created another alter split on her own which wrecked havoc on her internal system causing her to be labeled "damaged goods." of course, the bulk of the programming cathy was put through would have been done in the 1950s-1970s. they might be using different and more reliable techniques now. but, what they used on her worked by using DID to create compartments in the mind (and to encourage the child to split their personality), so it's logical that this very serious mental illness might work against them considering the type of trauma (no one is being mind controlled to do pleasant things all the time) they endure.

if the person disassociates again to cope with whatever is going on, it's not possible (as far as i know) to undo that disassociation. even though these people are considered, to some degree, expendable... creating a person like this took a lot of work and not every person can endure it. so, i would be surprised if they're doing things like this to get someone to sing pop songs.

what most people writing about this don't seem to realize is that it's possible to brainwash someone who DOESN'T have DID. you won't have this and that alter, but you can make them be obedient to you for however long you need them to be. when you're done with them, you don't have to worry so much they'll attract attention by wandering around acting like a four-year-old when they're 35 (i.e., a child alter in control).

so, i guess that's a long way of saying that, while i believe it's POSSIBLE to create a mind controlled pop star, is it really NECESSARY to create one? what if there's an easier way to get what you want? plenty of people long for fame and many will do ANYTHING for fame. from these, it would be possible to choose the easiest to manipulate people (who'd be less likely to blab later about whatever you wish to keep secret). not only would they be easier to deal with, they'd be more creative.

people under full mind control are often pretty smart and creative people BEFORE they're put through the rigors of programming. even the kindest (torture-free) form of brainwashing includes isolation and food deprivation. as a cover, some are made to act stupid and ditzy so that no one will take them too seriously. i don't know that they have much control of this if they really are under full mind control. things stored in the memories of other alers usually will not be available to them.

i suppose an example of this would be anna nicole smith acting like she didn't know what a video camera was when she put on clown make up for her "fans." (a truly pitiful bit of tape). despite what howard k. stern said, i don't think anna was acting. she seemed to think she was younger than the ten-year-old girl that's shown on the tape with her. she's pregnant at the time, but she thinks the baby is the doll she's playing with.. when the little girl tells her about the baby in her "stomach", anna just looks confused. in anna's case, she may have been HEAVILY drugged. unfortunately, there's no way to know for sure any more.

this FINALLY brings me to lady gaga. i really don't think she is under full mind control. she consistently interviews the same. she also doesn't fall into verbal traps. her personality when she performs is different, but then, she was a performance artist. whether she's under any mind control at all, it's difficult to say because if she's been hypnotized, done any sort of heavy behavior modification program (e.g., scientology), she would be abnormally suggestible allowing someone to get her to do some things unquestioningly. another factor is drugs that were HEAVILY prescribed to kids starting about twenty years ago and getting worse by the year. i don't know if gaga herself takes or took any such thing. i do think it's possible she is not under mind control at all.

however, she does seem to KNOW ABOUT mind control. i think this is why some people believe she's mind controlled herself. but, that doesn't really make much sense to me. there are plenty of ways she could have found out about it and it's not hard to imagine she would have found it interesting. then there's the drug issue, even if lady gaga was never given anything for a.d.d. (or whatever) she most certainly knows people who were. it's possible she's referencing this type of thing as well.

lady gaga does have an educational background that would allow her to be particularly well versed in what various symbols meant and how to use them in her work. so, it's possible she has another motive than the most obvious thing for what she places in her videos and concerts. for example, after watching a few lady gaga videos the SAME THING is easily seen in other videos (where it's done much more subtly). perhaps she wants everyone to notice this. particularly since she has to know that we've had three generations grow up with tv and two with mtv. isn't it about time we began to understand the things that flash across screen?

as far as lady gaga's involvement with the occult, i think she is interested in it. whether this interest is purely academic or not, i don't know. i haven't seen her do anything to draw people into it, but i haven't seen everything she has done. however, just because she wears horns on her head doesn't make her a devil. haha

everything lady gaga does is carefully planned and very deliberate. although she does come up with some of the ideas herself, she has talked about working with other creative people (who are her team). also, of course, this is all business so there are other people (executives) who have to be happy with what she choses to do and who may have her do specific things for whatever reason. such as some of the skimpy outfits she's worn.. i'm not sure that's her idea considering they brought her to tears when they were trying to get her to pose for more scandalous cd cover shot. it looks like they may have compromised... she got her choice on cd covers and they got almost naked lady gaga on various award shows.

there is an interpretation of lady gaga's video "telephone" (which also features beyonce) done by vigilant citizen. it has been reprinted all over the internet and attracted a lot of comments. v.c. believes lady gaga is a victim of project monarch based on some of her actions and that the video and song refers to some of this. the video doesn't seem to go with the song, so i do agree there. and v.c. makes some good points about the VIDEO. but, people need to realize, the video is not lady gaga.

pretty soon, i think we're going to know exactly where lady gaga falls on the mk scale because they seem to be pressuring her to act more outrageously. she's been specifically mentioning her vagina lately (such as asking boy george to sign it). also, someone had a screenshot of an old interview where she's talking about something with friend requests (my space?). the last question was "best reason to accept a friend request." her answer "pedophilia." i don't know what to think about that, honestly.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

I would be remiss if I didn't point out that the same mind control techniques employed by MK Ultra and Monarch are NOT new phenomena, nor do they exist solely in the heads of 'internet crazies.'

The most common mind control techniques were first pioneered by 'wizards' and 'shamans' in the distant past- that sort of thing is the basis of most occult activity. Anyone who has read even a few selections from Frazier's Gold Bough will recognize the patterns of programming. Times change, evil bastards do not.

Proof that Mind Control is nothing new can be found by taking the radical step of reading a book. A novelty these days, I know. George Orwell EXACTLY describes trauma-based mind control in 1984, as well as mass-scale mind control applied through the equal use of fear tactics and propaganda. This gives us a very accurate view of 21st century politics and media.
In fact, it is the central idea upon which the entire book hangs. That's right- the book is not about communism or facism- he used events of the day as a way of illustrating the pattern- nor is it about, as so many believe, the government spying on us all. Nope, 1984 is about controling thoughts and information as a basis of government.

Of course, it was SUPPOSED to be a warning, not a how to manual...

shampoo said...

i think a great deal of time and energy has been devoted to trying to make people think a certain way. some people are content to try to present a good argument, but others desire a much more reliable outcome.

some people believe project monarch didn't exist at all. i'm starting to think it may have been a joint project the cia had with someone else. it's listed under mkultra in a cia document, but there's no information. i wonder if the "experiment" was that the cia took victims mk'd by someone else and used them for things like project carrier pigeon. this way they didn't become known as a cia asset (since much of the time, they weren't).

i don't know if you could use that type of training and get someone who would only be activated on rare occasions. but, if you could, then i could see the motivation for doing this to people like pop stars. although several have claimed they suffer from mpd/did.

the most interesting thing about the vigilant citizen article is how much it's been reprinted and discussed. it presents one v.c.'s opinion of what a lady gaga video means. there's lots of similar article. this one isn't a particularly good or a particularly bad example. it's kind of standard. it has a few things to think about and a lot of silliness and a lot of typical things. so, why has it generated thousands of comments on sites all over the internet?

shampoo said...

speaking of reading a book, a typical comment I read everywhere is "I need more proof." that's fine all by itself, but some of these people don't get no one can give you one page of "more proof". you have to read a lot of books... including textbooks.

one person said this about cathy's book after saying they hadn't read it. how do they even know what her allegations are? how could anyone prove these unknown things? to me, that doesn't make sense. cathy's book isn't very long. I don't know if it's the best book to introduce someone to the concept, but the ones that are ... they aren't biographies.

I guess people want a brief book of signed confessions that someone else could paraphrase for them. haha (not gonna happen, some people are dead others might want to avoid max security federal prison)

Brett Gerry said...

Whatever the truth is regarding the Lady Gaga/Mind-Control theory, it reveals something very important about our relationship with the media:

shampoo said...

i read the article, but i don't know what you mean about our relationship to the media. of course, we are in different countries, so maybe your media is different than ours.

people weren't wrong in pointing out various references in the video. that stuff is there. what they don't get is it could mean nothing to lady gaga's real life, it's a video that tells a story of a sex slave. so, i really hope lady gaga's real life is nothing like that.

btw, there seems to be the idea for some reason that people interested in conspiracies are conservative. i'm not. but, then i don't read the same crazy stuff they do and got into this because of some IRL stuff. i say "got into this" like i'm doing something... haha, i'm just reading. i just like to have some idea wtf is going on in the world. here the newsactors are incompetent. perhaps your media is a bit less infested with newsactors.

but, in short: trivial crap dominating news means something major is going on they'd like people not to notice (doesn't mean it's a secret or a conspiracy just they don't want the public too interested). facts won't be checked and sensation beats substance. then there is fox news which i do not watch as it appears to be the ravings of the insane.

my major was mass communications, this causes me to be annoyed with the media most of the time. but, things really are worse. a lot of that is for business reasons. some of it has to do with shortening deadlines. there definitely are agendas at work. but, they are mostly short sighted ways to make money. those still can be damaging, as it degrades the quality of the product. we also have lack of competition. they're all just selling ad space and they really do not care how they do it.