Wednesday, February 17, 2010

tanisha's first "pop off"

the fit club celebrities (yeah... just go with it) all had to bring something to "leave behind." several people bring their fat clothes.

bobby brown bought some pants he got while high. boy, he's going to be kicking himself. pants like those bobby burned are very in this spring. who would've thought?

tanisha, from the bad girl's club, had a chain. a broken chain that she was wearing when she got arrested.

the REASON she got arrested is really sad... she let some friend stay with her. this friend took up with tanisha's fiance and got pregnant by him.

neither of them thought about telling tanisha... she caught them together. her reaction led to the the police being called.
later, when she realized she was wearing the chain, she tore it off her neck. this is what got her on tbgc! damn.
she told her story and ran off screaming "I didn't know!" it was so sad.

nicole, caycee, sebastian, and the therapist chased her down. sebastian says, "it's not your fault, dude, you didn't know!" well, it made her feel better.

kfed opined that you just never knew what kind of story people had... he wasn't just talking about tanisha. so, I guess that's something to learn.

everyone lost weight this week. bobby only lost one pound, but everyone else lost at least three.
bobby seems to be having trouble with the idea that drinkie-poos have calories (and he's not going to alone in that).

they also got to play with "swords" and pretend to be samurai. yay!


Allen the Duck Guy said...

that tanisha chick is really really messed up. she should really be in celebrity crazy club.

shampoo said...

yeah... she has issues... but everyone on there seems to... still, hers are kind of bad.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

i saw her have a complete psychotic break over some dogs chasing kfed. she was squalling and howling 'I DIDN'T SAVE KEVIN!!! WAAAAHHHHH!' i mean... geezus... she has big time problems...

shampoo said...

yeah, that was weird. especially since she could see kfed was alive and well. not captured and eaten by dogs. helllo.

she said it was because she was frustrated because she felt like it was her fault. but still. that was just strange. she probably doesn't need to be on tv being put in odd situations until she gets some sort of help. of course, i understand that is waaay easier said than done.

dr. ian should look into this.