Wednesday, February 3, 2010

heidi fleiss, quietly detoxing

I have to admit, heidi has become one of my favorite celebrity rehabbers. I don't know if she's got a chance of getting sober, but I hope so.

now, I think if you just have stupid emo drama going on... heidi's just going to laugh. but then again, she might make you laugh as well. but, if you have dire life or death stuff going on, she's not afraid to help you out.

when mindy had her seizure, heidi ran into the room when everyone else was running out. if will hadn't trotted in, I think she was prepared to try to help mindy.

then there are the parrots... now, unlike a lot of people at c.r., I think heidi is a parrot person. I don't know that anyone wants to suddenly get as many as she did, but the ideal situation wouldn't be to get rid of them (she likes them, i'm not a parrot person so I wouldn't... but she does). it would be for someone to help her with them. if she gets off drugs, maybe she will make a few friends that can help her out.

then, there was the sweet way she helped tom out... which he really appreciated. probably tom loves heidi, but tom has a long way to go before he could be serious with anyone. let alone heidi given their history.

so, I wonder... wtf happened to put heidi into the positions she's been in? I don't think we're ever going to hear her story except a sentence here or there. like when she was talking about the women who "trained" her.

unlike most everyone there, heidi doesn't have to have all the attention. when it's her turn, she's not shy. but, she doesn't have the need to be SEEN (always!) that some others do.

good luck, heidi. :)


Ricky Sprague said...

Heidi is definitely the best part of Celebrity Rehab. The conversation she had with Tom Sizemore on tonight's episode was wonderfully awkward and weirdly sweet.

But the conversation she had with Dr Drew was most telling, I think. She doesn't like people, or she's afraid of people, but she treats them well because she sees them as potential jurors. That is pretty tough; she was treated badly during her prosecution -- she went to prison, and what happened to the johns?

shampoo said...

ricky sprague, didn't the johns just merrily go on with their lives? well, I guess they had the annoyance of finding a new source of hos.

I haven't seen her talking to dr. drew, but that's kind of what I mean... she's got some strange ideas. I wonder where it all began...

but, then maybe it lies in the fact she thought she'd always be rich and all would be well. but, she was just someone else's tool and when she got in trouble they left her to deal with it. of course, she ought not have thought that given what she was doing...

Allen the Duck Guy said...

Dr. Drew is on very shakey ground, IMHO. He's let some very disturbing behavior go past on his shows in the name of 'drama.' Everything from blatant drug abuse to domestice violence- and he seemed very condoning of it all. Of course, I've met enough psychologists/psychology students to understand the type of person the profession attracts. In a word, crazy assholes.

shampoo said...

i think all the worse problems of the staff get brought out as the time goes along. i believe in real rehab they throw you out for most of this stuff. so, they don't know what to do when that's not an option. or that's my most benevolent guess.

jeff conaway should not have been on season 2. people with other problems shouldn't be there (gary busey, kari ann). people who come in too late shouldn't be there because it just messes up how things go... maybe in regular rehab it'd be people coming in at different times. but in real rehab you stay how many days you're supposed to. not however many days are left to film the show.

people who do drugs on the roof of the rehab (aka shifty) need to have the cops called on them. that is insane. but even after letting that go by... i can't believe they let him sneak drugs in.. what if he'd died? isn't that supposed to be one of the consequences.

i don't know that dr. drew is a psychologist. he is a medical doctor, but he seems way too easy for these people to get around.

no one there is very consistent.

Allen the Duck Guy said...

jeff conaway should have been arrested for his violent assault on his girlfriend. it was on camera, for crying out loud!