Sunday, March 28, 2010

twilight, we go sleep now

i watched twilight yesterday. i don't have all that much to say about the movie. if you've read the book, you've seen the movie. if not... it's pretty much what you'd expect.

however, the greatest thing about twilight is by the time it's over, you're sleepy. in fact, i got so sleepy i forgot all my problems and dozed off. i was sleeping peacefully for the first time in DAYS. then my sisters rolled up all of a sudden and totally STRESSED ME OUT!! you wouldn't think just two people (well, three, but my niece generally behaves herself) could swarm into a house and throw your whole world into chaos. but they can.

fortunately, they played twilight again later in the day so i got another nice nap. this time no one bothered me afterward and i had a nice long sleep. so, for that, i am grateful to twilight.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

There is nothing bad about this movie that hasn't been said. Very little in it was worthwhile. The central actors have neither charisma nor chemistry. That's why it's so godawful dull.
Still, it's very fun to make fun of.

shampoo said...

it seemed they only had chemistry in the scenes kind of shown from a distance so that there weren't scripted lines... i can't explain... but they seemed to get along now and then, but not so much when they were supposed to. they just seemed awkward. kstew smiles like twice in the whole movie.. that helped those scenes.

also the movie looks like it's filmed underwater. i know it rains a lot in washington state, but damn. hahaa

Allen the Duck Guy said...

It's filmed in emovision.
Does Kristen Stewert ever close her mouth in the movie? She looks like a dreary fish.

shampoo said...

she closes it when she's nervous. just nervous, not nervous and bewildered.

I know people say this to an annoying degree about everyone, but I guess it's true. it's true for kstew: she's prettier when she smiles. her movie friends make her (or bella) smile.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

I suppose she is prettier when she smiles. If only she had a personality. She has like a Charisma of 6...
Which is still better than Mr. Pussy Allergy.