Friday, February 26, 2010

casey johnson was seen alive on january 2, 2010

previously, the last person to see casey was supposedly tila tequila who saw her december 29th. tila then left town.

casey had been staying in the guesthouse of a friend (often referred to as "the housekeeper" for some reason). this friend said she'd seen casey on the morning of the second.

casey might have been dead for two days when she found on the 4th. the coroner says her diabetes going untreated was what cost her life.

it's still kind of weird to me that communication with socialite and frequent user of twitter ended the same night tila last saw her.

what was casey doing? was she sick without a way to get help? it just seems weird she spent new year's eve without even her pet dogs for company.

it's been said casey didn't have a phone besides her cell phone and that her guesthouse lacked electricity. also diabetics can get to the state where they are unable or unwilling to seek help. casey's parents cut her off from the johnson & johnson fortune not long before she died.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

this is a really strange case. nothing about it seems to add up.

i feel sorry for casey.

shampoo said...

yeah, it's sad. I kind feel casey was not at home the whole time she was missing. also "the housekeeper" seems a weird thing to call the woman who owned the house.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

maybe since it was her house she got to keep it?

shampoo said...

yeah, that must be it. haha