Tuesday, February 9, 2010

jay mccarroll is on celebrity fit club!

yay! jay is back on tv! I love him. he is doing pretty good, too. so, that's great. he's (starting off) around the size he always was. he has the lowest initial body fat of any of the guys at 25 percent.

people who watched "project runway" s1 know jay's dad was in a whelchair due to having amputations related to his diabetes. jay's dad has passed away since that time. jay says he knows this runs in his family and he doesn't want to go through the same thing.

he did really well during fit camp (or so far), so harvey made him captain of the red team.

other red team members are shar jackson and nicole eggert. neither of these ladies are hugely fat, but they need to lose some. bobby brown is back on vh1 again and he's the red team's final member.

the blue team is the fatter team. it has kaycee from high school musical. she seems really sweet. tanisha, the "pop off" girl from bad girls club (she has the highest body starting fat there at 47 percent). the blue team also has sebastian bach as their skinniest member... not that he's skinny. finally, they have shar's ex. mr. britney spears, kevin federline.

kfed says he looks "like a pregnant man" and was named the "dead weight of the blue team by harvey.

the blue team (even tanisha) all voted for themselves on the obstacle course as the worst person. although, tanisha did try much harder than some others. especially since she was put opposite nicole who had the best time of anyone.

sweet little kaycee (kayshi?) was named captain of the blue team. she has her work cut out for her although, kfed showed up with a lot more commitment the next day.

so, it looks interesting. I hope this helps shar put the kfed-related drama behind her (to the public and for herself). she seems like a sweet person.


Allen the Duck Guy said...

my girlfriend- the greatest girl on earth- forced me to watch project runway. i resisted at first, but it turns out that the show is pretty much awesome (well, not season 5). jay was very cool, talented and funny, and i hope he does well. i know my girlfriend will be pulling for him to win! if there's a winner in fit club...

shampoo said...

yes, there is a winner in fit club. so far jay is doing really well. kfed seems to be in the lead, but they still have some time to go. nicole was in the lead at first, but i don't know if she can win. medically, she's not overweight (dr. ian said this).

shampoo said...

nicole is trying to get to 110 lbs. she is 5'2". so, that is still a healthy weight. she said she weighed 99 lbs. when she was on baywatch.