Tuesday, March 9, 2010

michael jackson, a ladies' man?

apparently, i have missed the most important episode of "good morning america" ever filmed. i just read on wesmirch that three of michael's bodyguards say they drove him around to meet his multiple girlfriends.

they say, "men know men." they don't believe the pedophile rumors and they do believe michael was really interested in his numerous women he was seeing on the downlow.

this begs the question... why didnt michael just marry one of these women at some point? maybe they answered that question.

of course, at the point, with michael being dead anyone can say anything about him. not that this is necessarily the worst rumor ever to come out about him, but i'm just saying.

did i ever tell you about the time that i picked up my drunk slut friend from her rendezvous with michael jackson? it's a fascinating story, i'll tell you that. haha


Allen the Duck Guy said...

that's ignorant. you're being ignorant.

shampoo said...


i really don't know what michael jackson would make of this rumor. some of his fans seemed to be offended. but i don't think he would care.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

as long as it got him publicity, he would have been all for it. he was brilliant at grabbing the attention of the public, through a variety of means, and he certainly didn't shy away from odd or contreversial press in order to get that attention.

shampoo said...

I don't know if that's true. this actually is the second time i've heard about michael's secret girlfriends. for some reason, he didn't want that publicized.

of course... that may explain how he got blanket (i mean his son, not bedcovers).